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Lokpal Bill approved by Anna Hazare and Govt. will be effective in curbing corruption
Long awaited Lokpal Bill has finally been passed by the Parliament. The select committee's bill has the support of Anna Hazare, the Congress and the BJP. However, the former member of Team Anna, Arvind Kejriwal and his political outfit Aam Aadmi Party has termed the Lokpal Bill passed by the Parliament as a jokepal and has said that it will not help in curbing the menace of corruption.
"Yes this bill will help in controlling the corruption. No law is perfect. To made Lokpal Bill perfect some changes were made in it. The fight for this bill was going on since last 40 years and I am happy that it has been passed by the Congress, it is one of the biggest achievement of this Govt. I think. Aam Aadmi Party is opposing the changes in the bill because now they don't have any issue to fight for. They need something to talk about, thats why they are opposing the bill."
Sanjay Nirupam, Congress Spokesperson
"Lokpal Bill which has been passed by the Parliament has loop holes. The select committe which drafted the bill was biased. Power of control must be in the hands of Lokpal, not in the hands of CBI. The rich corrupts may get away by bribing. The bill has provision of punishment for the complainant if he/she files a false complain. This provision will deter people from lodging complaint against the corrupts. It is surprising how BJP & Congress have suddenly became Anna Supporters."
Prof. Anand Kumar, Leader, Aam Aadmi Party
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Agree : 61.54 %
sunita | Dec 31, 2013
no , not at all and how anna ji could thank rahul for passing the bill just before election . though RTI had been implemented but how the RTI workers were eliminated . the cleansing needs to be done from top .
Deepak Kumar | Dec 28, 2013
I go by the logic of something is better than nothing. If the Lokpal can be able to reduce the corruption, I am not talking about elimination, initially it would be a win-win situation for all. But for a complete check on corruption, the onus is on everyone of us. No bill or law can solve any issues until unless it is effectively implemented and observed by all.
Ajit Gupta | Dec 20, 2013
Something is better than nothing.
May not it be 100% successful, but I am happy that after 53 years an institution with some mechanism established for high level corruption. Earlier only SC monitored SIT were credible. But the scale of corruption warranted a Lokpal. Now weak or strong, it can be scrutinized in due course after assessing the performances. AAP is arrogant & want to change everything overnight. Such things happen only under dictatorship. In a democracy like India it takes some time to change. But important thing is change is happening!
Abhishek Singh | Dec 19, 2013
Great job Rahul Gandhi.. I think it is you who forced parties like SP to come on track and support Lokpal Bill. I am surprised why Samajwadi Party was in opposition to this bill.
Rahul Kumar | Dec 19, 2013
This is a Anna Approved Lokpal so there is no doubt in its effectiveness
Shikha | Dec 19, 2013
Kudos to Anna JI.. that al least some law is there.. after a long wait of 45 years.
Radhey Shyam | Dec 19, 2013
I am sure now with the foray of Lokpal Bill, to some extent there will be reduction in corruption cases, if not fully.
Disagree : 38.46 %
Archana | Dec 21, 2013
Jokepal has Included PM, judiciary under bill! Hurry...people are celebrating! but now, the bill will also have a bad selection committee, which means from selection of members to decisions will be under ruling party's control. What is the use of such bill? When all the major power is enjoyed by corrupt ruling party...?
Vinod | Dec 20, 2013
The present Lokpal bill is toothless which will fail in curbing rampant corruption. Our politicians have looted this country recklessly in last 65 years & have made this country bankrupt. The situation will not improve unless death sentence provision in law is made for corrupts followed by seizure of all their assets. This bill has no such provision. So this is a defunct bill.
Dilip | Dec 20, 2013
New Lockpal will be as ineffective as other anti-corruption laws. The members will pay crores to get the position. Shiv Sena is a mafia organization. Will it be affected? Definitely not. Corruption will remain as foundation of Congress, the same as the past 60 years. Long life Indian corruption!
Sanjana Sharma | Dec 19, 2013
Anna Ji has been trapped by the Congress and BJP to defeat Kejriwal..
Ritesh Sahu | Dec 19, 2013
As told by Arvind Kejriwal, the Govt's Lokpal lacks some major steps towards stopping corruption... So i think this lokpal will be a joke pal.


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