A brain dead donates six organs, first time in the indian history

Manikanta 's charity is memorable and first of its kind in the country doctors said. Credit goes to his sister who is a nurse has taken a wise decision and made successful in convincing the family members. Thus Manikata can live for some time in four persons. Heart and lungs will be taken away by Chennai hospital and liver by Hyderabad hospital.

A 22 year old brain dead cab driver has given a lease of life for four persons. resident of Vijayawada city had an accident at mangalagiri a couple of days agu and could not recover. The doctors of NRI Hospital of Mangalagiri has declared that he was brain dead. Soon after the prounouncement of doctors their decission the family members have immidiateley anounced the donation of young Manikanta's limbs immidiateley. The information was sent to 'Jeevandaan ' organisation and immidiateley they spread the information to various hospitals and they were succeeded in finding the needed patients in Chennai, Hyderabad and Guntur. 
Manaijkanta the donar of organs has donated six organs which are heart, lungs . liver and eyes. Soon after receiving the information the doctors of Portis Hospital of Chennai and Global Hospital of Hyderabad has arrived in Vijayawada in separate chartered planes and removed the organs from the brain dead manikanta in a record time and taken to Gannavaram airprt of Vijayawad awhich is 35 kms from the NRI Hospital of Mangalagiri. 
The police of Vijayawada and Guntur have arrabged a green corridor through out the way till the airport and successfully taken away the organs in a stipulated time. This is the first time this type of donation that a man gave six organs and this is first of its kind in the country. There was a history that a man donated one or two in ata atime but six organs is a record one  the doctor of NRI Hospital said.