' SHE ' The Identity
Snigdha verma | 29 Jan 2011

the article speaks for the identity of a women which gets lost due to various factors a light way of words to express her existence :)

“A GIRL should walk so softly that even the sound of her footfall shouldn’t be heard .She should be so humble as to fit into a ring without disharmony”.
We raise our voices with pride by claiming that 21st century is where we are from.
I accept the very fact that we belong to this century but do people behave in accordance with it? The question remains unanswered throughout and for some it remains unheard. Here in this article I am talking about the issue regarding gender and its identity in regards and due concern for women.

This makes them loose their identity in one sense. The one‘s who bear out these adversities have an exhibiting remarkable grit. Many girls face “apartheid” of gender from time they are born, they are considered easy prey to physical and emotional exploitation. Practices of gender inequality greatly influence the socialization process of women in India.
The raising rates of female foeticide and female infanticide every year is also a practical add on to the identity crisis of /for a female. Socio economic factors are the two most important factors for the identity crisis after the physical differences and health conditions. Most of the cases in urban context are of the socio economic factors.

Which fail to cater standards of the society many a times. Gender constructs pervade every stage of a girl’s life. Sometimes it makes one unable to comprehend why she cannot be accepted for who she is, and is left wondering and doubting of the existence. The greatest flaw to the world is the support from a female to other which also is a dominant factor since ages a female is the enemy of the other which leads to other dismay for the breed indeed. A very frequently asked question regarding women has been why women seem to accept and reinforce oppression towards themselves and other women around them?

And here it remain unanswered again , because it comes in the counts of the  qualities  of female like  a very understanding lady , a tolerant one and so on. The basics of all the atrocities are most of the time male ignorance or over observation result of which is devastating there has been practical showdown of such cases in the movies, documentaries. Domestic violence has been a major showcase in all which moreover is a very common phenomenon in all the chambers of the society the emotional breakdown which is the peak factor of identity loss only occurs or comes to a women when the name sake counting qualities like tolerance or understanding crosses.

There have been various efforts made in the directions in this regard. The girl has been the target of all efforts because all the issue comes from the roots if roots are nourished properly the trees comes out to be well indeed .The most remarkable thing is that no matter of cases from different linguistics, cultural and social backgrounds, all of them are concerned with the objective to bring up the status of girl child in India by bringing them in the sights of the society which call them to be in 21st century and still some remains to be victims or the victimizers of the … various ordeals. Perhaps another factor is to instill awareness and a sense of responsibility in all.
The realization must dawn `that despite the stray instances of positive change in the socio economic indicators, a lot more to be done in terms of developing and implementing gender sensitization; that political will and civil society networks must be strengthened and mobilized to combat abuse against the girl child. Should give all the issues a light to be heard which describes the dismal prospectus that surrounds her. Make the society a secure place to live for a “SHE” and not doubt her existence.