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There should be minimum educational qualification criteria to become MP, MLA
There is no education required to become an MP or MLA in our country. The Constitution while mentioning the various eligibility conditions does not mention anything about educational qualification. If someone with low education becomes an MP/MLA, no one cares. But if the same MP/MLA becomes a minister, why there should be hue and cry? Has the time come when  the Constitution should clearly tell a politician that he/she should possess some minimum education  before entering into the Parliament/Assembly.
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Agree : 53.85 %
ADVO. VISHAL KUMAR | Sep 26, 2014
As we all know that Constitution Speak about the Grabbing our Education Right. we say that for every sector there is maximum Qualification then why not for the Public elected Politicians. Graduation must be the minimum Qualification is Right Qualification for the Rulers of Current Indian and no nomination for the person for involve in Criminal acts .
Akash | Jul 06, 2014
Wisdom is important in every aspect of life. It is true that even uneducated people are wise and skilled in certain aspects and should never be underestimated but that doesn't mean that literates are foolish. An educated person has certain set of skills and an understanding of the world around him that the uneducated lacks, and when it comes to running a system and being a part of such a huge organisation, the system should never make a compromise.When there is a huge number of qualified people available to choose from, it doesn't make sense to employ unqualified persons to such important positions. Moreover when a nation that's striving to create literates, employs illitrates in its system; it seems sarcastic and becomes unacceptable.
deepak moodhotiya | Jun 16, 2014
in the era when government is providing free and legal education to all,its the responsibility of all candidates who are participating in elections to comply with some minimum qualification.along with that the changing political dynamics and technicality of governance it is very important to have some minimum qualification.
T.R. Madhavan | Jun 10, 2014
The elected persons are termed as law makers of the country and for every post in private or public or government minimum qualification is prescribed according to the job, yes for the elected persons minimum qualification should be graduate. Hope the present government will do act on the issue, so that, persons with proper education gets elected for the post from Corpora tor to MP.
thinker | Jun 04, 2014
yes education should be a must because education is just not about percentage but it teaches how to manage our life,how to pick up a carrier,how to deal with politics....a person who is well educated will be trusted by many people,and will have a picture of what right things he has to do..he will be able to speak good English with others let it be ministers from USA and will be respected................
Vihan Kashyap | Jun 03, 2014
Education is must for each person either he is in politics or any of sector. If being a politicians it is not necessary to be a literate one then why such thing apply in case of private or govt sector jobs.... The Indian law believe in equality then same should happen in this case as well. At least MLA or MP should be graduate enough to worth their designation
Rashmi Desai | Jun 03, 2014
Our constitution always speak about grabbing our education right. Literacy is the only one pathway by walking on it you can attain anything in life. if ministers aren't be that much literate then how will they understand today's generation need and soon they'll doom in their orthodoxy. At least they need to be that much literate so that they can apprehend things around either its at political or economic level.
Disagree : 46.15 %
Teja | Jan 11, 2015
Mutual... As far as leader is concerned today in the society the main qualification that should be there in a person who is being elected as a MLA / MP is Sincerity. Because things can be managed though the qualification is not there but it?s not possible to rule the society if one doesn't have sincerity. Sincerity (A word which is easy to spell but difficult to follow)
Megha Kampli | Aug 13, 2014
Agree Our India is developing in education and technology,then why not our MLA and MP's should be educated?As they are the one who take decision and their decision affect 1.27 billion people.
Providing minimum education would be discriminatory particularly when state failed to provide education to all. Then again how will you arrive what would be the minimum education? If representatives to have education qualification, what about the qualification of the elector/voter? I do support that India must provide education to all. But for political & democractic purpose there shouldn't be a qualification criteria. Institutional qualification is different from wisdom & the later is important
kishan Kumar Sahib | Jun 03, 2014
HRD need a person who apprehend its responsibility and understand his or her role in Indian administration and if Smriti Iran is intelligent enough to understand all these then this issue is totally lame... academic performance doesn't conclude that how will that person work when he is at such certain level of authority.
Rohan Sibbal | Jun 03, 2014
Political knowledge matters a lot rather attaining academic one. the intelligence of someone doesn't depend on degrees but on his political achievements.
Devesh Rana | Jun 03, 2014
If our country's role model aren't that much educate enough then those who want to be in politics or who see themselves as upcoming minister will follow the same. It cast a shadow that its not necessary to get degree in order to hold a harness of great authority.


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