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IPL should be banned
Should IPL be banned? With the number of cricketers, administrators and even an umpire involved in corruption charges related to IPL, the gentleman's game has received a bad name. With huge money involved in the game, it is no surprise with prominent persons exchanging hands to fill their pockets. So, will it be fair if IPL is scrapped to clean up Indian cricket?
"The Indian Premier League needs to be banned as it has been linked to the underworld and ISI as well. There is no excuse for criminality in sports. There are a number of politicians involved in IPL. Underworld is ruling the law in India, hence the Home Ministry is helpless in dealing with the situation."
Sunita Godara, Founding member, Clean Sports India
"The Indian Premier League should not be banned at all. IPL has helped in bringing in a lot of crowd back to the game along with a number of young cricketers in the Indain main fold. People talking about IPL ban are jealous with its success. The problems need to be sorted, but scrapping IPL is rubbish."
Anshuman Gaekwad, Former Indian cricketer and coach.
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Agree : 48.48 %
parth chhangani | Jun 04, 2014
yes, ipl should be banned...dont u saw how rajasthan royals vs mumbai indians match was fixed by 2 legendry was next to impossible to chase 190 in 14.2 overs.....till extraaa innings, it was said that mi will qualify if they had chased 190 in 14.2 overs, then when the inning started, they told 14.3 overs and actually, mi chased in 14.4 overs (as per thje wish of umpire to give 1 extra ball) .So no doubt the match was fixed Another example of the finals of ipl 2014, sandeep sharma was made to sit outside(i dont understand why), it was said that there was a SATTA in favor of kkr to win....what was the need of bouncer to chawala by johnson..if he wanted to bowl it, he should have bowled it to narine and yorker was best suitable for chawla.......but though this match was also fixed, i think ipl should be banned
ashuio | May 27, 2014
saare politician ka paisa laga hai ismain. arun jaitley involved hai ismain .
cricketmypassion | May 27, 2014
mumbai indian and rajasthan royals match was fixed. ipl DOES NOT give any any chance to young generation. half of the good players are sitting outside of the field. we should have more intermatches than this
Avinash | Mar 27, 2014
I agrees with Sunita Godhra that IPL can be banned. There lot of recent problems relating with Lalit Modi and his suspicious financial statistics. Moreover while seen from cricket corner, players are more concerned with money rather than the game .Hence the quality cricket is becoming rare in IPL except some hard hitting always aided with fortune...!!!
Kamal Menon | Jan 29, 2014
The entire game of cricket should be banned. American football, baseball, ice hockey, basketball etc. are much better game than this ridiculous excuse of a game.
madhu chauhan | Oct 28, 2013
Of course it should be banned.......
priya | Oct 18, 2013
IPL is an absolute waste of our precious time. as anyway nothing productive or good is coming out of it.
kodanda ramaiah | Oct 17, 2013
I agree with the suggestion to ban the IPL matches because they do not conform to the international standards. The main rationale behind playing games and sports is keep one's own health properly and not to be sold to the public for money. The very purpose of games and the sports will be defeated if they are kept for money and now a days all games and sports are being auctioned which is not correct.
manish | Oct 15, 2013
I am agree with this point
indu | Oct 11, 2013
all black money & corrupted people in this scam.
pritis C majumdar | Oct 11, 2013
IPL is nothing but a generating point of all corruptions. It must be legally banned for the interest of cricket. And 5-day Test needs to be emphasised and then one day game.
mohammed ishaq | Oct 10, 2013
i'm agree because its a matter of money why should we pay a lot of money to other country peoples indian people gone mad they are keeping auction of thousands of dollar to buy player in my opinion that money should be useful if they help poor people in india there is a lot of peoples in india who they dont have shelter, food, cloths why the people were not seeing them. paying dollars of money to other country peoples by taking that money from indian public. one more major problem of IPL is they kept the match when there were high school xams occurs they are changing the concentrate of students as well.
Bunty | Oct 10, 2013
No decent person likes to see or even discuss about the IPL these days. People bet and loose their hard earned money for these shameless fellows. They are dirtier than the politicians as they insult "sports". Cricket was once a decent sport . Now it is words to describe...!
Dheeraj Sharma | Oct 08, 2013
It is spreading corruption & greed in sportsmen. They are forgetting sport spirit.
Manoj | Oct 08, 2013
IPL has turned out to be a bad omen and a classical 'Pimp' to all the underworld elements.Besides the 'holier than thou' attitude of cricket and 'cricketers' have gone to shambles,exposing the nexus between two ends of the law!By all means it should be Banned or else,legalize IPL like a Lottery! In any case,its a white elephant.One must take it with a pinch of salt. Shame!
Dineish J Mangal | Oct 08, 2013
Any Activity, which is done should be done with the Ethics and Morals that the Society has Subscribed to officially. The Governing Body is made up of Corrupt and Shameless Politicians who at one end Ban the Bar in which the Dancers Earn their Livelihood. They Import Dancers and make them Dance in Public where as inthe case of Bar Dancers, they danced in front of few people. All the Members are Shrouded in Corrupt Activities either related to IPL or in whatever they do
It stinks of rot and corruption from day 1
Jean Letiffe | Oct 08, 2013
As it is among the stupidest activities on the planet, it should be banned out of general principle. Be brave, get rid of this idiotic waste of time mistakenly referred to here as a "sport."
Ramdin | Oct 02, 2013
IPL should be banned immediately. The amount of money we spend for this format goes only to few pockets. There can be much better use of the money in current economic crisis.
Nitesh | Sep 30, 2013
I agree with the Sunita Godara that IPL should be banned.
Anand Krishnan | Sep 30, 2013
100% BAN the most corrupt game in the name of cricket - A complete Casino
Om Prakash | Sep 30, 2013
IPL don't create anything to say good about the society and the country. It indulge people in unproductive activity and is waste of money and resources. There is no any sound ground to continue this type of match, it should be banned. Moreover, common man should be aware that it makes your mind and body.
Ratul Balaram | Sep 29, 2013
Is it cricket at all? It has maligned everything the sports stands for. I am 100 percent sure that anybody who loves the sport will support for its closure.
Amulya Jain | Sep 29, 2013
Did you ever think why IPL was always into controversy - corruption, rowdiness, unethical behaviour, rape, molestation, drugs etc. I do not think in any form of sports in any other tournament so many controversies creep in within 3 years. This proves that irrespective of the idea being good or bad, the tournament has spirraled out of control even before it matured. You cannot weed out each and every corrupt person from the system. You replace Lalit Modi, you get Sreenivasan. You replace Sreenivasan, you will get somebody else. Same with the players. Today Sreesanth, tomorrow somebody else. Today Pomerbach, tomorrow somebody else. Just stop the tournament and save cricket.
Sounak Tripathi | Sep 29, 2013
Why do we need IPL in the first place? What is wrong with trying to uplift the good old Ranji Trophy? The very idea of IPL was conceived to bring in corruption. It shud be closed down immediately.
Pyush Bansal | Sep 29, 2013
What is that you want your future budding cricketrs to aim for? Get into IPL team, make some quick bucks and get out. No matter even if get caught coz you have made enough money and can pursue an alternate career. Playing in national team was nowhere in the ambition. Is that the message you want to send across? Without IPL we got players liuke Tendulkar, Gavaskar, Srinath, Kumble, Dravid, Ganguly. Why do we need to spoil the game now just bcoz of some corrupt politicians?
Shaimak | Sep 29, 2013
I think it should be banned. Its no more cricket but a money minting machine for BCCI. It was still ok till we started finding out about the corruption that is putting cricket in bad light.
I agree with the views of Ms Sunita Godara for the ban of IPL in India. IPL should be banned to save Indian Cricket from corruption and adultery.
Saibal Ghosh | Sep 27, 2013
No point in banning IPL. If we ban it, some other country will pick up the format. Just keep strictness.
Vaibhav Gupta | Sep 27, 2013
I think it should be banned. If you make an entertainment out of sports and bring in politicians to manage it - what else can you expect other than callousness? We have to decide whether we want a nautanki or serious cricket.
Timur | Sep 24, 2013
Of course it should be banned. We should go back to Test Cricket. All these betting scandals never happens with Test Cricket.
Somnath Dass | Sep 24, 2013
Of course it should be banned. These people have created a money minting machine which benefit themselves in making the black money white. Where do you think these money come from? Every team including Delhi, Rajasthan, Chennai, Kochi are faced with some kind of corruption charges. The event should be scraped immediately.
Disagree : 51.52 %
shah | May 01, 2018
stop watching cricket since match fixing has been exposed there is no fun in watching cricket i use to watch cricket but since match fixing cricket has been boring and no longer fun
छोड़ो naa tumko kya ho raha hai
Kumar | Apr 07, 2016
I think t20 world cup final match between England and Westindies was fixed, the way stokes bowled all length balls in the final 4 balls calls for investigation
Anil | Mar 23, 2016
rohit | Sep 29, 2015
There should be banned on all cricket matches because all r fixed international too
Sharathchandra | Sep 17, 2015
Its should nt be banned as only fr the corruption we need to resolve all the prblms in the game and start a new refewsh games ,wrong things are there ever we go .As ipl provides entertainment and it has been an addiction fr the people and its fun to earch and fr the small reasons uit shoeld be banned
aman | May 05, 2015
Srinivasan who is running IPL is one the most corrupt person among all the corrupt indian , dhoni, srk, shilpa shetty , nadia all powerful and rich people rule IPL who you think is going to take stand against them and the greatest shame of this nation that despite of knowing that matches are fixed ( anyone with their witts at proper place cud figure that out by watching games) stupid indian fans are going in large numbers for ipl people are playing satta in every gali its true that this country sucks becaz people here are dickhead
saju | May 01, 2015
it is a useless thing
Mohil Patel | Apr 05, 2015
IPL should be banned because... 1) Too much time taken. 2) Too much money spent and other sports are not developed in India. 3) Too many injuries taken place and players have to take early retirement. 4) Corruption. Match and Spot fixing take place and it just gives India a bad name. 5) It is killing test cricket and giving audience a quick entertainment.
Mohil Patel | Apr 05, 2015
IPL should be banned because... 1) Too much time taken. 2) Too much money spent and other sports are not developed in India. 3) Too many injuries taken place and players have to take early retirement. 4) Corruption. Match and Spot fixing take place and it just gives India a bad name. 5) It is killing test cricket and giving audience a quick entertainment.
samarth | May 27, 2014
But the problems should be sorted...
nikith | May 26, 2014
it should not be banned
lakshmi | May 26, 2014
mounika | May 26, 2014
you people are jeolous
dasharath | May 26, 2014
IT should not be banned its not wwe
One should try to to eliminate undesirable activities instead of running away from it. It is just like saying that since there is lot of corruption in our sub continent we should be governed by Less corrupt foreign entity.
I don't believe in banning anything, rather I would support for fixing the rotten eggs inside it!
Khushboo Shah | Mar 27, 2014
I feel no it shud not be banned but we want that there shud be no controvery and the work done by them should be in context to entertainment n not making black money..
Why should ban IPL. Let Handle these sports bodies with experts. where they get money? from viewers & fans. so let clarify them clearly. we are paying the money for cricket & cricketers not for their administers.
Gourav Banerjee | Mar 27, 2014
IPL should not be banned ... but the Gambling against the IPL should be STOPPED ... We love Cricket and the most important feature of cricket is that Its UNPREDICTABLE and any source of making this game predictable should be STOPPED ... And also who say that 70% of Indian is poor, but this country has lots of money on air. Just see IPL. No body knows where those money comes and there it goes. Govt. are doing what after the controversy the open slight eyes. But 3 years they were sleeping and will again go to bed after some other news come in market which capture our / ppls eyes...
Vikas Gupta | Mar 27, 2014
Introduction of IPL has changed the whole scenario of cricket. I don't think that IPL should be banned. No doubt it is like a business for the owners of team as well as the players but it is also increasing the revenue and moreover I personally like IPL because it is less time consuming and more enjoyable. I don't think it is any wrong to make money and the players are doing so by working hard and playing the matches and not getting anything for free.
Goru | Oct 30, 2013
actually we have to take some important decision regarding this problem because this almost every gaming events there is small amount of corrup. occurs also in international matches also . So for corruption free gaming ban is not good decision.
vinod joshi | Oct 16, 2013
to run from the problem is not the solution if we are facing the problem of ipl scandles yhen no problem we should hire our great legends sachin, rahul who would organise this ipl. for such small incident of corruption we would not led to stop thousands people most loved game.its 21st century in this we would not do that- for killing a rat we had burn whole house we had not stop mbile phone after 2g spectrum and there was coal curruption was also ther we not led to stop that then why this game......... if we stop ipl it would be like that a person walking in road had a accident then all person has started not to come in road
manu | Oct 15, 2013
I am not agree with this point
Aju Mukhopadhyay | Oct 08, 2013
Corruption is prevalent in many Indian ways of life. Banning is not the solution but taking effective steps to control and stop corruption as in all other areas must be the guiding principle. Fact is, this play and its players has been given disproportionate importance and undue recognition. Cricket is as much a play as badminton and cricketers are as much a player as a footballer or wrestler, usually a young man with proportionate wisdom and ability to play. A disbalanced society give undue importance in undesirable areas of life.
Manoj Rajan | Oct 08, 2013
the IPL should not be banned because of some miscreants who spoils the image of game with their dishonesty. if we found some person in our judicial system, administration etc, tainted with their activities, can we zeroed in to close down such organization. no , we on the other hand try to make it more secure so that nobody could get the right to defame it. more over, cricket is not a game in this country, it has become an industry which generates a lot of employment directly and indirectly. there is always a scope of improvement in every segments of life and cricket especially IPL is also come under its ambit. we should check the route of money inflow in the game but to ban it would be a little harsh.
mathai | Oct 08, 2013
definitely not. this format is probably responsible for keeping cricket alive and running. with a lot of help from the one day matches. cricket would have joined the extinct category if it had continued in the raditional aristocratic 5 day matches slot. yes there is money in it. and no doubt malpractices too. but burning down the house to kill the rats is an old technique which we malayalees quote with nostalgia. the fact is that it is too old and simple a remedy. let us try our modern techniques to cleance the system . let us invigourate ipl. coming to the terrorist connexion. let us not be paranoid. if u look for it probably u can find it everywhere. again let us not opt for silly way out of terrorism. let us fight terrorism without disrupting normal life. disruption is what the terrorist want. let us not play easily into their hands. long live i p l
Deepak Menon | Oct 08, 2013
Rubbish! Why on earth should the IPL which has brought pleasure to millions be banned? This is like saying that the Parliament should be banned if there are a few corrupt politicians! Should the disease be cured or should the person afflicted by the disease be killed to get rid of the disease! Get your act together, Merinews and find solutions for curing the disease of corruption in all sports instead of raking up hysteria and killing this splendid sport and returning it to the dark days of old. We are now international in the true sense of the word and help cricket to rise instead of helping people to squash it!
Anshul | Sep 27, 2013
I think it will be a stupid idea to ban a format of cricket because of few stupid players. I disagree with the idea.
Amit | Sep 27, 2013
Ha Ha Ha. And If I may ask - "Who will dare to STOP IPL?"
Rudra | Sep 24, 2013
Why do you want to ban an entertaining sport unnecessarily? Just bcoz there were some scams?????? In this way we shud ban mobile phones (2G scam), power generation (Coal Scam), Army-NAVY-Air Force ( Bofors and other scams) and many other companies, bodies and industries. Tomorrow you may even want to ban cricket as a sports.
Ravindra Singh | Sep 24, 2013
Banning IPL will not solve any problem. Its the corrupt politicians associated with it who should be thrown out. Sharad Pawar, Arun Jaitley etc. are some of the most corrupt names in India. Throw them out. Let some ex-cricketers like Kapil Dev, Vengsarkar, Amarnath, Rahul Dravid, Kumble, Sourav Ganguly handle the BCCI matters and you will see a changed cricket body.
Imtiaz Shekhar | Sep 24, 2013
This is just rubbish. Even the supreme court has ruled out a ban on IPL.
Atul | Sep 24, 2013
It should not be banned, as it is only a handful of people involved in dirtying the game. In a sack of potato, if one potato turns out to be rotten we do not throw the entire sack of potato, but only that particular potato. Likewise, instead of banning IPL, we should only ban those involved in it.


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