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GST Bill is unlikely to get passed in the winter session of the Parliament
The GST Bill was expected to get through in the monsoon session, but due to a complete wash-out of the session, remained pending. Now even in the winter session, with fresh developments emerging in the National Herald case, it looks most likely that Congress led opposition will continue stalling Parliament proceedings, thereby blocking the GST Bill.
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Agree : 75 %
pradip parekh | Jan 18, 2016
a nationwide poll should be conducted on the GST. The poll is extremely necessary, and long overdue. It is a given the vast majority of the indian people will support GST because it is hugely self evidently in india's interest that is crying out for big help. Politicians respond to people's voice, which polls express eloquently. It is surprising to me that there has been no poll yet on this vastly important issue facing the nation. This unresolved issue hurts indian economy every single hour. yet it has been long running unresolved for a long time. making the GST a law would easily increase India's GDP by 2 pct, putting the growth rate in double digits in my view. Just imagine the mountain of paper work, money and time it will save, not to speak of accountability and efficiency. this is huge. This incredibly important at a time when the world economy is in serious turmoil. It will quickly put india in the spotlight of all the wall-streets of the world that will bring incredible amount of foreign investments. india will leapfrog into the frontal developed nations of the world, the club india rightfully dreams to be a part of. If there is one issue that indian people needs to come out on the streets for, and that persons such as anna hazare should go on fast, it is this transformative issue. people, this issue is way too important to be left to the politicians alone. breathe down their neck, let's get cracking right today and force them politicians to fall in line.
deepak appaji | Dec 16, 2015
Congress people of this country is watching your negative attitude towards the countries well being for your personal interest. They will reply back aptly.
Vishnu Dhekwar | Dec 12, 2015
Undoubtedly, Congress is not going to get clear GST bill this session, Because yet again they have got a fresh obstacle topic this time also that is National Herald case, so this time also Congress will continue stalling Parliament proceedings, thereby blocking the GST Bill.
Disagree : 25 %
sahil bajaj | Dec 30, 2015
This is totally against for present states community.Thats why i am totally disagree GST bill.!!


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