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Should College and University teachers retire at 60 in all the states?
There are various age limits for retirement of college and university teachers in different states. Some in Madhya Pradesh retire at 62 and some in West Bengal at 60 only. In Kerala and other states it is much less. But in central universities teachers can do their job till they are 65. VCs can work till 70. Why should the College and University teachers retire at 60? Should it not be the same for all teachers - be it at the Centre or in states?
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Agree : 37.5 %
Yes i agree . The colege teachers has to retire on attaining the 60 age limit,but he or she can get a job in private institutions which wants retired persons rather than fresh ones.
SHUCHI JAIN | Jun 12, 2012
In my view, not only university teachers also the school teachers should get retire at the age of 60..... it will be relief to poor kids.
Rakshanda Gupta | Jun 12, 2012
I respect to the equal benefit this should happen that in all states teachers should retire at same age. There is should be no discriminations among them.
Disagree : 62.5 %
DA | Nov 20, 2014
Considering the longevity and shortage of teachers/lecturers they should continue till they are physically fit and can deliver.
Diksha | Jun 13, 2012
I Agree that they should get retire but not from their righ to give lectures but from the daily roles and responsibilities. The education system needs educated teachers which is getting short day by day so they should think twice before making this law mandatory.
Bolla Alekhya | Jun 13, 2012
i don't agree with this statement, because teaching profession needs experiance, and the experianced teachers or lecturers can handle the students and guide them in a right way. so, if the techers are intrested in working, then they should be given a chance.
Shiv Prakash | Jun 12, 2012
I think this is not a good idea as the colleges and the universities across the country are facing shortage of teaching staff. Quality teachers should be given an option to continue beyond this age limit.
Gagan Rawat | Jun 12, 2012
retiring age should be depend on capability and not on age. Different states and different age does not matter much when it comes to the teaching profession.


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