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Should life sentence be the minimum punishment for a convicted rapist in India?
After the horrendous rape and beating up of the 23-year-old girl who is fighting for her life in a Delhi hospital, the country has taken to the streets - demanding greater accountability from police and lawmakers. Considering the nature of the crime of rape and any kind sexual assault, and serious consequences on a girl's physical and mental well-being - should the nation legislate a law that makes life sentence in prison mandatory for a convicted rapist?
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Agree : 71.43 %
technocord | Dec 26, 2012
In India a raped woman is like a dead woman alive just physically but socially dead. Though the rapists in India are out on streets like animals, no fear; also the rich feel if they've got money none can put them behind bars. However in countries like USA a raped woman is not that humiliated like here in India but the sentence there is more than what we call here life imprisonment that is 14 years. If the rapists ain't given strict punishment they'll have no fear to commit such crime again in future. So if not death, a minimum of life sentence must be ensured for the rapists.
Mazhar Nawaz | Dec 25, 2012
The minimum sentence for the Rapists should be life sentence, but I still prefer death penalty for rapists.
Dharamveer Paul | Dec 21, 2012
Life Sentence should be the punishment for people charged with rape.
Randhir Sekhon | Dec 21, 2012
The safety of women should be absolutely non-negotiable. To stop crime against women, specially sexual assault, in its tracks, it is crucial that we make the cost of committing rape so high that those who are capable of putting together two thoughts think twice before harming a woman. A life sentence should be legislated as law for rape - provided it safeguards against false accusations - to instill confidence in the women of our country, and empower law enforcement.
Zuhaib Ahmad | Dec 21, 2012
Yes, death penalty sounds reasonable more because of the shocking gang-rape, but I don't believe that will help preventing rapes in the country, which are taking place at a flabbergasting pace. Above all, there is a need for massive awareness campaign so that mentality of people who see women merely sex objects is changed.
Disagree : 28.57 %
Damini Dawar | Dec 21, 2012
A life sentence for rape is too stringent. If a rape does not result in death or severe physical and disabilities - then the punishment can be commuted to 10 years rigorous punishment. Each case should be considered without bias. There are instances when some women recover from the trauma and become stronger human beings. The case of Mukhtar Mai of Pakistan, when Mai recovered after being brutally gang raped to spearhead a women's organization, indicates that the debate on quantum of punishment should take into consideration severity of post-rape consequences, repentance by the guilty, his track record in civilian life, and other factors - all to ensure a sense of holistic justice. If a life sentence as minimum punishment for rape does become law - then one should not dilute it by having improbable and insensitive prosecution conditions of proof to convict in a court of law.
Krishna Y. | Dec 21, 2012
No, not the life sentence but the death penalty should be the minimum sentence for the rapists. A victim's condition after being raped is only like a dead person. She dies continuously through out her life. rape should be treated as murder and death penalty should be the minimum sentence. This will provide some solace to the victim.


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