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Indian cricket team needs Sourav Ganguly as its coach
With India's poor show under Duncan Fletcher, there has been calls from several quarters asking for Fletcher's removal from the prestigious job. There are a number of former Indian players such as Rahul Dravid, Sourav Ganguly, Anil Kumble, who are capable of taking the baton from Duncan Fletcher. Many feel that out of these players, Ganguly could be the right man for the coveted post in world cricket. It was in fact, Ganguly, who changed the face of the Indian team for good, so the same can happen if he becomes the coach as well.
"Yes, Sourav Ganguly can be a great coach with his man management skills. His rich experience in international cricket, where he captained India as well could help him in coaching the Indian team. He is one of most respected cricketer amongst the younger generation and gaining respect from players can make a big difference in the team."
Karsan Ghavri, Former Indian cricketer
"Sourav is not calm and reacts to things very quickly on a given situation, which is not good for any coach. You cannot react spontaneously, as we have seen him on the cricket field?reacting, when players drop catches. Though, he is a good student of the game, he will not make a good coach. I feel, Rahul Dravid is the best candidate for the job."
Anshuman Gaekwad, Former Indian cricketer and coach
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Agree : 64 %
Tuhin Dutta Choudhury | Mar 28, 2015
Sourav Dada Ganguly will be next indian coach. we had seen Mr Dalmia and Saurav pair. then we had seen Srinivas and dhoni pair and now bring gentleman game on the correct way again Mr Dalmia and Saurav going to be rock. We can see ( Dalmia, Sourav and Kholi ) . And time is just knocking at the door. Bye Bye old horse dhoni era. and welcome back Kholi era with lots of support from Dalmia, Sourav and Thakur.
Guest | Mar 10, 2015
Saurav Ganguly is the best candidate.....
Guest | Feb 10, 2015
Sourav is the best captain India have ever produced. He is the only player who has changed the face of India team. He is aggressive, intelligence, beautiful reader of game.
pallabi lahiri | Jan 21, 2015
Virat and ganguli great combi no doubt. Australia and enland will think about their commets.
KAPIL | Dec 11, 2014
ramkiran | Oct 17, 2014
Dada is the best & good coach for Indian cricket team and he give chance lot of younger to player India cricket team he know some youngsters skills so i agree lot more he is the best coach for Indian cricket team after grey he is the best coach in Indian team
abhinav sharma | Aug 29, 2014
saurav ganguly knows the technicality of leadership after all all the great players of today are given by him ..he always took the responsibility of the team from the front.he took the captaincy when india was in great trouble sachin refuse to take the responsibility and dravid was not in form.then he took the responsibility.even bcci dnt want him to be a captain of india. but he proved his capability and leadership and become a most successfull captain.he proved his batting in his debut match .
Santanu Mallik | Aug 06, 2014
Sourav Ganguly is a man of strategy. He can take Indian team to its best level. The relationship between players and coach is also important. At this position also Ganguly is best.
Nirmal | Aug 01, 2014
Ganguly will be the right choice
rishi paul | Apr 15, 2014
dada is the best..........
rishi paul | Apr 15, 2014
yes ganguly should be the coach those who are disagree are definitely foolish
Harish Rawat | Mar 13, 2014
Saurav Ganguly is the best choice. He is instinctive, spots talent, builds confidence among players and can help captain in devising game plans.
Pawan | Mar 13, 2014
Saurav Ganguly is the best candidate to add some inspiration to this current pale team.
Ramesh Gocgwab | Mar 13, 2014
Dravid could be a good option, but if they want an Indian coach, why not Anil Kumble. I'm sure he commands a lot of respect in the dressing room and the best part is he has not played alongside most of the current players apart from Dhoni. Plus the Indian bowlers could benefit immensely in his presence.
Anil | Mar 13, 2014
He was a example of courage, Still boosting, players, great inspiration. Good.
Krishna Nagarajan Iyer | Mar 13, 2014
absolutely...Dada Sourav was a fighter till theend and a great inspiration to the entire team especially his come back after strict odds.
Disagree : 36 %
suman | Mar 17, 2015
Sourav will certainly be a great coach. However I disagree that he will be the next coach because the job stature is dwarf as per his personality. He will become BCCI president after 12 years when his collegues will limit themselves to the roles of coaches, selectors, mentors etc.
Tejpal | Mar 29, 2014
Saurabh is not a good player. He isn't well recognised outside hia home state...
Deepak Gupta | Mar 13, 2014
Dravid is the right choice. He has the right temperament, good strategist, cool head and a clean cricketer. It is high time no that we should stop the slide and Duncan has not done anything to talk about. We know very well how he transformed a bunch of players into a good team in the last edition of IPL.
Bhavesh Kumar | Mar 13, 2014
Rahul Dravid or may be very gud choice.....Rahul is he is a very calm person....ll be great for the team india......
Amit Dubey | Mar 13, 2014
I agree with Anushuman Gakewad sir, Rahul...because he a mild character he wont say anything...if it were to be somebody like ganguly..he wont be pushed around..rahul. .. get ready to be next punching bag.
Rakesh | Mar 13, 2014
Dravid could be a good option and why not Anil Kumble also. I'm sure they both commands a lot of respect in the dressing room and the best part is he has not played alongside most of the current players apart from Dhoni. Plus the Indian bowlers could benefit immensely in his presence
As long as Dhoni remains captain I don't think Sourav can do anything but more controversy. Sourav, Dravid etc were not well treated by Dhoni earlier. However if some one other than Dhoni becomes captain, then I think Sourav, Dravid & other Indian coach would be better than foreign coach. At the moment my choice is Venketesh prasad!
Manish Sharma | Mar 13, 2014
Ganguly should not be considered at all. The coach should be compatible with the captain. Unlike football, in cricket Captain has a bigger role and coach is a supporting member of the strategy team. Ganguly, the egoist he is, will never be satisfied with a side role and will try to eat up the captain. He will be shouting orders from the sidelines and ordering the captain on whom to pick up as bowler and which fielder to be placed where. This may prove fatal to the team's integrity as well as lead a captain-coach clash.
Armaan | Mar 13, 2014
Ganguly had a BIG ego even when he was playing. He always got into fights with others. The only guys he mentored - Bhajji, Yuvraj, Zahir, Sehwag - are out of team and there is nobody left who will respect him now. So NO Ganguly.


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