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Is Congress offensive too little and too late?
On Sunday, Congress Party held a massive rally at Ramlila Grounds in capital Delhi, slamming opposition and going all out in defending the 'big bang' reforms, including the FDI in Retail. The rally was organised just days ahead of polls in Himachal Pradesh and after lot of hullabaloo by the opposition parties. While many analysts termed the rally a success, most of them believe that the Congress should have taken such initiatives much before to convince the aam aadmi.
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Capt Pandit | Nov 08, 2012
I wish Obama all the best in creating more Jobs and bring America out of recession fast. Good wishes to the American people for electing a good person as their President. Jai Ho
Disagree : 75 %
Sajal | Nov 20, 2012
Jaipal Anand | Nov 06, 2012
They are very smart politicians. They know that people of India will be happy with lollypop at the time of elections. After creating all mess in country, in last year of their term they will do these such things to distract people from their misdeeds. We should be more careful now with these tactics.
Krishna Y. | Nov 06, 2012
Why the Congress should get offensive?? They are only trying to distract public attention from their misdeeds.


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