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Should India give a strong response the next time Pakistan kills an Indian soldier?
The mood in the nation is grim over the Indian government's lack of aggressive response to repeated ceasefire violations by Pakistan at the Line of Control at which, recently, two soldiers died in the firing, and one's body was mutilated, and head severed. Should the Indian government establish strict counter-attacking protocols while responding to ceasefire violations by Pakistan or should it be patient while Pakistan tries to grapple with multiple complex internal threats?
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Agree : 58.33 %
RBS Lal | Jan 20, 2013
Pakistan must understand that any future act of their aggressiveness will result in a very tough counter attack by India . They must be told and if repeated, must be shown with an attack on them. Unless some damage is done to them, a perverted Pakistan force can not understand the might of a big Nation like India.
mohan krishan muju | Jan 19, 2013
YES BUT WHY DEALY it. It should be NOW without delay. RUFFIANS n understand only that language. Mohan K Muju
Bachan Thakur | Jan 19, 2013
While I strongly condemn the brutal activity by Pakistani soldiers, I strongly recommend that some "strict counter-attacking protocols" should be made and made to be put into application, as they say, "to kill an animal you have to become an animal sometimes." By further being patient, it would be giving them strong reasons to repeat such episodes again and thus making mockery of patience of the Indian Army. Though I believe in non-violence and strongly support the idea that war and fight is never ever a solution for anything, but at the same time to safeguard our soldiers and land, being defensive will not do, we need to be aggressive and attacking. Moreover, this recent incident is not a mere mistake, it's a deliberate brutal act which should be unforgiving. A TOI report says that in the year 2012 Pakistan has violated ceasefire treaty 68 times. Everyone should ask ourselves, is that be acceptable. As per me it's very important to react for the act.
Satish | Jan 17, 2013
India and the Kashmir issue is a bluff that the Pak army and politicians use everytime thier house is in trouble. This is done to distract the mind of the Pak public from issues which are dangerous for them. Issues in Pak now are clear. 1) Elections in 3 months and the ruling party is in trouble. 2) PM in trouble with corruption case.3) Quadri making all the wrong noises and with such a good following. 3) That Malala girl the issue about the way they treat thier women. etc, They know that India is a SOFT state and killing a few soldiers will not result in a major military confrontation.But with the strong Indian media reaction as well as the local media there will surely keep up the spin to keep the Pak populace busy. The Pakis know our response. We should give them a rude shock so that they dont repeat such acts.
Jyoti Yadav | Jan 15, 2013
Pak governement is so much blind and even after knowing the truth they never listen to India's peace talks. Rather it is a time to make them realised that what kind of people they are giving shelter in their Armies and defence forces.
Tarun | Jan 15, 2013
Yes India should response firmly and strongly. Clear intentions of Indians should be communicated to the Pak government who is still unable to handle its Army and terrorists which are same and one .
M. Khan | Jan 15, 2013
Yes i agree...
Disagree : 41.67 %
Aggressive response is possible if we have strength.Previous Army chief had highlighted sorry state of our preparedness
Strong response needs strong muscles. Do we have one? If the letter of outgoing Army Chief to PM any indication all is not well with defence preparedness. Reason corruption in most deals. On 1962 debacle the then Foreign Secretary has attributed our poor show to outdated obsolete equipment. Things are no better now.
| Jan 15, 2013
Time of patience for India has now overstretched.india has no ortion now but to leave the troops deployed on the border to settle the scores.Indian Army knows how to deflate the Pakistani Army without starting a war which in any case pakistan does not want and can not afford.The Indian political masters should be denial mode as the Pakistan is currently doing and our spin doctors should be active.At political level we should cotinue offering peace lallabys while at military level hunt the heads.
photowala | Jan 14, 2013
I agree that India should respond in a strong way - but not with violence. By 2015 both the nations should have settled with their respective new governments after General Elections. If both countries have relatively stable governments at the Centre, especially India, then it should take the lead, and pursue the prospect of a US-USSR type of summit with Pakistan. The Indian government, along with the defense and intelligence establishment, should meet their Pakistani counterparts - to begin the resolution of all outstanding issues. Expecting this is not wishful thinking - though there should be agreement on one aspect - not allow religion to dictate policy and law and order. This leads us to the larger question of Pakistan confronting how it defines itself as a Muslim nation, and what India is doing to strengthen religious democracy in letter and law.
Thomas Kurien | Jan 14, 2013
Everybody know what's happening in Pakistan. The game is up - the policy of arming motivated fighters for political and military use by the Pakistan army has cracked under pressure. The civilian leadership, at least, can be upfront in condemning both - Pakistan aggression and Indian provocation. But who will convince the Pakistan army? Who will help resolve the complex situation on both sides of the Durand Line? India has little choice than to support the civilian government in Pakistan in the hope of peace in due time. Escalating the situation, and sections of the media and politicians on both sides are guilty of this, will help no one. Keep Track I diplomacy on track but also take precautionary measures at the border.


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