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Remix version of Rabindranath Tagore's songs should be discouraged
From the time Viswa Bharati's copyright over Tagore's works have expired, there have been a plethora of young singers who have taken up on remixing the age old cherished Tagore's compositions. Such brutal violation of the work of a nobel laureate should be prevented by making special provisions in law. Else it will kill the original work of the poet.
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mathai | Aug 30, 2013
govt policies are responsible for the its economi upturn or downfall. look at the policies: upping petrol and diesel prices to meet that elusive parity with international trend. see the concocted calculations used to establish loss suffered by oil companies. the private ones if u r in the know. govt policies are responsible. if govt policies are not responsible for giving directions to the economy then what are the govt's responsibilities? if u r not polishing your shoes then whose shoes r u polishing ?
Pooja Anand | May 09, 2013
Rabindra sangeet is particularly distinguished sangeet from other type of musical phenomenon in India as well as in the world. The songs are an echo of the inner music and were written for every moment of the life. Being a non-bengali I face a lot of difficulty in understanding the real meaning of any Rabindra song but then what I have observed is that the original songs have been created for the past, present and future by him and by remixing them without any sense just to make them sound good to ears or increase sale is a horrendous crime. The real meaning of the songs is lost while creating a remix version. It is like adding salt to a sugary food. My aunt gifted me 10 tracks of his songs to start with and when I listend to them, though I couldn't understand the real meaning at the very moment but then the peace that I felt is something that can't be described. These days DJs and rock bands keep remixing old songs but the difference stands out. Where the old and original tracks bring calmness, the little tweaking of the chords, loudness of the remix versions even fail to bring a simple smile on a face.
Pooja Anand | May 09, 2013
I Agree that remixed versions of Rabindra Sangeet should be banned. Anyways, why to bother about this ban as does the modern generation care about Tagore anymore? Does the 'rabindra jayanti' festival carry the same flavour and nostalgia these days? Shamefully the Bengal govt and Vishwavarati have lost Tagore's Nobel medal and it probably lies in the private collection of the some ovearseas collector but bongs seem to care less. Bongs have now found bigger and more contemporary idols to be proud on - Sourav Ganguly, Mithun Chakroborty etc. But yet Tagore stays the best selling proposition for Bengal. The current wave of bengali directors have a mandate to add at least one Tagore song (remixed version) everytime they make a 'jibonmukhi' movie. The current govt also tried the gimmick of playing Tagore's songs in traffic signals for few days? So what does Tagore mean to us today? A poet? A nobel laureat? Or just a memory to play with?
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Tarsem Singh | Apr 18, 2013
Remix will expire the feeling of National Songs wording which means a Lot.
Arunanshu | Apr 18, 2013
I dont see anything wrong with the remix versions. The taste of the listeners have changed and remix sounds good to their ears. And anyway the singers mayb mixing the songs but they are always crediting the originals to Tagore.
Amol Das | Apr 18, 2013
Why should it be? Just check the sale of music and you will understand that popularity of Tagore's song has decreased immensely. It is far better to popularise the songs by tweaking a few chords than let the work die.


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