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Hockey legend Dhyan Chand should have been awarded Bharat Ratna before Sachin Tendulkar
So far 41 personalities have been awarded Bharat Ratna. Among these 41, none was sportsperson. Cricketing legend Sachin Tendulkar became the first one to receive it. No doubt, he deserves it for his glorious 24 years of career. However, there was one more name i.e. of hockey legend Major Dhyan Chand, who deserved Bharat Ratna and some feel prior to Sachin Tendulkar.
"Why have people, including the media been so quiet about Dhyan Chand's name for Bharat Ratna for so many years? When big leaders and eminent personalities in different walks of life have received the award, why not Dhyan Chand?"
Vasudev Baskaran, Former Captain & Coach, Indian Hockey
"To be honest, Sachin deserves all kinds of awards, not only in India, but also abroad. With 200 Test matches, 100 centuries and maximum number of runs in ODIs and Tests, these are not small records, he deserves the award. Sachin is a living legend. "
Karsan Ghavri, Former Indian Cricketer
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k | Dec 14, 2016
I Support Major Dhyanchand
Apun | Dec 26, 2014
Yes, obviously he deserves more than sachin
athulhr | Dec 01, 2013
yes sachin is a great man but not eligible for bhatat ratna
Rajesh Chibba | Dec 01, 2013
Dhyanchand was the first sportsman, long before Sachin, who inspired a generation of Indians in sports. He did it at a time when India had not even achieved independence. Even though I have great admiration for Sachin, I feel Dhyanchand deserves Bharat Ratna more than Sachin.
shaik arahman | Nov 26, 2013
Sachin was decorated with the Bahrat Ratna as a vote getting gimmick by the Congress, to win the votes of millions of Sachin fans. Sachin has amassed a great number of cricketing records, but that does not compare with the achievements of the likes of Mother Teresa or Vinoba Bhave. The criterion for the awars should be great, selfless service to the people not merely great achievement. At that rate, why not the first Indian atop the Everest, Tenzing Norgay, or the first Indian to cross the English Channel, Mihir Sen, not be given the award? This award as well as those given to Lata Mangeshkar and Bhimsen Joshi have lowered the standards to such an extent that they will admit hundreds on Indians. The Congress led government has done a great disservice to the nation by such thoughtless largesse.
Narendra Ch | Nov 26, 2013
It seems government moved in hasty keeping in view of some political interests. It is unfortunate such interests dominating our polity even with regard to awarding highest honours of the country. Sachin can wait few more years....
Pallav | Nov 25, 2013
Of Course Dhyan Chand deserved it first. But the entire issue has been made so gimmicky that actual acknowledgement of talent has taken a backseat.
sprakash | Nov 21, 2013
Indians are only obssesed with the english man game of cricket for which they have been the slaves of the whites for a full generation. Now getting a award for the game of cricket seems to be in the same vein. Its not challenging the Master OUR VERY OWN mumbai boy Sachin Tendulkar who has done wonders. But it is a sad reflection that the wishes of millions of Indians who may have never seen the Legend himself the Hockey player Majjor Dhyan chand who has done the country proud not getting the Bharat Ratna Award. We need to be more liberal for all people.
Alok Tirpathi | Nov 21, 2013
People who are belittling DyanChand in favour of Sachin do not know history....Dyanchand cant even be compared with sachin....he is miles ahead of sachin on any ground.....he is the best.....even his bro Roopchand was better than sachin.......It seems rationality is no longer the yardstick to judge....... Dyanchand will remain greatest superhero and miles ahead of sachin.....
Pratap Singh | Nov 20, 2013
Yes Major Dhyan Chand sholud be awarded Bhart Ratna because he was the one that wrote Indian name in winnings way across the globe. Its not about number of gold medals, its all about who fought well and who made us proud. Like Sachin, Dhyan Chand first made us proud.
Nand Kishore | Nov 20, 2013
Bharat Ratna should be given to some one who contributed to the society and country. Not to an Entertainer who has earn lots of money by playing cricket. Only media and politics have promoted him. He earns crores from endorsements and we stupid Indian watched him by spending time and money.
Rishi Arora | Nov 20, 2013
If athletes qualify for Bharat Ratna then Dhyan Chand and Prakash Padukone deserve it much before Sachin.
Ranjan Kumar Amritnidhi | Nov 19, 2013
Hochey is our national game.Unfortunately this game is a victim of dirty sports politics.Major Late Dhyanchand is the syvmbol of Indian Hochey and Bharat Ratna Sachin Tendulkar is the symbol of Indian cricket.Delay in the award of Bharat Ratna to Late Major Dhyanchand is not only insult of him but also our national game and hockey players. Late Major Dhyanchand also deserves Bharat Ratna Award.He must be awarded Bhatrat Ratna posthumously.There should be not any politics in the nomination for such prestegious award.
Sachin Tendulkar in no doubt deserving from sports sector, but not as number one! The number one deserving person is Dhyanchand & then Viswanathan Anand. Sachin's number came after that. Again for pure technical issue, Sachin Tendulkar should be disqualified because he never represented India rather represented BCCI, a private body!
Rajesh | Nov 19, 2013
Dhyan chand should awarded Bharat ratan before sachin.sachin has great contribution to sports but how can we ignore dhyan chand, milkha singh, Viswanathan Anand
Pankaj | Nov 19, 2013
While talking about Sachin and Major Dhyanchand, everyone is forgetting one legend. Abhinav Bindra was the first individual - in fact he is still the only one - to win Gold Medal in Olympics. Tendulkar has won crores of rupees while Bindra had to spend his own money for shooting range practice. Similarly, Dhyanchand was a role model and it is not his fault that he happened about 60 years back. It would only be apt to recognise the contribution of Major Dhyanchand and Abhinav Bindra - they also deserve to be honoured with Bharat Ratna.
Ashok Khatri | Nov 19, 2013
Give Dyan chand also..It will solve the case.. If you speculate this issue then, It would show as though Sachin has done nothing to Sports. So dont spoil the brat...
Manish Joshi | Nov 18, 2013
Dhyan Chand deserves it more as he brought glory to the nation multiple times and probably nothing to himself. He is a unsung hero like Netaji Subhash Chand Bose and Bhagat Singh.
Ashish Chauhan | Nov 18, 2013
Yes, obviously he deserves more than sachin, because he won 3 gold medals in hockey for india...and other thing is that dhyan chand bharat ratna trying to get up back for hockey.
Rajesh Kumar Singh | Nov 18, 2013
Late Dhyanchand deserves Bharat Ratna definitely more than anybody else in India in its field. At his time there were no electronic media or such Brands as today who are behind Sachin since long to back him for their interests. Sachin is, beyond doubt a great player but this time awarding Bharat Ratna is more of a political decision than any thing else.
Disagree : 16.67 %
m. ajmal khan | Aug 17, 2014
its true to given bharat ratna award to sachin. the highest constitutional post recommends name to we must see to understands the decision maker involves into a highest awards. no question here for us to regret but accept it wiillingly and firmly. the matter is that we are open to send some names for bharat ratna awaed. why not given to rajput who are believed to be a class of heros amongst the Indians .
Sharang Sinha | Nov 21, 2013
Sachin definitely deserves the Bharat Ratna or any other Award for Excellence but we have to question the timing? I feel it was more of an opportunistic political move by congress to earn brownie points from the emotional public. Ideally, this award should have been given after some time had passed for it to mean more be more special.
Sachin Fan | Nov 20, 2013
Don't even debate on this topic.. whether sachin deserves or not.. if not Sachin then whom.. he was not just professional cricketer.. he is a great human being.. here are some facts which media will not cover. What did Sachin do for the country? He donated 51 lakhs for the uttarkhand flood relief. He sponsors 200 underprivileged students every year He celebrates his daughter's birthday in mumbai slums . He donates regularly for the Cancer Crusade. His tweet made 1.025 crores for saving people with cancer. In 2011 census he participated 9 hours without asking a single rupee. He gave the bat that he used to score his 100th century to the CAB museum for free and the auction amount was used for charity.
Ak Rajput | Nov 19, 2013
It's not a big issue. Sachin and Lete Dhyanchand both are great player and Govt. took decision We will give Bharat Ratna Award to sachin. Its Right Decision. Sachin deserve this award Big issue is Govt. is not considering the name of Dhyan is a big issue. Dhyan Chand deserve also. Sachin first & Late Dhyanchand second or Dhyanchand First Or Sachin second It should not big issue Both Deserve


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