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Do you think India has handled the Ayodhya verdict with maturity?
The Ayodhya verdict was delivered amidst tension as the issue could cause further fissures in the society. There were chances that it could lead to clashes but surprisingly nothing such happened. Do you think India handled the matter with maturity?
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Agree : 85.71 %
Buddy | Apr 15, 2011
Great thinking! That really berkas the mold!
Prasenjit Dasgupta | Oct 19, 2010
The general public does not want the clashes, the issue right from the begining has been used by political parties for their USP purpose. Even in 1992 when it occured, a poll over general public was taken, and nearly 90 % were against it.
Sanaya | Oct 18, 2010
Aditi | Oct 17, 2010
ya, i totally agree dat decision taken by allahabad judges is mature enough 'coz for d progress of india we need to unite together n not fight among each other......
S.Gnyaneshwar | Oct 15, 2010
Allbad High Court verdict is good and Hon'ble Judges are expressed their views with open mind. I will convey my sincere Thanks to them.
shubham | Oct 14, 2010
i agree
Sachin | Oct 14, 2010
Strongly Agree
Jens Daniel | Oct 14, 2010
Yes, I agree. They did the great job before starting the commonwealth games.
sh | Oct 14, 2010
SIMRAN BAGGA | Oct 12, 2010
I agree to this
Rajeev kumar | Oct 12, 2010
I m agree on this issue
jyoti sharma | Oct 12, 2010
i agree with it that india takes the matter with maturity, because the matter is related with the religious sentiments of the people and any negligence on the part of government made it liable for number of years
Sayali | Oct 11, 2010
beena singh | Oct 11, 2010
I really appreciate the way we accepted the verdict delivered by the court. The verdict itself did not create a winner or looser. all won and sentiments of all concerned was taken care. The reaction of Wakf board was uncalled for.
TribhuMRatta | Oct 10, 2010
Both the Hindus and the muslim communities are taken into count for considerations of their grievances.
nitin jain | Oct 09, 2010
ya!now indian people know that our country progress ,prosperousness need peace and harmony.
sam bansal | Oct 08, 2010
Yes,because now people do not want any disputes
Disagree : 14.29 %
Alimpan Banerjee | Oct 24, 2010
I would not definitely concede to the proposition that the Ayodhya verdict has showcased the maturity of India's Judiciary. In fact retrospectively contemplating the sequence of events and a brief perusal of the judgement leaves me gaping with wonder what took the court so long to deliver an unimaginative and appeasatory verdict. This case being a landmark case should have been speedily disposed off probably by increasing the bench strength to 7 when an appeal to an appelate court was very evident irrespective of the judgement. Even after procrastinating for so long the demarcations of the territory are nebulous and a clear cut protracted plan has not been drawn up for the division of land and the proposed judgement merely delineates what to do ignoring the niceties of how to do. The length of the judgement is another fallacious outcome preventing absolute scrutiny and discussion by civil society and in essence making the job of the appelate court more difficult and tedious in interpreting and evaluating the provisions of the law and the judgement. All in all a very unimaginative and redundant judgement exposing glaring loopholes in the Indian Judiciary
jackie | Oct 14, 2010
asif hussain | Oct 12, 2010


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