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iPhone's positioning of cheaper version(5c) will dilute the brand image of Apple
Apple iPhone stands not only for Quality it provides but also symbolises a lifestyle statement for many. With Apple adding a cheaper version of the iPhone in its portfolio (iPhone 5c), sales numbers will soar up. But will it hurt the overall 'brand value' Apple stands for? Will positioning it as a mass market product take away from the 'premium' brand positioning Apple had and will users move away to competitive offerings from other brand?
"It's only perceived cheaper in countries like the US, where the operators subside the iPhone by locking you into a contract for 2 or more years. It seems Apple has dropped the ball with the iPhone 5 C. It could have been so much more, become a great disruptor, forced other companies to start from scratch and truly reboot the mobile phone business. Instead its just a old iPhone 5 in a new plastic body."
Rajiv Makhni, Gadget Analyst and Television Presenter
"No, it will not dilute the positioning at all. iPhone was always meant to be a mass product. Afterall its a mobile phone. Because of its look and built quality, it had an 'elite' product perception in India. But in US and many other parts of the world, it was always a mass product."
Prahlad Kakkar, Brand Expert and Indian ad film director.
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Agree : 46.15 %
Suresh Jani | Oct 08, 2013
one can't enjoy same game throughout the year and hence there will be a sizable fall in number of spectators in future. Quality and Length of the game also makes a big difference in performance of the players and interest of the spectators. Nowadays money making thru cricket is very much visible and therefore its advisable for the Cricket administrators to stop IPLs and Promot ODIs as much as possible: Suresh Jani
Anand Krishnan | Sep 18, 2013
Microsoft will finally take over the companies in future
alister1967 | Sep 13, 2013
I agree it is fantastic especially the touch it is real or magic sensation.....
Mitrajit Biswas | Sep 13, 2013
Yes definitely i agree that the reduction in the price range which has been one of the trademark of niche brand like Apple will be affected.This can be viewed as a clear stance of trying to modify their role and trying to cater to the more general market.
Kapil | Sep 12, 2013
Seriously, Apple has changed the definition of cheaper phones. Rs 40,000, Are you serious? I would be better off buying one of those Samsung or HTC phones and not think about it being melted in the scorching heat of India. Apple has gone plastic.....LOLZ...
Salman | Sep 11, 2013
Yes. If everyone is carrying it, its no more a show-off product.
Disagree : 53.85 %
PAVAN | May 30, 2014
It is branded item
Apple is Apple and cheaper version will not do any harm. There are many cheaper brands of TV or Washing Machine and they cannot do any harm to the genuine brand. Competition should be there between genuine and false, good and bad
Ayushman | Mar 01, 2014
First of all, Rs. 41000 for a phone is not "cheap". Second, people who buy iPhone, do so for the brand itself.
Kamal Menon | Jan 29, 2014
OH MY GOD!!! Who the hell cares?
Aju Mukhopadhyay | Oct 08, 2013
If Apple can produce a cheaper but quality product it is to their credit. Let us welcome it!
Narendra Ch | Sep 15, 2013
Many corporates are earning huge profits with pure brand image making people to pay more than actual cost of the product. Brand image should help the people to get quality produts at cheaper price.
Amit | Sep 13, 2013
Apple will stay Apple. The 'cheaper' tag wont effect its value anyway. And anyway when everybody knows that it is ACTUALLY cheaper, why would there be any loss of snob value?


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