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Mahagathbandhan of JD(U), RJD and Congress will be a big failure in Bihar elections
The forthcoming Bihar assembly election is between Mahagathbandhan of JD(U), RJD and Congress as Samajwadi Party is now no more a part it and BJP-led NDA. With Narendra Modi government announcing Rs 1.25 lakh crore development package for the state and One Rank One Pension for ex-servicemen, presently the situation looks to be in the favour of BJP. But, with three parties coming together under "Mahagathbandhan" banner, should BJP not take it easy or it will easily emerge as the single largest party.
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Dr.Yogesh Sharma | Nov 12, 2015
It is against the national and social interest.
Dr.Yogesh Sharma | Nov 11, 2015
Caste, Communal and Convicted Lalu and Shahbuddin. Bihar is bound to see difficult days.
anil dhar | Oct 13, 2015
it's well evident that bihar is enthused with the idea of development though the cast is still a factor, however development has fresh take
Vijay Reddy | Oct 04, 2015
Do you (voter) think that Laloo will allow Nitish to manage the state freely? This is like Sonia remote-controlling Manmohan Singh. Do you want this?
subodh | Sep 24, 2015
mahathugbandahan will be a disaster in bihar ,it stilllives in 1990's of caste based politics , but in 21st century india and bihar have moved ahead ,
Vishnu Dhekwar | Sep 23, 2015
The image of currepted Lalu Yadav and congress leads this mahagatabandhan into the mude, while our PM with man in action image & a good decision maker & dedicated towards well being of the nation definitely affect the decision of the voter.
ks | Sep 21, 2015
I think presence of Congress, lalu and mulayam (corrupt in public eyes) may be the reason for this failure.
The difference is Mahagathabandhan is made on the basis of simple arithmetic on past data. The ideology, standard & chemistry at ground level is not considered which is the key. Although election is a complex matter but I think the inherent contradiction in Mahagathabandhan may fail them.
qazi zahid hudain | Sep 10, 2015
This is a brilliant decision taken by Other than bjp parties. Bjp is a strong party , having plus point after anouncement of election packages such like one rank one pension for ex- service man and government in center etc.
S. Prasad | Sep 07, 2015
This Mahagathbandhan is a dumb idea.
Sumit | Sep 07, 2015
No doubt it will not be able to create any magic
Disagree : 15.38 %
raghvendra | Nov 06, 2015
though,mahagathbhandan may be a failure,,,bt this time handsome no. of people are voting on the basis of caste as it usually happens in bihar. so there may be bleak chances of bjp overthrown by mahagathbandhan.
Syed Naim Naqvi | Sep 17, 2015
Wait and watch. Bihar could be a Waterloo for RSS


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