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IPL: Is it glitz and glamour sans the glory of cricket?
IPL is the big daddy of all the leagues played all over the world. With millions of dollars poured into it and teams packed with world class cricketing stars, it's certain to attract huge crowds. Celebrities like Vijay Mallaya, Shahrukh Khan, Preity Zinta, etc owning teams, the attraction is still bigger. Not only this, crores of rupees have been spent on making special ads, music and songs for the teams as publicity package. But IPL from the day of its announcement has remained in the eye of the storm. A section feels that this format of the game would affect test cricket and ODI matches. Others feel that the seriousness of the game is not to be seen, as players are playing for IPL and money making is the focus, both for the players and the team owners. Not only this, it is felt that IPL would give rise to more such leagues and if not T20, the ODI matches would certainly suffer. Talented players will earn loads of money. In this case it's like market economy; perform and get rewards. So, in the case of IPL, the players who perform continuously, would be paid accordingly. This will give many talented players the opportunity to participate in IPL and earn money. It is a big step towards making the game more professional. But some have a different opinion that only money will drive the players and they will lose focus with their national teams. Is IPL all about glitz and glamour sans the age-old glory of the gentleman's game?
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ajay | Apr 03, 2010
ajay | Apr 03, 2010
| Jan 23, 2010
kuldip kumar | May 11, 2008
Compition makes team perfect. If they work well they will be given Chance Again. New player Will be given Chance.
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RITESH | May 23, 2008
whatever heena sharma says should be right.....
SVM | May 08, 2008
In today's fast paced world, IPL is one of the best things to have happened. People are getting wonderful entertainment either by watching TV or by directly watching through the stadium. Bringing in players from all parts of the world is another good thing to have happened. Our players can learn to be more professional in all aspects. The biggest advantage is so many good players who were sidelined for decades will now get an opportunity to showcase their talent. Money will be the prime motivating factor and it seems there is big big money involved for players performing well - it is good. In any case, test matches have long lost their interest and moreover they are now proving to be time wasters for people on the fast move. Thefore, I strongly feel IPL 20-20 match is a great thing that have happened. I wish more such happenings for other sports like hockey, football, badminton, tennis (already happening), and many more Olympic games so that the performance standards of our sportsmen get a SOLID BOOST besides giving the general population a great feel of ROCK SOLID ENTERTAINMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
heena sharma( advocate) | May 03, 2008
according to me..this ipl thing is gr8 the reason being that now we can see the professionalism in the players and more team spirit . when we c players from around the world playing togther for the same game . it gives me kind of feeling of proud... there is a kind of pressure of performing good on players that is must for any game.. when the owners are spending crores of money on players they expect good performance from them. for me its kind of give and take economy.. and i sincerly appreciate that IPL thing. IPL has given new boost to this cricket matches. people had got annoyed on the concept of this match fixing thing. they almost lost their interst in the matches. but after winning cup in australia our faith in game got back.. IPL is new step towrds making cricket more intersting and professional.. i like it..... thanking you heena sharma
There are two issues involved. One ,if the players will be taken in by the money and lose focus of the game and the the other is Test cricket and ODIs taking a hit because of the 20-20. Money is an integral part of cricket whether Test or ODI. What the IPL has done is only an enlargment of the scope in terms of participation and the money paid to the players. So the players played for money in the past too and will play for more money now.What is however going to be affected is the other two formats of the game. Tests have already lost the appeal because of the slow pace of the game as also the predictable end results...mostly Draws.ODI will survive subject to the 20-20s not being able to retain the foothold they have gained so for. The current IPL series will by and large decide the future. One casuality that will definitely be noticeable in the days to come is the survivality of the cricketers themselves. It will not be possible for them to physically last very long considering the aggressiveness of the game and the nubber of matche s being played.


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