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Secretive intelligence practices of the US are big threat to world democracy
An insider, contract worker Edward Snowden who worked for a top US state agency, has gone public, and has revealed that US intelligence and state agencies spy on their own citizens and on top political leaders of the world at global conferences. And this is taking place in the most powerful democracy in the world. In doing so, is the US becoming a threat to the very fabric of democracy by authorizing secret intercepts and using this information for its gain?
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sudhir | Aug 13, 2015
It is not a fair thing for the world
john | Jan 18, 2015
if anyone says there exits a devil in this modern world it might to true because' muslim= devil' muslim is not a religion but it is a thinking and ideology of only one person called "mahummed" and it is a religion that make a person to kill other person and i don't thik so any other religion do that and muslim is threat to entire humanity and human beigns and time has came to unite all the humitarian forces to take town these threat to entire world
Yash Nayak | Oct 13, 2014
US has no right to spy on anyone or leaders of any nation.They can do whatever they want in their own nation but they can not interfear with other nations in anyway.
khalid hussain | Sep 27, 2014
Totally agree, as due to such practices the world is a mess.
Iam13 | May 15, 2014
A multi-war combat veteran of the U.S. Army and old fellow brother in arms of mine most recently nailed it best when he said, "Get rid of MI6, CIA and Mossad and we will be 99% to heaven." As a highly decorated combat veteran I agree 100% with his statement.
PVV Satyanarayana | Dec 24, 2013
The practice proves the notion that the country is self-centered and self-serving, which is ought to be changed. The US should shed its Big Brother attitude and learn to respect the rights and the privacy of other nations, as it calls itself a democracy.
Om Prakash | Sep 27, 2013
The revelations of secretive intelligence practices of US is a greater threat to world peace, security and economy as it is against the national interests of nations being targeted such as India, Brazil and many more. Targeting national leaders, economic, diplomatic and security establishment is against sovereignty of a nation and it would imbalance the global and regional political and economic environment. World leaders should take care of its' nation interest and should demoralize in the global forum and compel US to stop these type of activities urgently.
Dharmendra | Jun 24, 2013
this is really very shocking revelations made by Mr. Snowden that the US use to spy on the top leaders of the world.. what they are intending to do.. who authorised them to do so...if they are syping on others then Obama should also get ready to be spied upon.
Shiv | Jun 18, 2013
If US wants it can spy on its own leaders... nobody would be having any problem... but spying on leaders from other countries is certainly an unwelcome move..
Disagree : 10 %
Ramesh Manghirmalani | Jun 22, 2013
It helps India and developed world from terrorist


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