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Should media be banned from covering the Babri verdict?
The government many times blames the media for hyping sensitive issues. The Babri verdict is a very volatile issue and it can cause immense damage if mishandled. Do you think the media should be banned from covering the Babri verdict?
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Agree : 76.67 %
Wind | May 19, 2011
AFAICT you've covered all the bases with this aesnwr!
rave | Sep 30, 2010
dev | Sep 30, 2010
since it is sensitive issue i think media should cover the issue but in honest manner. it should take care that the news given by them are not in publicity manner.
shantaram | Sep 30, 2010
if media covers or not doesnt matter this is not gona its is gud 2 cover and let the india & worlds know about the verdict.
Aditya Hampasagar | Sep 30, 2010
I dont think that media are suppose to be banned, they are the main source of news in this moment.......
Nazneen | Sep 30, 2010
media should cover the news but should not sensationalize the issue. It should take care that the message provided is not disturbing the peace of nation. It should engage proper authorities of both the religious parties who can appeal peace even after the decision
satender singh | Sep 30, 2010
it too
A.L.Rawal | Sep 29, 2010
In this age of instant communication keeping or blaming the media for sensationalising the issue, like the Ayodhia is not correct. The media should give an impartial view of things and not hide behind false notions.
A.L.Rawal | Sep 29, 2010
If the media is stopped from relaying the judgement on Aydhia issue then it might creat rumours which would be worse than relaying the whole judgement as it is delivered by the Hon'ble Court.
amal | Sep 29, 2010
basically the way they r covering the news that is wrong.they make people to be afraid
shailesh | Sep 28, 2010
after all bawal should i give any comment
devika ravichandan | Sep 28, 2010
devika ravichandan | Sep 28, 2010
parikrama | Sep 27, 2010
certainly as they only give voice to vehement statements and make heroes of nonsenses
sunil | Sep 26, 2010
As a fourth pillar of democracy,media,has its own importance in a democratic setup like we have in India.Freedom of expression cannot be suppressed by force,same is applicable to media.Politics,in most of the cases,uses everything at their helm for expanding its vote bank so it is an undeniable fact that they will mis-use their rights over media.Sadly,if we stop media now,then,inevitably our fourth pillar will crumble under political pressure.Interestingly when our legislature,executive and judiciary systems are already out of revamping limits then why we are forcing media to join that group.As the system of checks and balances is already operating in our system to curb the dominance of unlawful activities.Therefore,In my opinion freedom of press and media should be maintained at any cost.
dev | Sep 26, 2010
the babri result should be such that both the parties should be happy with the decision.. media should not be allowed to interfer in it. till every thing goes right.
ram | Sep 25, 2010
INDIA is a united country, combination of various regions, religions, castes and classes and with so many heterogenous characterstics, we have divided on the basic of castes into two countries like INDIA AND PAKISTAN, through this one we are feeling each other as a enimies,so my sincere request to media and all people of the country and political parties don't make this verdict as a big thing,leave it, and concentrate our countries main problems like poverty,unemployment, naxalism and terrorism and so many social evils,if u and us concentrate and try to whole hearledly for eradication of that social evils then our country will become a harmonious and well developed country in the human resource management, i hope it will be done.
Kishore | Sep 25, 2010
The media has to disclose than only analysis, interpretation and opinions comes across the country or else how others will know about Judgment. may be higher or from common person . It is not an autocracy. We call ourselves proudly belong to a Democratic, Secular and Independent country.
neeru | Sep 25, 2010
iam agree to this.
Dinesh | Sep 25, 2010
Of course it should be stopped. Because some times media is in the favour of the public issues making it right. But now most of the times media is mainly focusing on increasing their TRP rate instead of the public. So, what else, there should be some limitations on the sensitive issues. Since the world is watching.
Neeti | Sep 25, 2010
Neeti | Sep 25, 2010
bharati | Sep 24, 2010
yes they should be banned as they are irresponsible in handling the sensitive issues. which harms the image of the country as a whole.
Disagree : 23.33 %
Aditya Hampasagar | Sep 30, 2010
I dont think that media are suppose to be banned, they are the main source of news in this moment.......
Kushbu Shah | Sep 30, 2010
I think media should cover the issue but should not present in a negative and partial way.
ishan | Sep 26, 2010
devbrat | Sep 26, 2010
no comments
Anushree | Sep 24, 2010
People have rights to know what is going on regarding this matter & media is the only source that provides information.
sam bansal | Sep 24, 2010
No,i think people should know the verdict and media is the only source for public.
Mansi | Sep 24, 2010
I don't think so, media should be banned


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