2G Spectrum Scam Rays Boomerang UPA Government
Anand Krishnan | 19 Nov 2010

2G Spectrum Scam Rays Boomerang UPA Government


Exposed 2G spectrum Scam on Telecommunication ministry lastly Boomerang UPA government itself and the man who really involved and knowing since 2 to 5 years back escaped form these issue because the Telecommunication portfolio was mostly kept by DMK only and each and every matter the hole DMK alliance with UPA knows what they are doing in these big scam issue.


The 2G Spectrum which shamed nation of major scam of rupees 1.78lakhs Cr lose to government as well as common mans money and at present exposed by press and media with opposition parties to tell the common people that such scams are still active in our nation and fooling common man for past 6 to 7 years and the prices of essential commodities rates which is still so high that a middle class family has to re-think to purchase any product and vegetable for his daily needs and another side without any fear and shame the government failed completely to tackle the price issue telling one day it will be reduced but that day will never come in future.


How the government are works and make such huge scams and for there profit only they kill the dreams of common man who vote and thought that they will get benefit by government, its not totally wrong from government side because some good things also but failed to tackle common man issues which they are really sufferer.

The UPA government and its politicians only talk polish talks of there own way and for each question only blames opposition and avoid what mistake there own government is doing the past 7 years, its unnatural that the top leader acts like Dhritrastra king of Hasthinapur knows each and every things of future and even alerted by lord and finally neglected till last made only lose to his kingdom only and the sufferer were the common man itself so its an example of history what its repeating till now.


The leader of the party must be active and strict actions to be taken against involved persons who really lose the money of nation should be barred immediately and Blame game means fooling themselves in behalf of nation because people of India are not fool each and every citizen of nation knows what wrong has been done by these ministers for their profit only.


UPA government if want to progress in future then they have to act strictly to sacked this type of ministers immediately and the blame game to stick always on opposition should be stopped


Common man needs a transparent government for better progress of the nation and corruption is still badly effect each and every dept in India and for these a joint parliament commission has to pass such revolution to tackle Corruption and corrupt people should be barred immediately through out nation then only nation will be in progress other wise neglecting corruption charges which shamed nation by Adarsh scam,CWG, 2G spectrum, SPS.Rathore case, and what other scams will come in near future will only shame the nation and its dignity, So people should come forward to expose corrupt people in department and in ministry level  for better future of nation


Today November 19 2010 the PMO office took new legal team representing by Attorney general Vahanvati in Supreme court for PM and still Opposition party demanding JPC probe to clear the matter of 2G spectrum scam