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There should be a blanket ban on Opinion Polls
A sting operation by a TV news channel has shown that some surveying agencies get ready to manipulate final outcome of the 'Opinion Polls' for money. The final result is tempered to favour a particular party or candidate in the elections. The agencies also get ready to project any party or candidate negatively in terms of popularity. Taking these illegal practices into account, should the 'Opinion Polls' be completely banned?
"The truth has come in front of the people. The agencies who were indulged in this should be banned. People get affected by it as it creates doubts in the minds of the people. I think those who are guilty should be punished and all the necessary step should be taken. Take effective action in this. This is also a type of corruption. Regulation and ban cannot go simultaneously, when we are demanding ban we want complete ban, there no question of regulation in this."
Rashid Alvi, Sr. Congress Leader
"Ban is not the only option. There's no need to ban the opinion polls, but now election commission must keep an eye on who were the political parties that were indulged in this (malpractice) and take necessary action against them. We were saying this from a very long time that few people are abusing this facility and trying to create opinion among the public. Now people will become more aware of the opinion polls and take the decision on basis on their conscience."
Prof. Anand Kumar, Aam Aadmi Party's Spokesperson
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Agree : 28.57 %
Haider | Apr 06, 2014
Blanket Ban is not an answer but there should be more scrutiny before putting such opinion in front of common public. I can prove it without doubt that such opinions are not correct. As per ABP news opinion polls Votes percenetage of NDA, UPA and others are 30, 27 and 43% respectively whereas seats for them are 230+, 110+ and 170+ respectively. How on earth an alliance can get more than double seats to its opposition having an edge of only 3%. No one can prove this arithmatic to anyone.
Rahul Sharma | Feb 28, 2014
Giving a manipulated figure is a crime and a corruption. These corrupt parties and agencies are trying to befool the public. I agree with the Congress that there should blanket ban. Fraud agencies must pay for their sins.
Disagree : 71.43 %
In a democracy ban on opinion is condemn-able. There may be some grey areas on opinion poll & also may be unscientific but this can't be banned. Constitutions guarantees freedom of opinion. Thus everybody has freedom for opinion poll.
Opinion polls are useful tools for ill informed and illiterate masses to judge the view point of other people and make up their mind
Ayushman | Mar 01, 2014
Monitoring of the polls by an independent body is the need of the hour. Banning opinion polls does not serve the purpose. What is more intriguing is that Congress thought about banning the opinion polls only when they thought they have very little chance of coming back to power in 2014. They never questioned the opinion polls for the last 10 years. Why this double standard. Having said that, I hope the voters are matured enough in this country not to vote on the basis of opinion polls but on the basis of the ideologies of a party.
Tina Acharya | Feb 28, 2014
I think Opinion polls should be regularised and make more transparent and accountable!!!!!
Neha Singh | Feb 27, 2014
No, no, opinion polls shouldn't be banned at all. yes there is need of strict rules to be framed. Public has every right to know his neighbors views.


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