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Only an year old Aam Aadmi Party has made decade old Congress and BJP nervous
Just an year old political outfit 'Aam Admi Party' led by Arvind Kejriwal has emerged as a key challenge for the decade old Congress and BJP. There are various opinion polls which have predicted Arvind Kejriwal as the most favorite Chief Ministerial candidate in Delhi. Though none of the surveys say AAP is going to claim majority in the state but they have signalled that there could be a hung assembly in the state, courtesy AAP.
"See every corrupt leader is nervous today. They (BJP and Congress) tried their best to defame us, but we came out clean from every allegation against us. We are doing agenda based politcs in the country, however, they are doing money and liquor based politics. There is no doubt Congress and BJP are nervous. Congress has never cared about common man. If they would have cared at all, then there was no need of forming the Aam Aadmi Party."
Manish Sisodia, AAP Candidate, Delhi
"We (Congress) are not nervous because of Aam Aadmi Party (AAP). When results will come, you will see AAP's failure to win even one seat. When they have started their movement with Anna Hazare, at that time people had given them attention. But the same Anna is not with them today. So how can you say that we are worried. Common man was with Anna Hazare not with Arvind Kejriwal over the issue of corruption."
Meem Afzal, National Spokesperson, Congress
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Aditya Singhal | Dec 09, 2013
AAP :)
Col. Rajendra Kumar | Dec 08, 2013
Public has endorsed Kejriwal's Aam Admi Party approach to route out governess from inside. It appears to be more effective than Anna movement.Time has come Anna should support it' Both inside and outside pressure will be more productive and will act much faster than than both working separately. After all Aap is an extension of Anna's movement only. Their aim is same.. .
Anand Krishnan | Dec 07, 2013
India faces lots of political parties after Independence, maximum two or three parties enough for the development of nation.Single day voting across nation or in states and Result another day
Jinto Manickathan | Dec 07, 2013
Manish said "All corrupt leaders are nervous". Then some leaders are saying we are not nervous... So are they accepting that they are corrupt?
Shane Cardoz | Dec 06, 2013
Yes certainly we need freedom from bad and corrupt politicians. If people really come out and vote then may be we may not hear about congress and any other national party.
Sandeep Kumar | Dec 06, 2013
Clean bold ho jayegi Congress or BJP is baar
Timur Walia | Dec 06, 2013
Everybody is shaking....shaking....shaking.... This is an precedented case in Delhi election where the two biggies manipulated for long.
Vikas Bhatia | Dec 05, 2013
If there is a hung assembly and then a re-election, everybody will fall apart. Its not easy to keep your supporters' tempo running for two times in a row, especially when you are influencing them on a short term basis. Both the parties are scared of AAP because they can cause that hung house.
Ashish Batra | Dec 05, 2013
Look at the way these guys are using their media connect to defame AAP or manipulate Exit Polls. Isn't it a show of nervousness? Why would they need to even try and defame AAP if they were not afraid?
Dr. Mansoor Akhtar | Dec 04, 2013
Disclaimer first: I think a lot of things that AAP has said or done till now are gimmicky ( like their promise on decreasing electricity bill etc.). I believe they are like shooting star that lights up, have a short run and vanish. BUT... if we are debating about NERVOUSNESS, the fact that both the parties have come forward and have given their quotation to merinews on this debate itself shows that they are concerned about AAP's publicity and they recognize the force. It is an achievement for the one year old party. They surely got the biggies concerned.
Ankush Tripathi | Dec 04, 2013
AAP has changed the way politics is done in India. They have set certain standards. Have started discussing "ACTUAL ISSUES" rather than simply blaming the ruling Govt. This is the first time a party has forced other parties to actually talk about numbers rather than simple false promises. Whether the common man who are frivolous, understands and vote properly is different matter. But as of now, both Congress and BJP has a wet patch in their seat.
Sheetal | Dec 04, 2013
AAP has set the cat among pigeons. All these politicians till now were saving each other's back. Now with a new entrant and that too one who apparently have mass support and do not want to join the traditional corrupt way, both parties are afraid of losing their face in front of the whole nation.
Tina Acharya | Dec 04, 2013
Yes it does. It has risen as a new political alternative!!!!
Ram Prakash | Dec 04, 2013
Kind of support which debutant AAP has got from people within and outside Delhi has definitely made Congress and BJP nervous.
I agree 100%. Sheila Dikshit open for post poll alliance, Modi attacks AAP, all these shows that both BJP & Congress are nervous. I am not hopeful that AAP will form government & even doubt that Arvind Kejriwal win against Sheila Dikshit, but still I agree that a very new party steal sleeps of both national parties!
RS Rastogi | Dec 03, 2013
Not only Nervous but BJP and Congress both are scared that a minnow is going to eliminate them from Delhi
Disagree : 30.43 %
N. MURUGESH MANIAM | Dec 13, 2013
It is not nervousness. Journalists don't lose an opportunity to use such words. They attract attention. The big parties are simply too big and well equipped to lose sleep over the AAP. It is more like irritation and exasperation, not nervousness. It is more anger, and not fear. Kejriwal and company have made a mistake. They should have remained a movement. They could have shaken any government in Delhi. As a political party they will be less effective, since you must play by the rules and lose some of your freedom as an aam aadmi, common man. The AAP will not win anywhere else in India. Win power that is. Aam aadmi keeps talking about ethics in politics. But I think far worse crimes are committed in the world of business, healthcare and education, and other institutions. Or atleast they are just as bad. Yogendra Yadav says politics is a noble profession. I disagree. No politician has become a saint. Even Mahatma Gandhi was criticized. AAP, as a party, will die after the next Lok Sabha polls.
Amulyam | Dec 10, 2013
Nobody in BJP is nervous. AAP is seriously a big 'joke'. They think that they have 'won'. What they have actually done is fool common man with their words and got votes. But that is only the start of story. A seasoned politician will know that such kind of politics doesn't hold any water at National level. So I am sure nobody is scared.
Abhilash | Dec 10, 2013
Congress _ Yes,Very nervous. BJP - AAP ka BAAP. Why should they be nervous? Even in Delhi, BJP has more seats than AAP. Imagine what will happen at National level.
Shivansh Yadav | Dec 04, 2013
AAP is there for only 1 year. This year, due to Anna Hazare's movement they have got a lot of mileage. After they lose this election, everybody will forget about them. There is nothing to be afraid for anybody. It looks less of a political party, more of a college club.
Modi fan | Dec 04, 2013
Please do not mix Congress and BJP. Sheila Dixit Govt. is damn concerned. But BJP has nothing to lose. Why bring them into picture at all?
Suresh Khanna | Dec 03, 2013
I would like to remind Mr. Mohanthy that being in the rule it is Congress which is scared, nervous. Why should BJP be nervous. They are going to come into power in Delhi.
PK Mohanthy | Dec 03, 2013
Come on... The results will tell who is nervous. Ok there are discussions on AAP but who said that Congress is nervous? BJP May be nervous but not the congress.


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