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Subhash Chandra Agrawal
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  • Gender: Male
  • Marital status: Currently married
  • Birth Day: 10th,January
  • Location: Delhi , India
  • Education: Professional
  • Occupation: BUSINESS

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Citizen Journalist | Subhash Chandra Agrawal | Merinews
CJ Since: 27th,September,2008
Article: 1056
Photos: 6
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About me

SUBHASH CHANDRA AGRAWAL (Guinness World Record Holder & RTI Activist) Subhash Chandra Agrawal is a known personality for readers of newspapers for his ?Letters to Editors? taking up causes of national and public interest by writing to newspapers and concerned authorities. His passion for writing in newspapers made his name included in Guinness World Records for most letters to editors (3699 till 31.01.2006 only in big newspapers) by an individual published in newspapers! Interestingly his wife Madhu Agrawal also holds Guinness World Record for maximum letters to newspapers in a particular calendar year (447 in the year 2004). Print edition of Guinness Record Book (2009 edition) has featured records of Guinness couple Subhash and Madhu Agrawal with photo. Now-a-days his name usually figures in news-headlines as a prominent RTI Activist regularly taking up causes of national interest through his numerous petitions filed under ?Right-To-Information Act. Central Information Commission at times lists his public-interest petitions for priority-hearing. The Commission even constituted an unusual full bench for hearing his fearless RTI petition concerning even Chief Justice of India and other matters involving those in higher judiciary. His art of using ?Right-To-Information Act? as a tool to plug loopholes and corruption in system, is being keenly observed in judicial and bureaucratic circles. He often figures in panel-discussions on TV channels. Born on 10.01.1950 in Delhi, he passed B.Sc. (Mech.) Engg. from Delhi University in the year 1971 with a brilliant academic record. An observative mind right from the childhood, made Subhash fire his first ?letter-missile? in Dainik Hindustan (Hindi) in the year 1967 while facing an unpleasant experience of pocketing ticket-money by a bus-conductor without giving proper ticket. Quick response to the published letter by authorities, made Subhash realize impact of taking matters through newspapers. An incurable hardening of right-hand thumb during adolescence could not snatch his passion for writing which he continued by single-finger typing because he never learnt formal typing! He has a vast collection of letters received from authorities on high posts acknowledging his selfless service for the noble public cause. The then Vice president Shri Hidayattulah honoured Subhash for his selfless writings by terming him as personal friend and by hand-written replies on unofficial stationery. Subhash kept inspired not only by letters from dignitaries but also large number of readers including many from abroad. It is only seldom to come across personalities like Subhash who may not be celebrities by established norms, but perform their artistry quietly without expecting any reward. Yet their constructive approach to problems in the society illuminates by itself in form of achievements gained in service of people. May it be Constitution Review, Finance, Banking, Communications, Posts, Railways, Transport, Consumerism, Radio, Television, Civic Problems or any other field, Subhash is regularly sending suggestions. Publication of suggestions prior to implementation, acknowledged by authorities, proves that his suggestions are taken seriously at highest levels of decision-taking. It is rightly too that senior officials value his suggestions, and at times call him for discussions. TV and radio interviews of Subhash and newspapers-features on him prove Subhash to be an ?institution? in him of outstanding performance on noble public cause and social service.