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There should be minimum educational qualification criteria to become MP, MLA
There is no education required to become an MP or MLA in our country. The Constitution while mentioning the various eligibility conditions does not mention anything about educational qualification. If someone with low education becomes an MP/MLA, no one cares. But if the same MP/MLA becomes a minister, why there should be hue and cry? Has the time come when  the Constitution should clearly tell a politician that he/she should possess some minimum education  before entering into the Parliament/Assembly.
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Agree : 74.07 %
Please read OPINION COLUMN on THE NEW SUNDAY EXPRESS dated 02.08.2015 CHENNAI EDITION " We had values in Public life, then We Lost them now We have only dream-givers to guide us BY J S GEORGE Nobody would dis-agree all would agree that politicians irrespective of background should have sound education at least GRADUATE
Akshay | Jul 21, 2017
I agree because people who came from lower class may know the difficulties faced by them. And i do not say that they should not be educated but should have minimum education io know and understand the problems.....
SRIKANTA DUTTA | Jan 25, 2017
1. The elected members sit in the Legislative body, be it Parliament or State Legislature, and it is most surprising, when our Legal system allows those to sit in the Law making body, who are uneducated, illiterate and have been convicted. It is absolutely derogatory to the dignity of the Nation as well as the Constitution. 2. When even for getting the government service for the post of group - 'D' the minimum academic qualification is required then how Ministers, MPs, MLAs can be allowed to sit without having any academic qualification, I fail to understand. 3. The high officials are being regulated by the the persons, who are suffering from the want of minimum academic qualification. How dangerous ! 4. A Minister or MP or MLA always controls all the matters, done under his supervision, but in many cases, it is not possible for him to comprehend the matter, if he does not have the formal education. 5. It is most ridiculous that when the Constitution says for promotion of the dignity of the Nation, then the Parliament is abstaining from making any amendment in the Representation of People Act, 1951 for requiring the minimum academic qualification for contesting the elections. 6. I do not understand why the Parliament takes no lesson from the Full Bench Judgment of the Hon'ble Supreme Court of India, passed on 10.12.2015 in Rajbala -Vs- State of Haryana, reported in (2016) 2 SCC 445, where the Hon'ble Apex Court was pleased to confirm the constitutionality of the amendment in the Haryana Panchayti Raj Act, 1994, requiring the minimum academic qualification for contesting the elections.
Lalitha | Oct 26, 2016
1) According to my opinion education is a viable and most important aspect in our current world scenario. We look upon the politician as an able person who can guide us and make proper and appropriate decisions.Most people prefer the politicians to be as their role model. But if the politicians do not have proper academic background what impact will it be on the state because it will bring a downfall in literacy rate as most of the people will have thoughts of education as an unnecessary subject. 2) First of all, we should know the difference between education and wisdom. I have come across many educated persons who are lacking first hand practical ground experience in politics. If such educated persons enter active politics how can they solve common man"s problems. And so far wisdom is concerned, it is not imparted in any university.It only can be learned by God's grace and self experience. As one of the most successful persons of their time, Einstien (Great inventor of Atom Bomb) was a school dropout as a naughty child. And even Henry Ford was a school dropout. But both were the most renowned personalities of their time. To be a good politician it is not necessary to be highly educated person. Having basic qualification and if you are able to communicate with common man in their language and having real practical experience in helping them by solving their problems, it is enough. To be a good politician, you should possess: Motivation, determination and commitment. Excellent communication skills and public speaking ability. 3) Politician should have good educational qualification for take a good decision, fast decision and he/she face the problems are quickly and more over education helps to take conversation with any country peoples and it helps to easy understand the market demand today, like education, poverty and so on, but we should not hope, An educational politician can solve the problems of our society. 4) yes of course there must be educational qualification for the politicians because now a days one needs to be well educated to keep pace with the current world. Education brings you to think differently in all aspects. In politics decision making skills must required so without proper education it is difficult it bring down the problems. So education must be there to decide and can overcome the problem that our country is facing. For that one must be a good administrator as well to handle those kinds of stuffs. 5) politics has nothing to do with educated or uneducated in fact majority of professions have nothing to do with education.Can't be explained in a single sentence but the only driven formula for success is collecting facts and capable of placing right people at right place. This of course requires good understanding on the game.We have given reservations in Rajya Sabha on the grounds of expertise in various fields, and also we have many bearcats (IAS, IPS, IRS etc. ) within country it's just a matter of picking up suitable decision and matter of implementing it. 6) Educational qualification might not be made mandatory in politics, education may be but it is not the ultimate way to earn knowledge, all we need is a great ruler with knowledge of what to be done for the best of our country.At least there could be a single person who have enough knowledge and potential to rule us. So he should be given a fair chance. As our literacy rate is 74 %, are we really excluding the remaining 26% with an educational barrier. 7) The structure that I would like to propose for this GD is: Firstly, how educated politicians have affected the economy at par with the uneducated politicians in the past. Next we can discuss about how leadership of an individual can be linked with his education. Also, finally we can talk about the current scenario where we can discuss whether educated politicians are really creating an impact on society and economy. In the past, we had highly educated politicians like Dr.B.R.Ambedkar and Dr. S.Radhakrishnan who shaped the country's future with their unprecedented efforts and several initiatives. Education is not only meant for gaining knowledge in different fields, but it also develops a personality as a whole which is very important for a politician to succeed in his life. Coming to my next point, I would say that leadership skills becomes strong through different experiences that a person has had in his life. In order to be a good leader, an individual has to become confident in what he/she is doing. With education, comes these opportunities where you have a chance to nurture your leadership skills may it be by becoming a house captain in school days or a college president while pursuing higher education. A good debater in a college has a high chances of success if he steps into politics but those bright students are demotivated to enter into politics as one needs to have strong contacts in order to get into politics. Finally, in the present scenario, we have politicians like Dr. Manmohan Singh and Manohar Parrikar who are known for their educational qualifications and have been good politicians (I am talking about Dr. Singh's work when he was a finance minister) There are also politicians like Rabri Devi have not even completed their secondary education and the general public is aware of the corruption charges their her family has. So, in short I would like to conclude by saying that a minimum level of education, say bachelors, should be must for a person to participate in elections as a candidate. 8) In my view educational qualification is not much important for Politicians. The politician should know about the the problems which are facing by people and should put great efforts for solving them. Politicians are to serve people. For example mother Teresa serves people a lot. It's due to her big heart but not due to her educational qualification. Politicians should have great heart like her than educational qualification. But by having educational qualification, the thoughts or ideas for solving a problem will be good and sophisticated. Finally I want to said that if a politician have great heart to serve people, it will be good. If he has educational qualification also, it will be more good. 9) In my opinion minimum educational qualification for the politician should be there and it should not be less than post graduation. Because we all know that in our country, there is min education qualification for even sweeper in govt jobs, then why should these people who are going to run these governments can be illiterate? Education widens a person's thinking ability, decision taking power. Although there are IAS officers who are making the polices for the government but the final decisions are taken by the politicians, so if they are well educated then only then can serve the society in a better way. 10) According to my point of view if the country ruled by educated politician where is the guarantee that he make the people fool. Either educated or uneducated is not a matter character of the person and willingness of person is important. Because Educated politician make the people fool in simple. There are nobody to ask any thing about mistakes. If any one ask then he simply escape by telling some rules. What I am saying is that people should educate. Then There is no mistake while choosing politicians. Of course I agree with all comments that Politician should educate. But people should also educated. That is my conclusion.
Pranav | Jul 01, 2016
I strongly condemn the practice of electing illiterate politicians. we Indians talk about rights, freedom, honour, education, equality etc, but when it comes to electing a right person to support our voice, then we foolishly support a person with criminal background or a person who runs his political chariot on the basis of caste, religion and gender. if we expect our parliament and legislative assemblies to promote good quality of education then we should put some right people to understand the concern. It would be an over expectation from an Illiterate MP or MLA who has no idea about fundamental rights, dates, constitution, etc...and if has no idea about his/her country, culture, values then how could he/she debate in parliament on various issues of law and policies.. over 70% of the politicians in Parliament and legislative assemblies do not give input while debates and question hour sessions because most of them either elected by playing on the religion or caste. how can we even dream for a better India by giving the command of our nation in such hands those who cant even speak proper Hindi and english in India or in international platforms. Fighting for right to education for the children is good but why dont we implement it on our politicians... Our 5 years children are not going to run this country just after school. I am not saying that illiterate people are good politicians but the ratio of illiterate cum good politicians is very less. we cant deny that education broadens the mental horizon, it sparks the prudence and vigilance of a brain, that is why education is so much important. If we look behind then our nation had more educated politicians during independence in comparison to todays's scenario... now you decide that whether we are progressing or ruining our nation..
AMIT KUMAR RAY | Mar 09, 2016
wellwisher | Mar 08, 2016
We should have some minimum education qualification criteria for MPs.its high time we need a set of educated ministers with quality etiquettes. We just cant be ruled by uneducated ministers or very little educated ministers. Only if we have highly qualified minds serving the country a revolution will be brought about.
Shadab vazeera | Feb 26, 2016
Our law has to implement the education qualification for MPs and MLAs in our Parliament many are uneducated that's why India lacking behind.
Naveen Gulati | Jan 28, 2016
Just think about a scenario, wherein a few people are queued up for a job interview for a Automobile Company's Engineer's post. Out of the lot, One is uneducated illiterate but has an experience of over 10 years of running his own Automobile garage, and the other one is an Automobile Engineer from One of the Top Engineering institute in the country with a first class degree. Who will the company Hire...??? As per my Opinion, Although the illiterate person has an experience in the same field, but due to lack of education, his vision, capacity to learn more and the skills required to work in a corporate sector is lacking. He certainly will have to work much harder in the job to reach higher and also give best prodctivity to the company. Whereas the person who is graduate in the field, has competence, Wide thinking ability, Higher IQ and skills to take decisions using his learnings. It becomes evident to hire him for the better future of the company. In the similar context, India is a huge Democracy, in order to make it much more progressive and competitive we need our decision makers to be learned, tech savvy, proactive and more agile in solving the issues being faced by us. It becomes evident that more learned and educated people in the system will make it easier for our new Generations. The vision will be better and younger. I seriously hope that Govt of India will listen to this and introduce mandatory Education levels in our democracy. Way Back in 1950, when our constitution was made, it was correct to exclude Education as the mandatory requirement to be an MP or an MLA, because at that time literacy rate was only 18%, whereas now we have Literacy rate more than 74%, then why cant we change now.
Vishvanath | Nov 25, 2015
I totally agree. Infact There should be an entrance exam to stand in an election like UPSC conducts for IAS and various states conduct PSC/ pcs exams. Once ypu clear the exam you should be given a certificate for eligibility for 10 years after which you will appear again.
CHERIAN.P.C | Aug 24, 2015
As India is fluttering into many rare elite groups and making unprecedented and laudable achievements, our country has to take lead in all global affairs. Our democratic system of government based on parliamentary form of government is to be steered by parliamentarians who are elected representatives of the people of India. The constitution of India does not mention any educational qualification neither for the electorate nor for the candidates to be elected. This was a prudent vision of the sculptors of our nation when the literacy rate was only 18.33 in 1950-51.Where do we get qualified persons at this rate? Now the situation is changed. The literacy rate in 2011 was 74.04. Should we move at the same pace with leaders having no education? How the uneducated ministers direct the civil servant to reform the concerned department? This is where we lack and fail and go at snail?s pace in many important fields and leading to rich and mighty pressurize the educated elites to their whims and fancies. To be honest I sincerely suggest earliest amendments to our constitution in this aspect so as to lead India by Educated, intellectual, Sincere, Wise and socially accepted persons, who can be visionaries to accomplish their mission. They should be elected by literate or illiterate electorate by free and fair election.
Upendra choudhary | Jun 16, 2015
yes there is no Qualification required to become MP/MLA but only thing is required is our IQ level when our IQ level is not strong in politics we cant make our career in politics
ankush parmar | May 26, 2015
Politicians are the pillars of the country.The decide the fate of the country,therefore they should be educated.No matter that there are bureaucrats behind them who support for taking appropriate decision. A politician is a leader who leads people , therefore he should possess a good leadership quality.He should be puntual ,should have effective communication skills, decision making,respect others good moral character, sincere etc.and for this he should be educated, because education is the core of leadeship and also the letter E of this word signifies that aleader should be educated enough to take his own decisions and lead the society in aproper way to achieve the goal of the nation.
ADVO. VISHAL KUMAR | Sep 26, 2014
As we all know that Constitution Speak about the Grabbing our Education Right. we say that for every sector there is maximum Qualification then why not for the Public elected Politicians. Graduation must be the minimum Qualification is Right Qualification for the Rulers of Current Indian and no nomination for the person for involve in Criminal acts .
Akash | Jul 06, 2014
Wisdom is important in every aspect of life. It is true that even uneducated people are wise and skilled in certain aspects and should never be underestimated but that doesn't mean that literates are foolish. An educated person has certain set of skills and an understanding of the world around him that the uneducated lacks, and when it comes to running a system and being a part of such a huge organisation, the system should never make a compromise.When there is a huge number of qualified people available to choose from, it doesn't make sense to employ unqualified persons to such important positions. Moreover when a nation that's striving to create literates, employs illitrates in its system; it seems sarcastic and becomes unacceptable.
deepak moodhotiya | Jun 16, 2014
in the era when government is providing free and legal education to all,its the responsibility of all candidates who are participating in elections to comply with some minimum qualification.along with that the changing political dynamics and technicality of governance it is very important to have some minimum qualification.
TR. Madhavan | Jun 10, 2014
The elected persons are termed as law makers of the country and for every post in private or public or government minimum qualification is prescribed according to the job, yes for the elected persons minimum qualification should be graduate. Hope the present government will do act on the issue, so that, persons with proper education gets elected for the post from Corpora tor to MP.
thinker | Jun 04, 2014
yes education should be a must because education is just not about percentage but it teaches how to manage our life,how to pick up a carrier,how to deal with politics....a person who is well educated will be trusted by many people,and will have a picture of what right things he has to do..he will be able to speak good English with others let it be ministers from USA and will be respected................
Vihan Kashyap | Jun 03, 2014
Education is must for each person either he is in politics or any of sector. If being a politicians it is not necessary to be a literate one then why such thing apply in case of private or govt sector jobs.... The Indian law believe in equality then same should happen in this case as well. At least MLA or MP should be graduate enough to worth their designation
Rashmi Desai | Jun 03, 2014
Our constitution always speak about grabbing our education right. Literacy is the only one pathway by walking on it you can attain anything in life. if ministers aren't be that much literate then how will they understand today's generation need and soon they'll doom in their orthodoxy. At least they need to be that much literate so that they can apprehend things around either its at political or economic level.
Disagree : 25.93 %
Umaid Jawed | Sep 08, 2015
Disagree Umaid If a person is not educated and he/she became mp/mla then there is no use .because of this thingh our India is having less no.of people educated .
Teja | Jan 11, 2015
Mutual... As far as leader is concerned today in the society the main qualification that should be there in a person who is being elected as a MLA / MP is Sincerity. Because things can be managed though the qualification is not there but it?s not possible to rule the society if one doesn't have sincerity. Sincerity (A word which is easy to spell but difficult to follow)
Megha Kampli | Aug 13, 2014
Agree Our India is developing in education and technology,then why not our MLA and MP's should be educated?As they are the one who take decision and their decision affect 1.27 billion people.
Providing minimum education would be discriminatory particularly when state failed to provide education to all. Then again how will you arrive what would be the minimum education? If representatives to have education qualification, what about the qualification of the elector/voter? I do support that India must provide education to all. But for political & democractic purpose there shouldn't be a qualification criteria. Institutional qualification is different from wisdom & the later is important
kishan Kumar Sahib | Jun 03, 2014
HRD need a person who apprehend its responsibility and understand his or her role in Indian administration and if Smriti Iran is intelligent enough to understand all these then this issue is totally lame... academic performance doesn't conclude that how will that person work when he is at such certain level of authority.
Rohan Sibbal | Jun 03, 2014
Political knowledge matters a lot rather attaining academic one. the intelligence of someone doesn't depend on degrees but on his political achievements.
Devesh Rana | Jun 03, 2014
If our country's role model aren't that much educate enough then those who want to be in politics or who see themselves as upcoming minister will follow the same. It cast a shadow that its not necessary to get degree in order to hold a harness of great authority.


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