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Duke Sekhon
My Social Profile
  • Gender: Male
  • Marital status: Currently married
  • Birth Day: 11th,October
  • Location: Punjab , India
  • Education: Under-Graduate
  • Occupation: non of the above

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Citizen Journalist | Duke Sekhon | Merinews
CJ Since: 21st,May,2008
Article: 13
Photos: 0
Current status: Offline:

About me

As an ordinary and apolitical person, I am deeply concerned about the prevailing sociopolitical issues that impact the destinies of both the denizens and the nation. Since I am an ordinary citizen and limited by my own modest abilities and sparse knowledge, I thought, nevertheless, I could do my wee bit to highlight the prevailing issues and other factors of national importance through my writing as also by extending an insignificantly meagre hand of help, now and then, to address the social concerns at a personal level - no matter how wanting in expression and inadequate in wherewithal. I try and provoke thought on national issues of import that demand the attention of all. However, I suffer from no personal illusions and consider myself sensible and modest enough to realise that my puny good intentions may be confined to the margins of my imagination, and that not a single soul may benefit from my feverish articulations and other efforts even if assuming someone took note of any writing or doing of mine. Nevertheless, by undertaking such an exercise, I may at least drive the benefit of personal satisfaction for managing to engage my mind in positive thinking and creative writing and also contributing my mite to social responsibility, rather than spending most of my leisure time after retirement in meaningless gossip or making endless excuses to decry the meagre size of my pocket or cursing and blaming all and sundry for my debilitating woes but myself.


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