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Rahul Gandhi will not be able to revive Congress in UP

With UP assembly elections due in 2017, election strategist Prashant Kishor has suggested the name of Rahul Gandhi as Congress's Chief Ministerial candidate in the State. Not only Rahul's but he also suggested the name of Priyanka Gandhi. But, the question is seeing Rahul Gandhi's past performances and the controversies surrounding Priyanka's husband Robert Vadra, will they be preferred by the public in UP?

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Sanjay M Johri | Nov 04, 2016
Congress is a non-entity in Uttar Pradesh . Prashant Kishore Congress Poll strategist seems at a loss how to revive Congress in this most populous state in absence of a clear idea. Rahul Gandhi has failed to make any impact and even fighting a losing battle in his own parliamentary constituency- Amethi. I predict Congress as doomed - thanks to the apolitical style of Rahul Gandhi's working.
ANJAN KUMAR SAMAL | Oct 19, 2016
While his educational qualifications are notable, his political credentials rest almost solely on the accident of his birth. If he were not a Gandhi born into the most illustrious political family in India’s recent history, there would really be nothing to write home about. He has held no ministerial post in the government. Any ministry in the government could have been his for the asking. He is alas the very epitome of the person who has greatness thrust upon him – at the best of times he seems a most reluctant leader catapulted into public life much against his better judgment. And he seems strangely inured to the savage world that is Indian politics; strangely cocooned and not really in touch with what constitutes India and Indian reality. Sure he campaigns hard for his party, is on the road a lot. He stays in Dalit huts and travels the Mumbai local (never mind what a security nightmare that posed) – but all that this tells us is that he is trying hard to make an impression and do what his publicists and members of the inner coterie think is appropriate for him to do. Rahul Gandhi’s website is under construction, so the common man has no way of knowing what to make of all this. There is also a website called Rahul Gandhi Achievements – this is fully blank. This is most likely to be someone’s idea of a sarcastic joke and I have to admit it is funny in its aptness. courtesy & Reference-
Prabhakar Dwivedi | Oct 10, 2016
Rahul Gandhi lacks leadership quality.. i must like to add that he is not involved in doing doing good work throughout year..not in media throughout year.but only at time of election.he can only make controversial statements no productive works has been done by him. moreover his past records dont show any good about him.
Krishrama | Oct 05, 2016
He lacks the leadership quality and still to go a long way before heading the party to polls.
mathai | Sep 19, 2016
it is not that rahul can't revive congress in up . no one can . in the present context
krishna | Sep 12, 2016
It is time congress realised if it must revive anywhere in India, they need to shun the gandhi family ties. But congress loves its colonial masters. No need to say congress is a sinking ship for all the elite political ideology they spew into the political environment in the country. Divide and Rule had been congress' best political strategy over decades.
Anand Krishnan | Aug 12, 2016
Not Suitable in Politics !
Yes Rahul don't have that acumen. Had he got that brilliance, after more than ten years of active politics, he shouldn't behaved like a Pappu. Rahul is a gone case.
Tanmay jindal | Jul 02, 2016
He is the very helpful
Signora Gandhi | May 22, 2016
I am really ashamed
Disagree : 28.57 %
munatarajan | Sep 22, 2016
Rahulji has already revived Congress in Uttar Pradesh. Now the BJP, SP and BSP will attack each other vehmently to keep the fight among themselves since they knew that idealogically they cannot beat Congress, a natural Indian National party. Amit Shah will try to reach an understanding with SP too divide Hindu and Muslim votes among themselves respectively and Mayawathi will try for a coalition between Dalits and Muslims. But all three of them have weakened the Indian society and Uttar Pradesh and people have seemed to have realised this this time. UP was far ahead of South during Congress ruling and would have gained a lot with the fruits of liberalisation if it had a state government ruled by Congress during the last 15 years but lost out to other states and UPwallahs have realised this too now.
manish | Sep 02, 2016
he wins positively
pradeep Singh | Jun 20, 2016
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Daya Nath Singh | May 19, 2016
Rahul lacks the basic ideas in politics. Without gaining his own ideas nobody can be guided by others to be perfect in politics. Politics is being forced on him. He can try his luck as a businessman. There are chanaes of his success.


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