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Wal-Mart hijacks the livelihood of small and medium retailers.
Its finally official after months of speculation. With Wal-Martís entry, the Indian retail industry is definitely feeling the pressure to answer this challenge.

Wal-Mart, the LARGEST CORPORATION in the world and even larger than the entire Indian retail market can displace lacks of small and medium businesses, farmers, hawkers, vendors and consumer cooperative stores. Their business model drives out competition and drives down wages and labor standards.

Even in country like US, thousands of small and medium businesses have closed down because of Wal-Mart's aggressive Low Price Strategy. Many workers are forced to work off the clock without getting paid, which is why workers in over 30 states across the US sued Wal-Mart and won!

Is Indian retail sector mature enough to face world's most powerful retail giant?

You are welcome to share your views because every voice makes a difference.
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Agree : 58.42 %
HARMAN | Nov 07, 2010
come on man everyone has a right to live
| Jan 23, 2010
Julie Davis | Oct 24, 2008
being a US citizen I can't agree with this more! Walmart was like slice bread for the convenience and prices you can't beat when it first was established. It sold an aray of products primarily USA made and other countries... Now everything is from China.. Whos economy are we supporting here?? Oh It produces jobs and gives back- as it should....but Many businesses and jobs have been eliminated and the backbone of ethical and moral business principals I think have been compromised. Its all about the bottom line. Its disgraceful...
upendra kumar | Oct 16, 2008
hi, i am not sattisfi
punit | May 13, 2008
this walmart retail sector should be stopped from invading our country, if our corrupt ministers allowing walmart to enter by taking bribe then we the young generation will do it for india's prosperities.
Mayank | Dec 28, 2006
yes i certainly agree with it ...
siddharth | Dec 23, 2006
Make no mistake. they are against walmart and what it stands for in USA. i cant understand why we are welcoming them with open arms in India. if Walmart comes to India, it will be kill a lot of small and retail business in India - a country where a big proportion of middles class depends on the retail secor
Nayan Saxena | Dec 22, 2006
I agreed!
Ansul | Dec 22, 2006
It seems we are just concerned of our consumerism promoted by corporates to have more and more profit. Our consumerism is destroying us physically, moraly and mentally. Stop companies like Wal-Mart to turn us as consumers who just buy, buy and buy.
aditya | Dec 19, 2006
Our politicians have been bribed to invite wal mart. there is american pressure also. I think they are going to come. but hold on, indian people will throw them out.
Anil Rastogi | Dec 19, 2006
Wal Mart is yet to come to India but its sheer interest in Indian market has awakened domestic corporates like reliance. reliance too is going to be a great threat for our poor retailers. Stop all corporates from selling paan bidi, sabji and pyjama kurta. I wonder what one arab people of India will do if only 6 to 10 people run all the businesses.
peter desouza | Dec 19, 2006
there is no need to call british. they produced many indiand who look like indians but are british by blood. These british-american indians look forward to buy from wal-mart.
Benwen Lopez | Dec 19, 2006
Why cant the government of India call back the British and hand over the country back to them for rule? Cause the situation is bad as it was then now and it will be forever........
Rakhi | Dec 19, 2006
We are a country of more than one thousand million people. Our biggest problem is unemployment, every other problem like poverty, illiteracy etc. are result of this. We need policies which provides employment. Corporate hijacking of retail by Wa-Mart and Reliance will only aggravate the problem. Employment concerns must precede our consumerist quest.
santosh | Dec 19, 2006
Recently, Wal-Mart has been thrown out of Germany as they were found indulged in the predatory pricing and it is not allowed in Germany. That's how Wal-Mart monopolizes market in the name of competition. Beware Indians! Don't allow them or else they will dictate even our politicians.
Major Baker | Dec 16, 2006
I don't shop there mainly because it reminds me of how unhealthy and gross this nation is. Oh and I don't agree with their labor practices.
Dubyas | Dec 16, 2006
I am not fond of Wal-Mart at all. I have seen a few stores close since Wal-Mart got here to my city because they cannot compete but they were already hurting due to their high prices. This is pretty much a Wal-Mart/Target price point neighborhood. I can barely compete with their prices however my home decor is constructed in a much better manner and custom made. In some areas of that store, you get what you pay for. Some stores treat their employees well, others don't...some are clean, some are just downright filthy. I had a friend who worked there as a cashier supervisor. She passed away at 25 and the store along with it's employees collected enough money to pay for her funeral. They closed the store for several hours so that any employee wishing to attend could and also paid those who had been scheduled to work that morning so they wouldn't lose pay. Then I hear from others at different stores that they don't even allow them to call in sick and will terminate them if they do. This all probably has nothing to do with whether or not they should be allowed in so I will close with, I believe there are cities that could benefit by their presence and there are cities where they should not even begin to think they belong in. Mom and Pop establishments are what brought America up and they should not have to suffer. Historical areas should not allow ANY big business to shadow over their M&P stores ever!
Naveen Nahata | Dec 15, 2006
Walmart, Reliance, Pantaloon etc. will eat up all the small retailers. Survival of the fittest. Social. Economic. Political. Biological. Whatever the field, Darwin rules!!!
Robert Ashok | Dec 15, 2006
The Products quality improve, Let the small retailers understand what it means to loose a customer,first of fall. The entry of Big retailers will push up the flow for better infrastructure. for example, Reliance waited for almost a year for government to manufacture and implement optical fibres. the government did not do anything, so they manufactured themselves. Now similar thing will happen here,with out government's help system itself is going to improve.
deepali | Dec 15, 2006
But who will be affected! We - Consumers Retailers Small & Midsize Companies
Debanish | Dec 14, 2006
We are talking about small and medium retailers. Look at the farmers who will be hit twice as hard. Already they are committing suicide, which is a sad story. Wal Mart will demand cheaper raw materials, and so primary producers will have to reduce prices. In between comes the retailers who are anyhow going to be hit hard.
Eddie | Dec 14, 2006
The sollution is not legislation, but powerful representation of workers through strong labour unions. Legislation should seek to empowr those rather than impose protectionistic and discrimatory practices.
Patrickt | Dec 14, 2006
Of course, Wal-Mart should be banned. Why should people, especially working-class people, be allowed to get cheaper prices? If they can't afford the prices in the other stores, they can move.
1069 | Dec 14, 2006
if Walmart drives all or most of its potential competitors in a given region out of business, it can pay the wages it wants (including unfair ones), and the working class will have no choice but to accept it- or be driven out themselves- because there won't be any other options, there won't be any other blue collar retail jobs left in the area (or at least not as many of them). I'm not saying Walmart is evil or should be driven out of business, but you must admit the points these people are raising are legitimate. These are legitimate concerns of the working class, and dismissing them with glib, meaningless answers ("so don't work there then", or "so go to college and get a real job", or "so move to a place where there are other employers", or whatever) does nothing to help assuage their concerns about Walmart (which are valid) or make them feel better about allowing Walmart into a given region or community, when they see it as being likely to have direct negative repercussions upon their own lives and livelihoods.
Raj | Dec 14, 2006
But how long will they protest? They did protest against VAT. But nothing happened. Same thing happened when shops where sealed in delhi. If they go for strike only they are going to suffer.
siddharth shekhar | Dec 14, 2006
i guess this where india lacks the spirit .. let it come and we shall be head on with wal-mart .. people should take it as an opportunity wherein indian retailers
Azam | Dec 14, 2006
there r strong and valid arguments on both sides of the has at times recieved fierce criticism in US for eating up small retailers..and tht is the reason indian govt' has not allowed them a 100 % investment..they have to make a tie up and bharti group comes into picture...but originally they wanted 100 % investment..and tht is the reason for the 5 year long wait... and whoever says tht very small time shop owners will not get affected , should go and have sweets in the mexico wal mart sweet has a tendency to monopolise..and tht will be a reason for concern.. having raised doubts, i guess we can go with this 51-49% bharti , walmart venture and see how things go..problem is, when things actually go wrong, politicians will be busy filling their coffers..
silky rana | Dec 13, 2006
already there is a lot of gap between the rich class and the poor class in india. so with the coming of walmart and like companies many indians (poor class) will go out of employment and business.. thus increasing the gap even more... so it should be a big no!
vidya | Dec 13, 2006
WalMART coming to india is ofcourse gud for the retail sector from the economic perspective but in reality the small retails mkts might end up into a chaos and hip hop for a short time period until the things get settled down in the minds of ppl as it happens when any fresh thing is launched in the country. From the retail sector , it is of course going to bring a boom , possibly even the sensex might show a tremendous pick up after so many days of shortfall but i feel things would go for a toss until then and the country especially the political parties would portray a rally towards xtremist attitude. On a personal scale, we would lot of fresh stuffs coming into the mkt intially at a high cost although quality tagged to it. hoping for the best...ALL the very best WAL MART..
hari | Dec 13, 2006
i dont think that wall mart will end the life of the small customers now itself we can find a lot no or companies like that the recent one is the retail outlet of the reliance group so i dont think so but it will increase the competetion in the industry
aditya | Dec 13, 2006
i agree
mayuresh | Dec 13, 2006
i think these r unavaidable effects of globalization, wal-mart should not b blamed particular. of if v ban wal-mart today... K-mart wil come tmr
James | Dec 12, 2006
I do agree with wal-mart's entry to india. that would be great if they give good products for cheap prices.
sudhir kumar tiranga | Dec 12, 2006
its a huge upliftment for the country inthis should like an elephant coming in the wrestling ring....
sohit | Dec 12, 2006
mpano66 | Dec 12, 2006
Not only that...but his goal was to keep Americans in jobs by providing an increased demand for American manufactured products. Anymore Wal Mart shills out to the lowest bidder, be they in Cairo, Egypt or Cairo, IL.
Dabbu | Dec 12, 2006
I toltaly agree....This is the bigning only..lets see what happens in SMS (Sardar Manmohan Singh) Raj.
Swati | Dec 12, 2006
it should definetely banned in India... Its great that it offers low prices, however...the whole city's or any town's small to medium business that you see will be wiped out. the things we grew up wouldnt exist for us or future generation. there wouldnt be any cometition. It has a manufacturing company in china where the labor works are like i think 10 cents per hour. thou u get everything, I have seen it not being good quality. there are many old towns in US, Walmart came into town, and its hard for any other business to run ib that town and they r closed now. it affected many towns. In india, to preserve what we have now, we should protest and nopt let these businesses take over us seeing that other towns protested not for it to come.
Grim Reaper | Dec 12, 2006
the way walmart works is: Eliminate Middlemen here in india, there are a lot of retailers who make money or survive, i can say about 75-85% (not sure of the figure though). and the way commodities reach consumers is: produce/manufacture -> wholesaler -> retailer(s)->consumer. in this transition, imagine the amount of money floating, and enployment (storekeepers, helpers, labour, transportation, inventory managemnt, sales management resource...etc) if walmart emerges, there is no wholesale and no middlemen. the commodities directly appear in the store from the manufacturer/ farmers... here because the commodities are bought in bulk or huge amounts, the manufacturer is forced to cut a bare-minimum profit deal....the manufactrer get less, the retailers perish, transportation companies perish(as walmart has its own logistics mgmt) from the buyers perspective, the idea is welcome,...but economically for india, its like digging sixfeet.
rama swamy | Dec 11, 2006
We must prefer employment over consumerism. Just stop your consumerist quest. Gandhi ji had rightly said that, 'The earth has enough for our needs but not for our greeds'. Stop Wal-Mart and others and come out of the consumerist culture they spread for their own profit.
rajesh | Dec 11, 2006
Some see development in terms of sensex and manipulated data. Don't be fool. Just look around! Global players are ruining our beautifull world.
umesh | Dec 11, 2006
Please Stop them! They bring cheers to a few urban people and tears to crores of urban and rural poor. To fool us they build and market some success stories. Today's corporates like Wal-Mart and Reliance are not honest enterpreneurs but seek reservation from the state and behaves like wolfs.
Prasanna | Dec 11, 2006
walmart is pretty infamous for its work culture. its known to pay its employees very meagre wages and make them work extra hrs. we must also realize tat walmart wud put a lot of ppl out of business but wud spur the growth of new businesses arnd whrever it wud come up
aaa | Dec 11, 2006
Walmart shouldnt be banned! They'll bill everything they sell while we fail to get them for retailers which leads to their black money not to the taxation!
Shashank | Dec 11, 2006
I guess the people who are opposing the entry of walmart in India are in the same league who used to say that foreign companies will ruin India and we will again go into foreign clutches when the government opened Indian markets to the International Companies, I remember their was lot of speculation on what would happen to the Indian companies once International companies with superior products gonna come to India. However 15 Years down the Line we are a better country to live in. The likes of Mahendra & Mahendra, Maruti, Telco etc are standing the challenges of Toyota, Hyundai and gang. Indian companies are only coming out stronger, maybe take the case of BajaJ Auto and Hero you feel they are anywhere lesser that Honda OR Suzuki OR Yamaha operating in India. Look at Jet Airways, the way they have improved and went international. Take the case of Tatas, they acquired Tetly earlier this decade now they have almost gobbled Corus, take the Videocon story, they are now the largest Picture tube maker in the world. I am sure that there are monay more sotries to ne narrated and analyzed and I am sure that for every success story there will be failiures as well, however I feel the success has beaten the failiure at its own game. Common Guys come to think about companies, more money in the market, more competetion, more products, lesser cost..end of the Day India is the one whose economy is growing at 8 % compare that to figure that we had pre 1991. So instead the cribbing about it, we should take the bull by its horns and tame it and Tie it in our stable.
Jitu | Dec 11, 2006
I really dont think so that farmeres are going to get any benefit. Any benefit will be there only for these MNC's. Look at oke and pepsi water is reaching their factories but not to farmers. 300 years ago these whites came to india with the name of trade and now they are trying to invade through Globalisation.
Azam | Dec 11, 2006
Wall Mart --good for customers especially urban, good for the ppl who will be direct sellers to wal mart..will provide a lot of money in tax to the govt.. but very very bad for the local businessmen..smaller retail joints could be forced to shut shop..and if in future we want wal mart to leave india, for any reasons whatsoever, we will be without any retail tht could have it's impact on economic & retail goods scenario in the cntry to me ,we r still not ready for wal mart..we must wait till we have a sizeable nationalised retail investment..ideally from tatas, birlas or reliance group..which have the capability to sustain market pressure of wal mart..wal mart has always shown monopolistic tendencies..we need to create competition..
rajeev nandan | Dec 11, 2006
Nice! Corporates have coined words like globalisation, efficiency, competition for their own profit. Whatever rich do they do it for themselves. In the name of development, they are busy developing their annual profits and take lot of protection from state and try to fool all of us.
sanjay Kumar | Dec 11, 2006
Stop corporate hijacking of every sphere of our world whether it is retail or press or public space. Corporates are not doing any thing good for the humanity. Our climate is changing, air is getting polluted and people are becoming more and more self centred and aggressive. The corporate culture of'eat, drink and be merry' and their over exploitation of natural resources, aggressive marketing and raising consumerist quest is devastating for all of us. Let's join our hands together to stop Wal-Marts of India and Abroad. Victory to people!!!!!
Priya Joseph | Dec 11, 2006
We don't need Walmart here. Frankly there are more than enough food joints and ration shops. What we need is EMPLOYMENT. And if Walmart is doing exact the opposite we dont require them. Walmart will typically open their shops in the high end areas of few cities here and will satisfy the hunger of 2% of our total population. In return more than 70% will starve. So the choice must be 'should the overfed of the country eat less and let others die or evreyone should be eating just what they are supposed to eat. STOP WALMART !! NOW!!
kanchan kumar jha | Dec 11, 2006
Wutang | Dec 11, 2006
wall mart cannot stand in India. People still prefer chatting wid their kirana store owner.
Bhawna | Dec 11, 2006
It seems that Corporates have developed a nexus with our corrupt politicians to loot the public resources and gain more and more profit. Farmers are being displaced in the name of SEZ. Its only a land grabbing by corporates and the govt. has become a real estate property dealer. The govt. forcefully snatches farmers land and give it to powerfull corporates at throwaway prices. Reliance has become the number one landlord of India. Reliance will not develop India but looting public resources with the help of politicians to become the number one corporate of the world. We will soon see some Indian corporates rising high on global scale and simultaneously more and more farmers having no choice than to commit suicide.
sujeet Tripathi | Dec 11, 2006
Not only Wal-Mart but we should talk about all the retail giants whether Indian or abroad. Reliance, Tata, Birla and many more are joining the bandwagon to make huge profits. They all are just concerned to have more and more money and are not sensitive to the people. Who will buy from their shops if people loose their livelihood?
mukesh Srivastava | Dec 11, 2006
Wal-Mart and Reliance aim to have 20-50% of the market in 10 years. This will mean massive displacement of small shops and workers in those shops. Wal-Mart entered into Mexico and took over 50% of the retail market in ten years and Mexican government is only now looking at ways to protect local businesses.
Ratnesh Anand | Dec 11, 2006
People advocating for foreign retail giants like Wal-Mart and Tesco only express their consumerist quest and are least bothered about the people who will be displaced. It is again a case of insensitivity of capitalist oriented rich people towards our countrymen.
dineshwar tiwary | Dec 11, 2006
Wal-Mart will adversely impact both the retail and agricultural sector, the two largest employment sectors in India. India has the largest shop density in the world. 97% retail industry is run by small, independent retailers. It will ruin them. we should prefer employment over consumerism.
Janpahal | Dec 10, 2006
Wal-Mart is not suited to our interests. It is only a consumerist quest of the very high income group people who advocate for FDI in retail and bring corporate giant like Wal-Mart in India in the name of competition. Wal-Mart with its trumendous money power will infact wipe out the competion or better say competitors.
Dharmendra Kumar | Dec 09, 2006
Compeletely agree! Just look at the experience of US itself.
Disagree : 41.58 %
J.Muruganathan | Jul 29, 2014
1) Walmart employes persons,who have illegally immigarated 2) It employes workers on contract basis only 3) Women employees are given lesser salary for same work. Promotion is denied for women 4) Walmart gives lesser salary as compared to their competitors. It argues meaninglessly, it gives more than the minimum wages prescribed by the government. 5) No overtime wages in Walmart 6) It imposes condition that employees should not talk with smiling face. It also imposes condition that employees should talk with customers only with smiliing face 7) Formation of union is discouraged 8)Attrition rate is 50%. Walmart does not care. If, Jack goes, John comes.
Amit Gupta | Jul 02, 2007
ALL in ALL Walmart will impact the Small and medium retaillers though but it will happen only in Metros initially, Do not forget, Walmart stores are setup in 10 of thousand of space and that kind of space is not available in city, hence kiran merchants and retailers in the same society still have chance of surviving, but not of growth. Secondly , the kind of lifestyle you see in metro is by far different from those in the rural population, and currently 70% of indias population is rural, one should say it is too early an entry for walmart, may be walmart can wait for another 10 years, and when INDIA rural has got the lifestyle of pakaged foods and using body wash, enter retail in india, this as compared to US where nearly everyone has the same lifestyle be it coutnry side us or the metropoliton state
deepu | Mar 26, 2007
wal-mart is a byproduct of indian globalization... it is an unavoidable phenomenon in any context.. they wre the first to sell products below the mrp... i do hope their ingenuity and sustained quality of products will see them through in india on the local retail scenario..they can may be adapt to success within walmart system by offering diversificaton like home delivery no one was complaining when spencers came why???????????
Venkatakrishnan | Dec 29, 2006
As a Citizen of India, I do agree that the Foriegn establishement coming to into market with full network will affect the Indian Market. But I strongly Disagree now, Since we have allowed somany Foriegn Companies to do Business ?why not Wallmart? Some Indian Companies establishing the network all over india with their own logistics, but still our every day cost of living is goneup and it is keep going up? more than our earnings...... Eg: when petro price goneup all the Industry claimed that it is not possible to control the rate and Increased the prices , but after recent petrol price reduction, no FMCG or Day to day comoddites prices are not comedown? So in opinion Wallmart entry makes problem to So called Indian Super market chains, which are enjoying the benefits? nethier to the farmers nor customers . That is what everyone wish.....
JKrish | Dec 27, 2006
..because, for the fact that the some of the medium sized stores(chains) getting lots of bussiness just by keeping the TAG as SUPERMARKET, Many sell at MRP and some sell little less, even if they can sell at much lower rates. You would see a price war among all these, and hope we the people are going to benefit out of.
Geetanjali Nenwani | Dec 26, 2006
Our country owes an endless range and variations.A wide range of are markets have been captured by the international brands which ultimately is are progress and ironically not everyone wishes to adopt them,their is'nt any debateable issue here as things are tremendously changing but every class maintains oneself accordingly............
AMIT SACHDEV | Dec 26, 2006
1. First principle: Biggest stakeholder is always consumer. If they gain, interests of all other stakeholders is subservient. 2. Why don't we stop all the BPOs mushrooming all around us. aren't they eating into all the US jobs too? 3. Indian retail market is too big to be usurped by any single player or a set of players. 4. Small and medium retailers will have an additional option of becoming part of the Wal-Mart supply chain and still earn their livelihood from the very same business.
Rajesh Bhupathiraju | Dec 20, 2006
I think the local enterpreners will be effected a lot
Allsorts | Dec 18, 2006
Wal-mart is cheap, boutique stores are not as. Wal-mart is one stop shopping, boutique or small stores, not neccessarily and that equals to more time. So, it boils down to time & money.
Technocrat | Dec 16, 2006
I just plain don't like walmart. I don't like their business practices nor do i particularly like their cult-like corporate culture. But i do think banning them is silly. Has anyone been to a Loblaws owned 'Real Canadian Superstore' lately? They are trying to become more like walmart. the more retailers try to become one stop shopping paradises, the more boring and unoriginal their products become. I live in the downtown of Guelph Ontario, I have one stop shopping for pretty much everything within a block of my place... asian food store, a farmers market, 2 bakeries, a butcher shop & deli, produce vendor, funiture store, lord knows how many clothing stores, restaurants, coffee shops, basically i rarely have the need to go to a mall. This is the thing that kills me... Canadians bitch about walmart... yet most of canadians move to the burbs away from the downtown cores. Talk about a formula to kill your local retailers... Canadians & Americans have no-one but themselves to blame for turning walmart into what it is today. Personally I walk into a walmart and its like stepping into a foreign country... the offensive signage, the gawd awful lighting, the crappy products... its a painful experience.
Alphamale | Dec 16, 2006
Walmart drives out high-priced, low quality, lazy vendors in the U.S. People without much money will benefit from Walmart's low prices. Bring them in.
Rohan Shirodkar | Dec 15, 2006
So you're saying that we should stop free trade, stop progress, and stop the creation of a strong retail industry .... just to accomodate some small-time shopkeepers???? You should go join the Communist Party.
Hatuey | Dec 14, 2006
I like walmart they make me feel like Bill Gates when I walk by their food section. 78 cents for noodles?
Navy Pride | Dec 14, 2006
A Walmart opened recently where I live and hired 250 people....2500 applied for the jobs....... I thjink its great that they opened here..............It is really good to buy merchandise at a reasonable price........ I still can't figure out why the left has a hard on for Walmart......
Gentleris | Dec 14, 2006
now , protesting against this, will not avail any results. Because of american pressure ? may be yes ! another thing is , wall mart will be working with Indian Co Bharthi so, you cant call it as complete wall mart. If you want to protest, the retail buisiness is already on in country with some real big players playing in it ... like Reliance , Pantaloon etc.
Saurabh | Dec 14, 2006
If u want to keep Wal-mart out, using the same logic, u can say that all the foreign companies should be banned. Only "dabur manjan" should be allowed, as colgate, close-up etc takes away money from India and local manufactures of tooth-paste are affected adversely. I know its a far-fetched comparison, but just to assert my point... We have to open up to global competition. Thats the only way to increase efficiency among local players.
W.J.Wilczek | Dec 14, 2006
There is some commercial wisdom to the effect that it is better to be cheated in the price than in the quality of the merchandise. Likewise, it would be difficult to see the advantage of having a surplus of shoddy goods; but then perhaps Wal-Mart knows better what is good for us.
Mohnish Bose | Dec 14, 2006
everybody knows that any new product that comes to India, whether its a world famous or hardly famous company, goes through its stiffest challenges in India. India really is a very complex market given to the vast differences in the purchasing power of the people, and also owing to her ever increasing population, not to forget!! In fact, 60% of resident Indians r currently in the age group of 15-40 yrs, which is a chunk of the purchasing fraternity. Such people, which includes me, who have come up the hard way, and for whom every penny matters, will always think twice when investing their money, which would also include purchases made at Walmart. Consumers will definitely prefer to purchase products which they would have been used to for a long time, and it surely will be hard for them to change, as is for every human being. Initially consumers might be attracted by the low prices as it might happen, but it remains to be seen at the end of the day whether Walmart have done their homework in launching themselves in India. As for the attrition, given the heavy regional diversity in India, there would still be localites in places like Bangalore, for whom consumers would feel like returning, rather than a totally alien environment. At the end of the day, retailers are already geared up due to the stiff competition amongst themselves, so its just a question of tightening themselves a few further notches to avoid self destruction due to Walmart, thats all.
Splansing | Dec 13, 2006
Ban Wal-Mart? Hate Wal-Mart? I suppose I have to hate Home Depot and Lowe's as well. And Best Buy. And Border's Books. And Barnes and Noble. And every other national chain that has managed to succeed and increase their profit margin by buying low in massive quantities and selling just a little lower than somebody who can't buy in such quantities. Sears. Fuck Sears. And JC Penny. Damn them all to hell. Is this America? I thought I lived in America. If you don't want to support Wal-Mart, don't shop there. If they are totally unwelcome in a community, then nobody will shop there, and they will pack up and leave. Put Wal-Mart up next to M&P's little general store and tell me YOU are going into M&P's and paying 10-20% more for EVERYTHING. Go ahead, tell me. You lying sack... I don't see how a group of well-off middle-class bourgeois snobs have the right in America to block the purchase of land and building so that a company can come in and offer goods and services because they don't like the flavor of the company... especially when a hell of a lot of people will be more than happy to pay a little less for things than they will at some snooty, uppitty little M&P store...just because they think there is something magic and beautiful about the M&P store. Everyone is free to go pay more at M&P's place. Now get your hands off of my Target/Wal-Mart/Barnes and Noble...I need some cheap underwear, a new iron skillet, and a stack of books for this month, and I don't want to support some incompetent business people who can't hack it in a competitive environment just because I'm a little nostalgic for a time when those incompetent boobs were my only choice. If M&P have the business accumen to maximize their profits by minimizing costs, and also the tools to draw people into their store either through clever marketing or just being unbelievably helpful and nice people, then so be it. If we are arguing that mom and pop are somehow more American than Wal-Mart... wake up and smell the coffee. America is a free market economy. We heard the same crap when inefficient M&P farmers were getting plowed under by kick-ass streamlined modern farming corporations that function like MACHINES. But you know what? Food is ABUNDANT. And food is CHEAP AS HELL. Some families saw what was happened and mortaged themselves up to their eyeballs to acquire the equipment and learn the methods that these huge farms were using to undercut them, and over time, they survived and learned to compete. Some just sat and cried in their oat meal as the bank came and took their houses, or showed up looking appropriately pathetic on Farm Aid begging for money. Why did some make it and lots of others fail? Some were just unlucky enough to be in the path of the earliest huge farm corporations, and the knowledge of how to compete with them was simply unavailable at the time, and they got steamrolled. But others saw what was happening and made the changes necessary to compete and kept their businesses going, while others didn't make the right moves. It's called capitalism. Sooner or later, most of our farms end up operating at a much higher efficiency, and that's good for everybody going forward. The only people it doesn't benefit are the ones who are either unwilling or unable to adopt new methods.
Jamesp | Dec 13, 2006
I guess all you do-gooders don't by GM or Ford Cars either..or maybe before you buy your BMW or LEXUS or Mercedes you didn't investigate the local deal made by the local City for the incentives that brought those dealers into the area. I guess you don't fly on Airplanes either... And I guess all of the manufacturing sites around your towns don't get incentives from the locals to STAY either.... As far as I am concerend this is nothing more than Democrat hypocracy at the highest level.. Sam started a business, everyone loved him, then it flourished, everyone really loved him, then it busted out so big it became bigger than the politicians trying to control him and his business, now Wallmart is evil. Why don't you all ASK then next person you see working in Wallmart if they like working there ? Or you could just side with the likes of the DEMS and now Obama and shut down Wallmart, so that another will rise to the same position, probably owned by a Democrat.... I love the " I hate Corporations" thing.. if thats true then get rid of pretty much everything in your homes and show us where your true hearts are.... Appliances,carpet, TV's, Windows,wallboard. lumber,insulation,cars,cabinets,towles,linens,food,beer,shoes,clothes, toys, PC's...light bulbs, clock radios'...blah blah blah.. need I go on ?
Callous | Dec 13, 2006
There is a flip side to considering a Wal-Mart. Let's not ignore the positives of a Wal-Mart. It brings in much more money in sales tax reciepts than many of the smaller businesses it may put out of business. It also tends to bring development around it, and Wal-Mart Super centers have been used to revitilize shopping areas and even help attract people to neighborhoods thus increasing property value as well. I don't like Wal-Mart and I don't shop there, but one can't ignore these benefits when discussing this issue. Sales tax dollars are important for many cities, especially smaller ones who have maybe seen an economic downturn from old school industries closing down or moving out of town and thus driving down property values. One has to weigh the negative with the positive and look at each situation as its own.
Slippy | Dec 13, 2006
I love it! I think it's high time those job suckers in India learned what it's have one's jobs disappear due to lower pricing. They certainly don't complain about US jobs going to India because of their ability to offer lower wages. All I can say is GOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! WALMART!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
KARTHIK | Dec 13, 2006
wal-mart shouldnt be a threat atleast for the short term as long as the indian retailers have capabilities in them to sustain against a big giant.
Pranay Daryanani | Dec 12, 2006
It's too early and premature to get scared of a company called Wal-Mart. If the Government's policies are not biased then the small and medium level businessmen and this Giant Stores can co-exist simultaneously without poaching each other's products or market. The market should be scrutinised after a period of 3 years and with facts and figures in hand, if it is ascertained that India is in doldrums then Wal-Mart could be asked to wind up and leave just as IBM was booted out of the country in 1977.
Anil Gaur | Dec 12, 2006
First of all do we have right to say No to the entry of Wallmart because it will force smaller retailers out of market when we are forcing so many individuals out of market through our own outsouring industry. Secondly, i think Indian farmers are going to gain and perhaps would first time be subjected to world class supply chain which is benchmark for efficiency. Its much better proposition then being subjected to cartel of small time retailers/distributors and get nothing for their crops/produce. And even when Walmart has been in the US since ages, smaller retailers are still making a living, walmart willnot be cater to 100% market. So there will be place for everyone and walmart will create a bigger market.
Sandesh | Dec 12, 2006
India is country which is socially diverse, and has many layers of income group. I feel the entry of wallmart is not in any ways going to harm either our farmers or the small Mom and pop store popularly known as kirana stores. there are numerous factors that influence the individual customer on deciding where to buy, and one of the primary influencer are the relationship which is built with the your 'kirana wala', which help you in taking the risk of purcahsing by means of trust that is built over the years. the pocket size of the individual would also influence the choice decision i.e majority of our population is middle class and they generally buy in smaller quanities this also acts in favour of the kirana store. In this case if not Wallmart..others like Relaince, can also pose a threat to the our countries small retailer. We also need to understand that strtaegic allaince between Walmart and Bharti, before concluding to some judgement, its an allaince where Bharti would be handling the front end operations and Wallmart as it is known for its best back end operations would bring-in lots of learning to the country, which i feel was required. I also feel we need not worry much because Wallmart has been present in China for many years now and has had not problems in terms of the countries economy or social environment and since it has been present there for some years now...we can also gain learning form them...out of their experience...
Don | Dec 12, 2006
The affect on the local retailers will be similar even if it is not walmart but some indian firm entering retail ( reliance now, godrej tomorrow?) citing this reason to not allow walmart appears nonsensical to me. and our nearby Kirana stores bank on the credit they offer to customers and they will not be affected in a hurry.
Ankur | Dec 12, 2006
I dont understand why r we so crtical of MNC in retail when infact it is going to help ppl like us. infact even so called small scale retailers cou;d pool in resources and start another retail firm.
Kishore | Dec 12, 2006
i would say there shouldnt be any problem with allowing walmart the market is increasingly becoming global and now we have international competition all over the world. in the similar lines what about the outsourcing going in the west?? thousands of people are losing jobs, if the governments feel the local talent is being wasted or the local companies are being shut down, or many local exployees are becoming redundant, then outsourcing will never happen!!! and we wouldnt have such a good market in places of bangalore and hyd and other places!!! and probably mcdonalds or some global brands wouldnt have come so soon. Everything is inter related in the global market and it is something more than just profit making. as someone pointed out it is good for the local companies will also develop with exposure to international competition and over time they will also evolve with good standards!! and i dont think corner/off licence (like our kirana )stores will affected much as they will have their regular dedicated customers in the community/colony!
Bhanu | Dec 12, 2006
It should not be banned and should be further encouraged.. Lots and lots of employment potential will be created.. That increases the competition among the Retail Players and which is very good for the consumers/common man..
Akshoy goyall | Dec 12, 2006
I shld say that WAL MART shld enter into the markets as the medium class household ppl can able to but the guds at a vry vry low price n wit the price the huge profit making companies will ahve to low down the cost of the produces n this shld happen in INDIA
vinay | Dec 11, 2006
completely first place if a retailer starts comparing himself wid wal mart, his days are over.. if a retailer is not able 2 offer sumthin diff 4m d market anyways he is goin 2 b dislodged vry soon..d entry 4 wal mart shud ncouraged
Divesh | Dec 11, 2006
At this time we can't conclude that Walmart will uproot our mediam and small retailer. We should not forget that there is no option to kirana stores. And as far as Big Indian retail players are concern, they might be thinking how to tackle this challenge, but options are also open for them. They can also go for the same kind of MOU with other powerful retailers if they can't face this situation on their own.
Shailaja | Dec 11, 2006
not at all. it should'nt be banned. in fact it should be encouraged in other cities too. it has always helped people and many students abroad. its going to be the same here too. i am sure its gonna be an asset to the city and by and by they might ban all the tiny shops on the road and it might lead to widening of roads. its definetly gonna help.
Ritoban | Dec 11, 2006
it will be rather stupid if we oppose it... we will not be able to take the fruits of our reform to the rural areas unless we allow FDI in retail
Vikas Kumar | Dec 11, 2006
Well as far as i think it is not at all going to harm the small retailers which are very common and predominent in indian retail senario. organised sector in retail in india is limited to 3-3.5% at max. where as walmart is considered it will operate in formates which will leave the next door kirana stores unharmed. well as far as ir harming in US is considered if at all it did, it will not repeat the same in india. it is due to the reason that the habits and customs in india differ significantly than US. we want to buy everything as and when required unlike US citizens who enjoy shopping once in a while and then the locations will be such that not all indians would want n be able to drive that long for yr daily needs. at the same time in india these small shopkeepers have penitrated deep in to the customer base that no other single retailer can. at the same time they are also the largest credit provideder in the market which no other company can outperform.... there are lot many other reasons which speak against the view that walmart will replace or harm small time retailers. it was echoed in the recent economic times article in which subhiksha MD and other market experts from PwC and Ernst & young expressed the same. from my personal experience(as i was doing a project on the same topic n i had done a market survey) i can say that they are not at all going to be harmed and thae r least bothered about it too. vikas NIFT Hyderabad
Sankar | Dec 11, 2006
I don't think walmart is going to kill the small vendors and retailers. Actually its we who are going to benefit from walmart. They pay proper taxes and will maintain the quality. I think its good thing to happen to India.
Chetan | Dec 11, 2006
ya....lets brak WAL MART stores and snatch the employment from thousands in Punjab and other states...Clothing in WAL MART is from small vendors in Ludhiana.....Trident supply them towels....bro lets welcome them to India and rather than criticising lets see if we can adapt their agrresive strategies
Aniket | Dec 11, 2006
insted of that wall mart will reduce number of middlemen in betwen farmr and cstomer so farmer will get nice value of crops and cstomr will get it in cheap prise to avoid losses small retailers shud mreg to form "co-operativ" societys working on small scale & on mall principls. in globalisation if u r small then get urself TIED or get DIED
Yogesh Puri | Dec 11, 2006
We need big players in India and price competetiveness in interest of consumer, as being in garment industry u know indian brands sell a t shirt at minimum 500, which can costs only Rs. 99. Walmart is starting new era. I agree comapnies pays crores to models to advertise, but its from consumer pocket, full indian industry has to go through a face shift, and if indutry go thru this face only models will suffer, who eats big chunk of consumer money and have no marality asking crores for just a smile, everyone knw we will get these smiles at every nukkad, but they expect thousand folds for just their fame. And small indutry lalas, they look small, earn huge, sell everything on print and dont pay even a penny tax, wallmart will pay huge tax than these lalas which can be used for country's infrastructure. Well being a consumer i m concerned abt competitiveness and deal for me, Indian industry has to be geared up to face this competition rather than crying. I understand ur emotions, but industry must play in bulk and cut advertising costs first, best media is haordings rather than spending crores on models. I stopped wearing main brands as I get better apparel at half price and better fabric, only difference i feel a super model wud have posed for a brand If u cut super models cost, consumer and both manufacturer will be benefitted.
Kishore S. | Dec 11, 2006
Small and medium retailers are as much in danger from the likes of Reliance and Sahara entering the fray. Then why raise a furore over Wal-Mart? Globalization has proved beneficial beyond doubt in all sectors wherever it has been allowed. We need to get out of the koop-mandook mentality and gear up to take the challenge head on. If we can do it in Steel, why can't it be done in Retail? One day, our very own Mukesh or Anil A or Subroto S should eye Wal-mart or the likes to turn them into Indian own subsidiaries. What say?!
U U U | Dec 08, 2006
S&M retailers can opt for jobs as the Wal-Mart chains.


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