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Will the Direct Cash Transfer scheme help beneficiaries or is it a 'glorified bribe'?
The Government of India plans to directly transfer cash for more than 40 kinds of benefits such as food and scholarships in the bank accounts of those eligible for government-sponsored benefits. Many like anti-corruption activist Arvind Kejriwal say that such cash transfers are a 'political bribe'. Others say that it will hugely increase efficiency of benefits distribution. Will the direct cash transfer scheme benefit the needy or is it another wasteful scheme?
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Agree : 33.33 %
Santokh Singh Saggu | Dec 06, 2012
Direct Cash transfer is a glorified bribe . Just like MNREGA which has no meaningful purpose but it is creating labour shortage in agriculture. At one end the Government is sucking the blood of the people who work hard by imposing meaning less taxes and on the other end it is giving it those who do nothing.
Disagree : 66.67 %
Snehalata | Dec 03, 2012
Anyway it happens in many parts of the country where the local leaders distribute gifts before election. If that is not called a bribe why would this be termed as one?
Pinki Sanyal | Dec 03, 2012
I don't think it is a glorified bribe in anyway. Ask Arvind Kejriwal to first get elected and do something positive before commenting negatively on every initiative taken by the govt.


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