27 Most Interesting Facts About Anamika Mishra
Yukti Ahuja | 30 May 2017

Anamika Mishra is more than just an iconic author & blogger. Know it here!

Anamika Mishra is one of the most influential author & bloggers from India. She is a speaker who aims to motivate people to live a better life & lifestyle. Here are 27 most interesting facts about this young and dynamic author.

1. She is a left-hander

2. She is an avid traveller

3. She is loves dogs

4. Initially she wanted to be an air-hostess, a photographer, engineer & a teacher. Actually, she was a confused soul just like most of us are, before realizing her true passion for writing and speaking.

5. She is an outstanding photographer. Have a look at her instagram.

6. She is a huge chatter-box (as told by her friends. Her BFF Aanchal Srivastava who is also a famous singer, calls her BAATOONI, which means talkative in english)

7. She is a selenophile, which means a person who loves moon.

8. This one is interesting. Anamika is a geek or can say a nerd. She is always up exploring something that involves science, space or tech.

9. Anamika loves horror stories, though she can't watch it and never reads, she can only listen & discuss.

10. She is a history-lover too!

11. A highly spiritual person by nature

12. She has been titled as Indian Robin Sharma (read on wikipedia)

13. She is a kid at heart

14. As an avid reader, she likes reading everything including books, magazines, newspapers, brochures, pamphlets etc. All in all, she is a bibliophile.

15. She writes poems and songs too.

16. Not just a great speaker, but she is also a great listener

17. Very humble & down-to-earth

18. She believes in the concept of soul-mates

19. Family is always first for her

20. She loves harry-potter

21. Her favorite sport is car-rally and favorite sportsman is Sebastian Vettel.

22. She likes cricket a lot and admires Brett Lee & Yuvraj Singh the most.

23. She is a state-level Table Tennis player.

24. She is an amazing dancer and proof is present on her youtube channel.

25. She a true music-lover and loves old songs (English & Hindi both)

26. She is an Amity University alumini

27. She believes in the law of attraction.

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