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Was the timing of Afzal Guru's hanging politically motivated?
If the decisions to hang Ajmal Kasab and Afzal Guru within less than three months of each are considered within the context of keeping political opposition and declining public sentiment at bay - Afzal's hanging seems to be timed with these intentions. The way the hanging was carried out, in guilt-shrouded secrecy, might be manipulated by politicians in J&K - especially as evidence against Guru was not rock solid. Was the decision to hang Afzal Guru politically motivated?
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Madhav | Feb 19, 2013
A deliberate violation of his rights as a citizen. Even if he is guilty, which itself is a subject of debate, doesn't his family have some rights?
Suraj Prakash | Feb 19, 2013
It's an act of cowardice by the government of India. Shameful act which can not have any reason in law or at all.
Bachan Thakur | Feb 19, 2013
As 2014 elections are arriving, the Congress has decided to do something which makes it hero just before the elections. Inflation, unemployment , economic turmoil, rest every major issue, they could not handle. So let's stay gratified by doing something which becomes a catalyst for their campaign!
dulloo abdul rashid | Feb 19, 2013
Afzal Guru's hanging was a brazen violation of legal rights of a convict and human rights of a wife and son, abuse of political power as well as political ethics, a proof of fragmented conscience of the society, replacement of natural justice norm by a new norm " collective conscience of society" a case of ordinary vengeance, mockery of jail procedures, gag on voice against state actors, slap on peace process and inter-locution with Kashmir society, rejuvenation of unrest in Kashmir, sowing seeds for a fresh crop of revolutionaries in Kashmir just for a petty gain of making Rahul Gandhi an acceptable choice for Prime Ministerial candidature. Congress may win but India has lost.
sharad mishra | Feb 19, 2013
how do you justify the secrecy surrounding the whole episode? On one hand the top congress politician Gulam Nabi Azad is said to oppose the death sentence and mounted pressure to reverse the decision by extending clemency towards guru.Don't know how far it is true but surely it gives out foul smell
A.Khuroo | Feb 19, 2013
Afzal was my friend
Babu | Feb 12, 2013
It was a vote bank politics and busy in looting the country with scam-a-day. Now they see the danger in Narendra Modi So, they are scared and trying to take some steam out from opposition accusations. But we still should give credit to this government to do some thing right even this late.
Dr. Namwar Singh | Feb 12, 2013
The real reason why Congress hanged Kasab and now Afzal Guru is that before they were assets to the UPA who encashedinto political dividends by delaying their hanging,but with opposition getting tough by the day, the same duo had become a liability from electoral point of view. Hence the urgency to hang both and improve their report card for 2014 elections.
Shiv | Feb 11, 2013
It looks Congress is in no mood to leave any opportunity for Narendra Modi. No doubt hanging was a correct step although late.
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Daya Sagar | Feb 19, 2013
In 1950 - sacrifice made by Maqbool Shewani was told in schools , but now ? Omar Abdullah must name how Afzal Guru represents Kashmiri Sentiments ::Daya Sagar After the 13th December 2001 attack on Indian Parliament house prime accused Afzal Guru was hanged on 9th February in Tihar Jail, one thing worth taking notice by all that has emerged ,from what ever happened thereafter, is “ are only the separatist and foreign powers responsible for not allowing return of PEACE in JammuKashmir State? Terrorists and militants are not being named here since it is their ‘religion to disturb peaceful living of others and can not so easily do so without the assistance of some foreign power or internal anti establishment local political force. In the 1950s/ 1960s stories about Shaheed Maqbool Shewani ( 19-20Yrs ) were included in the texts ( even National Conference leaders referred him as local youth cadre) but now in 2013 articles are more written on Maqbool Bhat. It has been so that even Omar Abdullah had said in September 2011 while talking to a TV Channel ( Barkha) “.. Yes I can not escape from the fact, that possibly the first generation of Kashmir’s terrorists was born out of hanging of Maqbool Bhat, and today things are no where near as they were in 1984, I could expect even a stronger reaction to hanging of Afzal Guru”.. Omar Abdullah has been now again quoted by PTI for having said to a TV channel on 10th February (i) that the long-term implications of Guru's hanging were "far more worrying" as they were related to the new generation of youth in Kashmir "who may not have identified with Maqbool Bhat but will identify with Afzal Guru" (ii) that there is more than one generation of Kashmiris that has come to see themselves as victims, that has come to see themselves as a category of people who will not receive justice," (iii) "Whether you like it or not, the execution of Afzal Guru has reinforced that point that there is no justice for them and that to my mind is far more disturbing and worrying than the short-term implications for security front” (iv) “how we would be able to correct or address that sense of injustice and alienation is a question I do not have answers,".Afzal death sentence for Afzal was to be executed 9 February 2013 and J&K Government had been informed. J&K Government had imposed curfew in Kashmir Valley from 9th February itself as a safe guard against some anti national and anti social elements making attempts for disturbing local peace and tranquility. But after that what some leaders connected with superior government positions said and counseled would make some people to even infer that government had not imposed curfew with true intentions of securing peace but instead for cultivation of more misconceptions / doubts . Surely it did not send soothing messages when Omar Abdullah while speaking to Anubha Bhonsle of CNN-IBN on 10th Feb said that (i) "I had a premonition that Afzal Guru's execution would follow Ajmal Kasab's execution. "I had a sense that Afzal Guru would be executed sooner rather than later (ii) “Generations of Kashmiris will identify with Afzal Guru. You will have to prove to the world that the death penalty is not used selectively. The onus rests on the judiciary and the political leadership to show that this wasn't a selective execution." So , so regretfully , is not the manner in which Omar Abdullah, inspite of his being the Chief Minister of J&K , has made such controversial statements immediately after the execution of Afzal Guru and his in a way appearing to give impressions of his describing Afzal Guru as a representative of Kashmiri youth, can make one to infer that inspite of his being a “ main stream” leader he does not want that the misconceptions and doubts / questions on the truthfulness of Government of India that have been made to rear in the minds of innocent people of J&K ( Kashmir Valley in particular ) over last six decades should remain as they are ? Such statements as made by Omar Abdullah jee after 9th Feb lagataar electronic media aur print media mein soorkheon mein banee hain ( have remained headlines in print and electronic media). There are also some other so called mainstream leaders in J&K who keep on trying that doubts and misconceptions amongst the people of JK ( particularly Kashmir Valley) about the 1947 accession of JK with India and the Constitution of India should not so simply rest in peace and intentions of India should remain under questions at the international level as well so that they can exploit people for votes in the name of Kashmiriat; and they also remain near the power centers with the common man simply falling prey to their greed and cunningness. But when even the people who hold the reins of governance themselves start misguiding the common man and raise questions on the intentions of India , one can surely not hope for truthful cooperation for the cause of peace and tranquility from the separatist and separatist like mainstream opinion makers. The decision for awarding death sentence to Afzal Guru was neither taken by Government of India , nor was it within the capacity of government of India to take such decision. Did. Omar sahib mean to say that Government of India should have defied the decisions of the Supreme Court of India ? In case he thinks like this, then question could be atleast raised on his wisdom, if not intentions. It was never expected that Omar Abdullah would contest that Afzal Guru did not deserve death sentence because his case was different than that of Maqbool Bhat since professing so is like trespassing the jurisdictions of High Court / Supreme Court and even like raising questions on the concernedness of the highest judicial institution. As far as the consideration of the prayer of the convict by the President is concerned , it should not be overlooked by any body that the prayer made has not to be against the wisdom / decision of the Court but the prayer made before the President can be only for begging pardon / mercy / leniency with regrets for the offence committed. And what Omar Abdullah has reportedly said to ANI TV on 14th February too would not help in restoration of peace in Valley. Rather it was time for him to tell in clear words how he opined on 10 th Feb that “Generations of Kashmiris will identify with Afzal Guru.” Omar Abdullah must name how Afzal Guru represents Kashmiri Sentiments:: Farooq Abdullah must exert to bring his party men once again under his ideological influence :: Omar Abdullah by saying that the manner in which GOI has executed the death sentence of Afzal Guru would further distance the Kashmir valley youth from the India nation has in a way tried to send a message to the world / infer that what ever anti India opinions are expressed by some in JK ( particularly in Kashmir valley) the Kashmiri youth is not in disagreement with that. No doubt it is also a fact that Congress lead UPA Governments too have adopted soft attitude towards the separatists / separatist opinion holders and that could ofcourse has put Omar Abdullah under some undue pressures for political survival in Valley. But no any interest could be above the National interest since common man could think that since Congress / GOI does not find it worth keeping outright distance from those who raise questions even on the truthfulness of 1947 accession of J&K with India and even the India Nation State, so, there might be some truth / logic in the view points of the separatists. Muft Mohd Sayeed and Mehbooba Mufti too have raised some questions on the hanging of Afzal in Tihar jail accusing Omar Abdullah for being a party to this. Surely this could be political reasons. . No J&K Minister from outside Kashmir Valley has publically shown disagreement with what ever Omar Abdullah has said. Had it been so, Omar Abdullah would have surely exercised some restraint. So, the questions that have been raised by Government of the State can not escape the notice of even the outside world. No doubt Dr Farooq Abdullah has tried to do some damage control as regards the goodwill of National Conference and the J&K Chief Minister on 11th February by saying that the hanging of Afzal Guru was simply a legal process ( "Afzal Guru's mercy petition was put before President. He rejected it. The matter is over," Abdullah told reporters). Union Home Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde has dismissed J&K CM’s allegation that hanging was selective in a press conference on 11th Feb arguing that the cases of killers of Rajiv Gandhi and Punjab Chief Minister Beant Singh were different since after rejection (of the mercy petitions) cases were filed in the Madras High Court and Supreme Court and cases are still under consideration before the judiciary. So, Omar Abdullah should either negate Shinde or correct the information that has got cultivated through his interviews with electronic channel on 10th Feb that was also widely reported in print media. But Farooq Abdullah too will have now do a lot of hard work for restoring the damage done to the nationalistic image that he has held over the years and to bring his party men once again under his ideological influence otherwise he may have to pay a very heavy price for the decision he took in December 2008 for keeping his self out of the political power centers of J&K. Right from 1947 the people of JammuKashmir have been regularly exploited by some people for their political interests. The prime leadership of Bharat too has not done much to save the innocent people of JK ( particularly of Kashmir Valley ) from the polluted propaganda of the anti elements as well as to clarify the wrong concepts / stories / claims cultivated over the years. So, there could be some truth in the present mindset of some in Kashmir valley as Mr. Omar Abdullah has tried to interpret. But at the same time one can also suggest that the manner in which Omar has tried to describe ( directly or indirectly) the status and hanging of Afzal Guru wrt to Kashmir valley it can only add to the ideological pollution that may be existing at any levels. There fore ,this day all political and social leaders should set aside their personalized viewpoints and force those in the seat of power to work in the common interest. When the legal process was going on where were these people who are this day saying that (i) Afzal has not got justice (ii) Afzal Guru was simply a conspirator (iii) and the offence committed by Afzal and Maqbool Bhat can not be equated as regards the punishment they deserved. J&K CM too has in a way tried to send similar message .One would ask why did not such opinion holders provide the ‘needed’ legal support / aid to Afzal Guru when it was actually needed ? They have no right to raise such questions at this stage. Why should not this be discussed at the national level, if possible let a bench of SC examine this keeping in view the manner in which even the people sitting in highest seats of governance / even legislators have raised questions on the wisdoms of the HC/ SC for awarding death sentence to Afzal Guru since such liberties of speech could at occasions damage great national security and integrity. Omar Abdullah too should clarify that on what basis does he see Afzal Guru connected with the common sentiments of people of Kashmir valley. Omar Abdullah saying that Bharat Sarkaar had not discussed with him before hanging Afzal does not stand that much to logic. Did Omar Abdulla not know that Afzal was awarded death sentence by a Court for his being the associate of those who did the heinous crime of attacking the Parliament House Complex while the session was going on and the sentence award had been confirmed even by the Supreme Court of India . Constitution of India no where says that the terrorist and anti national elements too would enjoy equal and ultimate human rights while being tried and punished for the crimes committed against the Nation. Regretfully what Omar Abdullah has reportedly said to ANI TV on 14th February too would not help in restoration of peace in Valley. Rather as already opined it was time for him to tell in clear words how he opined on 10 th Feb that “Generations of Kashmiris will identify with Afzal Guru.”
Daya Sagar | Feb 19, 2013
may be politically motivated . but it has been a most unfortunate event for people of J&K the way The GOVT of J&K has acted after the hanging.
Lucifer | Feb 19, 2013


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