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Should Ajmal Kasab get 'Death-Sentence' on May 3, 2010?
What award does Ajmal Kasab gets? 'DEATH-SENTENCE OR LIFE-IMPRISONMENT?
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Agree : 75 %
Jayden | Jun 17, 2011
Sudnos great to me BWTHDIK
Honey | Jun 15, 2011
YMMD with that aswenr! TX
Jayprakash Kaladi | Nov 14, 2010
In India we have Judicial Law existing and a Muslim Personal Law and a Board existence for Muslims grievances. Why not introduce Saudi Arabia Law into our home land for the crimes committed by bad elements in Muslims who are once again threat for Muslims. We see so many bomb blast everywhere but nowadays frequently in Pakistan alone many common people have died either in a Mosque or on a way side. A strict law like SAUDI ARABIA should be introduced in India to deal with crimes committed in India for the Muslims who are into heinous crimes.
Deepak Madan | Sep 19, 2010
We have all seen what a heinous act he has committed on the TV.But the fact is that as country we are so casual and lethargic . The judicial system in our country is so defunct . That even after so much time we are debating in punishing a person for a crime which he committed infront of us all. Some good soldier should have shot him on the spot. As a country we are so insensitive and want to debate on high moral issues.Do we call it democracy or mockery of our system.
kaushik barua(kolkata) | Jun 21, 2010
acc to me he shud me given death it will send a strong msg. to other criminals of his sort..from kolkata.
robin | May 03, 2010
he should be hanged... if possible... Hang him LIVE ...
Disagree : 25 %
Sanik | Sep 03, 2010
Aim of any punishment is to correct the accused and not to punish him. He is a misguided indivisual carried away by propenda in the mane of religion.
MelF | May 13, 2010
Just hanging him wont be make a difference. There are suicide bombers who kill them selves so many time.. The root has to be determined and destroyed


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