7/11 mumbai attack
Jimit S. Shroff | 13 Jul 2006

Don't u think there is something about 11th,  first it was 9/11 new york attack , madrid attack march 11th now its 7/11 mumbai attack ?
prime target was upper - high society people , bombs were kept mainly in 1st class.
now mumbai has become gangsters paradise it seems , its high time that we boost our internal security , for outside enemy we are always ready , e.g : sukhois, agni 1 2 & 3 .
but for internal enemy we are far far behind .
this is my personal sugesstion that mumbai should now become high tech , we should deploy hidden cameras in trains, stations , airports & buses , so that we can find out who is behind & responsible for this unhuman behaviour.
during that moment phonelines were blocked , i think during panic time people need phones , cellphone to  talk to their loved ones , they should not be blocked.
now its high time for police to find the main group or gang or person behind this dirty attack.
after blast high alert was declared , which i feel is no use . 
police , agencies or security agencies should be on alert always .. 24 hrs .. 365 days
govt needs to think positively for the safety of people, it needs to become high tech in this   21 st century .
other countries have learned lessons from their attacks.
in other countries certain chemicals which are used in making explosives are banned for selling , in india those chemicals are freely available.
for our goverment its high time that they think about peoples safety , before its too late.
mumbai & mumbai people are brave ,
mumbai is back on track after few hours , this is mumbai & i salute the people of mumbai