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In Gurgaon, can rape incidents be reduced through better education?
Gurgaon continues to record rape cases every other day. Many cases are unreported. Why a man resorts to rape is complicated - as education, socio-economic, and mental health reasons contribute to a rapist's mentality. Then there's the key law and order and justice system that's at fault. Is education the core strategy that should be adopted to reduce incident of rape in Gurgaon? Or should some other aspect be given importance?
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Amin | Dec 01, 2012
Yes education--value based education, of course, will help the men in general and those resorting to rape understand the vice in rape but at the same time enofrcemtn of law to curb the tendency is most enssential in any case.For now the rapist proved, should be served capital punishment so as to deter others falling in the rapist row .
Damini Dawar | Nov 22, 2012
Why a man commits rape can't always be explained in a simple way. Many reasons lead to the point when a men loses control and caries out this heinous venom against a woman. Any amount of stringent laws will not prevent a man from committing rape till a man thinks he can get away with it or does not know any better. So the core reason and the solution for reducing rape is education, which will help in recognition of right and wrong.
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