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Bibhuti Pati
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  • Gender: Male
  • Marital status: Not Mentioned
  • Birth Day: 24th,November
  • Location: Delhi , India
  • Education: Professional
  • Occupation: Has regular Salaried employment

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Citizen Journalist | Bibhuti Pati | Merinews
CJ Since: 1st,June,2008
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About me

BIBHUTI PATI, A JOURNALIST with different.. Journalism for Humanity I completed my education with a 2nd class career and graduation in Economics Hons. with distinction and Post Graduation in Journalism and Mass communication with 1st class from JMI university. I was awarded a PhD in Journalism September 2010. In 1993 my specialization paper, "Trend of Journalism in Orissa now a days and the Role of Women" was highly appreciated by ASSOCIATION FOR EDUCATION IN JOURNALISM AND MASS COMMUNICATION. In the conference held at Bangalore and Madras, organized by International Journalists? Network (INC) 2000 and 2002 I had submitted two papers ?Today?s Journalists and the concept of Gandhian Journalism? and ?The role of Investigative Journalism in modern world?. I have done my research work on ?Lifestyle and role of Journalists in rural villages, between 1997 to 1999 NFS center, Delhi. I began my career as a media professional in Delhi. I am involved in electronic and print media more than one and half decade. I have proved my excellence in investigating and conflict news reporting. From 1996 to till today I have a vast experience in Journalism. I am an investigative journalist and my specialization on conflict reporting. But my field of interest is to write on environment & wild life, current issues related topics and human interest stories. I AM THE FIRST JOURNALIST IN ODISHA WHO HAS WRITTEN A FIRST HAND REPORT ON THE MININIG SCAM AND ULIBUR SACM and sting IN TEHELKA the biggest forest mining scam in Odisha. I have written for to name a few: Tribune, Statesman, Hindu, Eurasia, Eminence, Alive, Asian Age, Hindustan Times, and also electronic media, Subha Savera on DD, Aaj Tak ( when it was on DD), Pritish Nandi Communication, and News-X and last five years I have been with Naxatra News doing their investigative and special assignments stories. I was also with Sambad the largest circulated Odiaa daily, for more than 4 years as a special correspondent from Delhi. I was the Investigation in-charge in OTV (Odisha TV) for 3 years. I was in Tehelka as a special correspondent for more than 12 years. I was also writting for The Guardian. I was awarded ?citizen journalist? by MERI NEWS the largest citizen journalism portal in India and many other awards. I have traveled and covered almost all part of India for news reporting. Recently I did live coverage of the Indo-Pakistan ceasefires in Poonch and Arnia sector, covering the militant operation in J&K., I am the first Odia Journalist to cover this war like situation and this was telecast on Naxatra News as ?Marana Muhanra Manisha? (I have given below the YouTube link). I have also covered a firsthand exclusive vast report on Abujhmad, and I have covered Bastar. In Odisha I did a first time report on Maraguda, the inside story. I have taken the very first interview with Sufi Mohammad, the Taliban leader inside Afghanistan for Sambad. I have done vast exclusive coverage on displacement, Kandhamal violence, Naxal issues, Vedanta and POSCO agitations in Oidsha. Many Foreign and well-known Indian Journalist have given me accolades (below the link). I have written 7 books on different issues namely, ? Riven Rivulet (this book has been nominated for the conflict reporting award by Indian Express), Himsha: Pen-Paper-Camera. Others are "Sweet Spring- A Smile of Sorrows", "The New C_Old War", "Jeopardize Jaitapur", "Black Blood and Red Tears", "Assassination of Abujhmad", also a English poetry book titled "C". I also wrote a small book with a grass root issues on Bheela and Bhima Community and their river, it had a big impact on Pune administration including ?Black report on white Paper?. From my many worldwide travels I have taken interviews from many repute eminent persons?. This leads to my next book to publish," MY Questions and Your Answers". I am the only Journalist who has taken a first time exclusive interview of NAVEEN PANAIK after the Kandhamal issue. Some of my popular and highly appreciated stories are, "Bloodbath Revisited Kalinga", "Kasipur Waiting for Sonia", "Tears in Heaven?s Own", "The March of the Alive and Dead", "Refuges on their Own Land", "Soran a Frozen Lake of Blood", "Niyamagiri the Mountain of Lawlessness" and so many more exclusive stories on Naxal.? My report ?Thunder and Lightening in the Green Field? received best gallantry report award in 1997 from "The Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press.? In my report I have highlighted many state and national level issues in front of Govet. e.g. ?The Tribal Farce, After conversion the life of Tribals", "Trafficking of Horseshoe Crabs", "The life and Death of Olive Riddle", "The Dark Side of Bramhani River", "Politics of Iodized Salt", "The Other Side of Child Trade", "The Cursed Villages" and more. In my Afghanistan tour I am the first journalist who has taken the most wanted Taliban leader Sufi Muhammad?s exclusive interview, (below the link). I have taken many top Naxal leaders interview also it have telecasted different channel including Naxatra. . Some of my travels include to Swat (Pakistan), Afghanistan, Denmark (Copenhagen climate summit), London and Ukraine. I have done many more award winning short documentary films on different environment and human interest issues, one of my popular documentaries is "Odisha-Sri Lanka Relations" and another one is, "HOMES HEARTHS HISTORY", based on displacement of Orissa?s development and how the people are refuges on their own land. I enjoy writing as a citizen Journalist on Meri News web portal and other worldwide repute journalism web sites under my name. You can search on Google and You Tube ?bibhuti pati? about many more my investigative report and national and international articles. Finally I love my soulmate beloved honey Pammy, my wife my life, my editor and my home-minister Regards Bibhuti Pati PERSONAL Bibhuti Pati, Son of Debaraj Pati ( Rtd. Police Officer) Cell Phone- 09910740839, 09999041415 Email: Below is the link what I have done and present in the recent tv programme which have built a great impact on administration. I am giving you the link also sees my INDIA PAKISTAN war like situation ceasefire and militant operation at Indo-Pak border ?Arnia and Poonch?. (recent investigation how the Naveen?s Labour department has a plan to loot the 800 crore money from the construction labour trust by appointment Labout Net organization, it?s a deep investigation and first hand exclusive report now the investigation have started by labour minister.) 08-03-15 BADA KHABAR SEG 1 (LOC POONCH) 08-03-15 BADA KHABAR SEG 2 (LOC POONCH) J&K Poonch: Nausad Bibhu Below some remarks on me BY THE REPUTE WRITER AND JOURNALIST Christian Persecution India: Lilly From The Forest, Yes That ... Sep 13, 2008 - I requested Mr. Bibhuti Pati a Tehelka Journalist to take me as his photographer. His identity would be a cover. The shield would always be HIM ... The Long Wait BIBHUTI PATI | JOHAR JHARKHAND Jun 15, 2008 - The Long Wait BIBHUTI PATI ... But, although 18 years passed no changes in these villages," says a local journalist Susanta Panda. January - Kandhamal (Phulbani , Odisha) News : Views (BBC REPORT) Jan 19, 2008 - With inputs from Bibhuti Pati From Tehelka Magazine ...... membership of the. NIC, my credentials as a journalist and the books I had authored. BIBHUTI PATI?S BOOK AND PHOTOS WITH EMINENT PERIOSNALITIES LINK Search bibhuti pati journalist, book, article, publication, and interview BIBHUTI PATI I am a working journalist and I like to write on environment, forests and wild life and human interest issues. Reporting from the conflict zone is my specialization and war reporting is my dream subject.i have written 7 books and one poetry book. I have reported on Taliban, Russ- Ukrainian conflict, Maoists issues with Ganapati's exclusive interview, I have taken taliban leader Sufi Mohamad's interview in Afgn, I have written a very first hand report on Abhujmad (Bastar) one of my book was selected for Ind-Ndt journalism award the book name is Riven Rivulet. My poetry book name is "C" the Great Indian personality Gulzar has given his remarks on my poetry book. I have done my PhD in Journalism and Mass Communication. Regards. Bibhuti Journalism for humanity.


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