26/11 should not be forgotten like other tragedies
Tasneem | 01 Mar 2011

The people killed in the 26/11 terror attack and their sacrifice should not be forgotten. The stories of people who lost their lives is still moving.

I JUST finished watching a documentary on 26/11. It moved me. I remember last years hype and passionate outbreaks from our hearts post the attacks. It left a mark on our minds.
It saw the entire city come together and pray for the victims. Families were being destroyed, innocent lives were being put at stake and all we could do was sit in front of the television and pray. Post the attacks were the long months of investigation that still continues.
Many fingers were pointed, many debates were raised, the government was accused, political leaders were questioned, and even the press was indicted. Peace march, rally, protests, candle lights; you name it! We thought it was finally time to take charge of this grave situation.. The voice of Mumbai was heard by the whole nation.
It was heard by the whole world. We thought change was certain! I was convinced too. I still sit in the confines of my room thinking of how much has changed after last year. The police have been definitely on more alerts. Malls and theatres have installed proper security. Even the major stations are being monitored heavily. But is it enough? Will these measures curb terrorism and make us feel safe? Can we for sure say that the bad times have come to an end? Lot more questions linger.
The truth is, terrorism cannot be eradicated. It has instigated and gone under such grass root levels, it’s quite frightening. It however, can be discouraged. Why does a man become a terrorist? How does he become ready to kill himself in the name of jihad? Why is our own evil misdemeanor given the name of religion obligation?
Is it right to blame a terrorist group alone? Isn’t the government, media and its intermediaries equally at fault? Can’t we blame poverty, power exploitation, helplessness, drugs, religious norms or even our very own corrupt strategies? Did you know that it is rumored that the Taliban was first given arms, finance and training by the US government in a bid to fight the soviet?
The Pakistani military is then said to have nourished the group further. Before all this unneeded help, Taliban was merely a group of mawalis doing small crimes in a rural of Afghanistan. So who exactly should be blamed? You? Me? Them? I’m still trying to figure that one.