a diet that works
aditi Kochhar | 28 Feb 2011

its all about dieting .. a kealthy lemon diet those who want a perfect diet can refer this article

 How many times have you been disappointed with a diet that promised an end to your bulging waistline, but ultimately created the opposite effect?  And yet, are you still waiting for the next new diet to come down the Pike, certain that the up and coming slightly modified and structured low calorie eating regime will be just what you need to shed those unwanted pounds?


There is only one “diet” that truly works and I’ve called it The Lemon Diet.  There are two ways to use the Lemon Diet.  The first is to squeeze a whole lemon into a full glass of water 8 times a day.  You are guaranteed to lose weight because the water will fill you up and the lemon will help to cleanse your system and suppress your appetite.  But there’s a catch.  The lemon diet will only work if you remember the most important principle of the diet: that all diets are lemons if you don’t adhere to the golden rule of permanent weight loss—the only way to lose weight and keep it off is to change your inner thinking about food.


 How do I know this?  I’ve been teaching weight loss for over 20 years, in over 75 hospitals in various parts of the country.  I’ve heard about (and even tested) almost all the diets out there to date and find one common theme.  They all work while you’re on them, and in most cases the minute you go off them the weight comes back on, plus more. 


 There is no diet that works over the long term, unless the thinking about food changes. 


That’s because dieting is a psychologically temporary situation. The minute you go on a diet you are waiting for the time when you can go off it.  To insure success, your whole mentality has to shift from being on the diet, off the diet, good today, bad today—to deciding to eat solely to sustain your life and create the best quality of life possible for yourself.  When you make this shift in your inner mind, then any diet can work for you.  The blessing is once you make that shift, you actually never have to diet again. You can simply enjoy food fully and completely, because you are eating to live, and food is one of the natural joys in life, when it is used to sustain your life and not as a self-sabotaging form of entertainment.


 Rather than being the most important source of pleasure in your life, in order to be successful over the long term, food has to be viewed as a necessity that makes your motor run.  Priorities have to change so that looking and feeling your best gives you more pleasure than the activity of eating.  Here’s how it works:


The Lemon Diet


 You will need daily for 30 days:


One Gallon of Water per day


Eight fresh, juicy lemons


30 index cards per day


One fine tip marker


Upon arising, drink one full glass of water with a fresh squeezed lemon.  Do 10-100 jumping jacks—10 if you’re really tired and up to 100 if you feel energetic.

 On each index card, write the following statements—one per card:

 I love lemons

  1. I love fresh vegetables and fruits.
  2. I eat balanced meals whenever I am hungry, consisting of protein, complex carbohydrate and healthy fat, for example a slice of cheese, a slice of roast beef or turkey, rolled up in a delicious large leaf of Romaine Lettuce.
  3. I love my body.
  4. I give thanks to my body for housing my Spirit and my Personality.
  5. I make peace with my body.
  6. I prefer healthy food.
  7. I am turned off to foods that are filled with junk, chemicals and empty calories.
  8. I love simple, unprocessed, health-giving foods.
  9. I love to move my body and stay active.  Activity makes me feel alive and vital.

 Additional Instructions


 Drink a full glass of water with fresh-squeezed lemon 8 times per day.

Repeat the exercise of writing your affirmations on index cards 3 times per day.  Read the affirmations aloud throughout the day.  Before bed, read each affirmation out loud to yourself and imagine that you are breathing each statement and the new reality that accompanies the statement into your body (by focusing on the center of your chest as you breathe the affirmation in).  Use imagery.  For example, when you say that you are turned off to junk and empty calorie foods, imagine these foods in front of you superimposed over your body blown up to a size that is painful for you.  Exaggerate what you don’t want so that you become completely turned off to these foods.

 You won’t have to force yourself to stop eating Ring Dings, for example, if you imagine what is repulsive to you in the flavor of your favorite snack food.  For me, I just need to imagine rolls of fat, extreme fatigue or feelings of out of control sugar addiction to turn myself off to even those foods that I loved as a child, but now know to be harmful to me.

One man that I worked with stopped to read the ingredients listed on the packaged junk food that he had been indulging in since childhood.  When he saw that the first ingredient was lard, he became repulsed.  From that time forward, every time he saw the chocolate covered snack cake, he saw the words Lard and Hydrogenated Oil covering the item.  He no longer thought about the momentary pleasure of the sweet taste or the associations with comfort—instead all he saw were those horrific words that symbolized pure fat to him.  He couldn’t eat that food anymore.


The key to success is eliminating the need for willpower.  If you have to use willpower, you will always be the loser because willpower never works over the long haul. 


What does is work is changing your associations with the foods you eat so that you prefer healthy food and are turned off to empty calorie junk that tires out your system, creates food addiction, causes weight gain and turns your otherwise productive life into a painful obsession about your weight and health.  What does work is learning to love the food that makes you strong, healthy, energetic, comfortable in your body, proud of your body, and feeling balanced in mind, body and spirit.  What does work is learning to prepare your food so that it tastes very good to you and allowing yourself to eat food that you love—that tastes good—provided that it is as unprocessed as possible and balanced within the categories of complex carbohydrate, protein and healthy fat.  You are in control of your computer mind so install the pictures that serve you and lead to your living the life that you want.


Lemons will work to cleanse your system and fill you up (when squeezed into full glasses of water).   But the most important principle to realize on the Lemon Diet is that the lemons are a hook, just like every compelling new diet has a hook.  But unfortunately, no hook will lead to permanent weight loss.  There is only one secret to true and permanent weight control—opening your mind to the possibility of a new you—a you who relishes in your own inner and outer beauty and makes that the biggest priority of your life.  When you love, respect and care for you and eat the foods that reflect that self-care, you not only never have to diet again, but the lemons you’ve been struggling with—your weight, your appearance and your health—truly become the best, freshest and most nourishing lemonade—the life you were born to live, healthy, happy and at your ideal weight.