5 Update Steps for 2012 Label Printing
Robert Johnston | 07 Jan 2012

There are five major standard steps for updating color labels every year.

THERE ARE five major standard steps for updating color labels every year. Whether your labels might be product labels, warning labels or other important coded labels, these updates are important if you ever want them to perform effectively throughout the New Year. We have listed down all five of the key steps that you will want to follow below for your custom labels. As long as you study these update steps carefully, you should have well prepared printed labels for this year 2012.

1. Update your templates – It will be good to start your update strategy by updating the templates that you will want to use for label printing. Take note that there are tons of color labels out there that use lots of different kinds of STANDARD templates.

If you look carefully though, some select few will probably have more unique or uncommonly used templates that makes them more distinct than other similar color labels out there. Your own true color labels might benefit from such distinct templates, that is why it is well worth testing and updating your templates for those specialized or color coded labels.

2. Update your content – The next update step for labels if of course the updates for your content. The same old sticker content will not be typically useful for your new batch of stickers. If you want people to always be engaged and read these custom stickers, you will want them to read something new that they won’t easily ignore.

So make sure that you try a new title, a new headline, and of course probably updated response information and contact information. Newer is better here and you should not really risk your campaign with printing the same message over and over.

3. Update the signs and logos – Many custom stickers will of course have their own signs, logos or symbols. While you can still keep the particular shape and form of these images for printing, it is crucial that you update their “style” of rendering in your new batch for the New Year.

This helps readers be more curious about your labels once again because of course it looks a bit more different and fresh when compared to the former stickers you or other might be carrying. The more you can update these logos to more current styles the better they will look, and of course the better the responses.

4. Update key color areas – Depending on the overall layout of your labels, you will probably want to also update the key color areas of the label design. By just opting to change one dominant theme color, you can already turn your past label designs to something a lot newer and of course a lot more interesting.

So if possible, review your color scheme. Try to see what you can improve upon and change that weak color into something more intense and appropriate for the best impact.

5. Update the font styles – Finally, remember that color themes are also overtly affected by the font styles. Use a boring one and it will be bad, while using a fresh new interesting one should give your labels that newer-style look that, of course, is a lot more interesting to readers. So make sure (if it is possible) to try upgrade the font styles to more current moderns styles. The better these font styles are, the more updated the designs of labels and stickers would be.

So those are the key steps to updating your label printing properly. Integrate all changes in to one custom label for the best results.