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Is corruption among OBCs, SCs, and STs a reflection of corruption in upper castes?
At the just-concluded Jaipur Literary Festival, political psychologist Ashis Nandy said that 'most of the corrupt come from the OBCs, the scheduled castes and now increasingly the scheduled tribes.' Some say it was a bad statement with good intention. Others say that the media put pressure on Nandy to apologize, and he now faces a court case. Was the esteemed intellectual right in pointing out that there is corruption among lower castes, and that upper castes are also to blamed for this trend?
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A.Rufus DSouza | Feb 07, 2013
In India corruption is endemic for the simple reason that the 'nation' is divided into umpteen cultural and linguistic groups which has resulted in the fact that for any one group all other groups become fair game during the course of any and all social and economic interactions resulting in the absence of what in more homogeneous cultures is referred to as moral constraints. If there is corruption among OBCs, SCs, and STs it is for the same reasons that there is corruption in upper castes. In this sense corruption is indeed a reflection of corruption in upper castes.
Amlan | Feb 04, 2013
Yes. There is a strong unified community sentiments among the lower castes (and they have their valid reasons for it). But unfortunately this unity at times result in corruption among the lower castes placed well - most of it with the intention of 'getting back' at higher castes or to 'help' their own caste brothers.
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VINAYA | Jan 10, 2018
Such a stupid statement....How can one connect corruption to caste???????????
Shivani Gupta | Feb 04, 2013
Such a stupid statement by Nandy. How can he even justify that? Relating corruption with caste is as stupid as relating terrorism with religion
Sameer | Jan 31, 2013
Corruption is there in every cannot categorize it. You can find super honest in general, OBCs, STs, SCs as well as super dishonest. What actually Ashis Nandy meant to say, he doesn't know himself as his statements prove it. So the matter should be given a complete rest.


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