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Do we need elected representatives apart from parliament and assembly to panchayat level?
We are electing a member of parliament who works for developing entire constituency. In the same constituency member of legislative and council are elected they too do the same. Isn't right, too many cooks spoiling the dish.
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Jera | May 16, 2011
TYVM you've svoled all my problems
Disagree : 66.67 %
SHM | Dec 09, 2009
i don't know whether we understand the meaning and importance of the democracy.we vote on casteline religion line and regionline so where is the democracy.By introducing panchayat elections we have simply disturbed the rural harmony and shifted the dividion of have and havenot there.a group of sincere people can make a lot of difference in the life of people and we know how sincere our representatives are. the development has brought its fruits in the terms of pollution and that too to the level that countries are at the verge of drowning so please restrain from exporting the democracy at every level and rather we should work toward the system to improve present democratic institutions
scsosho | Dec 08, 2009
Development or no development, dish or no dish, election is supreme and a ‘must have’ at all levels. I think even at domestic level a leader should be elected out of the husband or the wife by voting (the larger family becoming the electorate). What joy it is to be an elected representative - you only have to watch the face of a corporate member, what to talk of MP. And you want to deprive people of that joy. No, please don't spoil the 'Annad' in the name of too many cooks, who knows tomorrow you also get a chance to be one among them.


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