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Is Pakistan's claim that Dawood Ibrahim is not in Pakistan false?
The Interior Minister of Pakistan Rehman Malik has claimed that Dawood Ibrahim, wanted by India and the US for terror crimes, is not in Pakistan. Should we believe him?
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Agree : 64 %
G S R Murty | Oct 11, 2011
Yes, Its a false statement.
SHYAM TARKE | Oct 10, 2011
Pakistan is not true contry . They any time lie talk.
Kaladi | Jul 17, 2011
yes D might have left Pakistan after seeing the condition what happened to OBL he is in UAE very very safe.
Dweezil | Jun 27, 2011
Many many quality potins there.
Pepper | Jun 26, 2011
Thanks guys, I just about lost it lkooing for this.
Kathy | Jun 20, 2011
AKAIK you've got the asenwr in one!
ch murthy | Jun 20, 2011
ya we can believe them in this matter because there are news spread that Dawood Ibrahim has gone to Saudi Arabia with his family in this controversy we can believe Pakistan
ch murthy | Jun 20, 2011
living | Jun 19, 2011
There are many news in your website.
manikanta | Jun 18, 2011
rehman malik seems to be a good joker.Although laden was found to be live in pak for many years it again pretends to be against terrorism.
sravan | Jun 17, 2011
i dodnt trust him...things r far more worst in Pakistan ,they played a vital role in saving ladan for a long time
Shirley | Jun 15, 2011
Thank God! Someone with brains sepkas!
kit | Jun 02, 2011
Pakistan & The GREAT US of A, white diplomacy.
Bette | May 23, 2011
That's way more clever than I was epcxetnig. Thanks!
| May 13, 2011
keshavarya | May 11, 2011
paistan is the rootcause of terriosm.we mustnot believe on it.sohis saing is wrong.
Disagree : 36 %
Pakistan is trying to hide the whereabouts of Dawood because of the funds that he had earlier invested in various terror attacks on India..
Stephen Mark | Jan 21, 2012
Don't think so....We had been fed with false news regarding Bin Laden before..
SHYAM TARKE | Oct 10, 2011
Pak is Double gamer
Swami Mohit | Jun 30, 2011
Pakistan was also denying that osama bin laden is not there. then where did he come from?
Pakistan had always given cover to the international criminals for its political gains.I strongly condemn the paki words.Actually the entire govt in pak was run by Terrorists..I.e., shame to Pakistan
vuriti s v ravi teja | Jun 24, 2011
pack started second game agine by say ib dawood is not in pack
nagelisantoshkumar | Jun 18, 2011
no,he is in pakistan.the obama issue relieve that
KR Sampath | Jun 17, 2011
No we shoudnt belive him we already heard same thing in the Osama issue
Ridesh Thaker | May 15, 2011


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