A Drove of Necrophiliac Patients are set at large
Naim Naqvi | 04 Mar 2015

All religions emphasize about caring for the diseased. Religion and disease are tightly entwined. Sickness and pain are considered as penance, a spiritual investment that a believer makes for his/ her salvation for the hereafter. Usually these diseases and pathos are associated with physical pains.

Society doesn't look the same way at Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs). The recent and the curious disease AIDS which has become the leading cause of death among adults is yet to invoke that kindness that physical diseases do.

However, throughout history, mental disorders have been regarded with fear, bias, and ignorance. These diseases are 'life-interfering disorders. This citizen journalist is not a psychologist or psychiatric and the dominant part of the following information is received from the American Psychiatric Association's "Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fourth Edition.

The most common Life-Interfering disease is known as 'Specific Phobia'. A phobia is an unmanageable terror of everyday thing. There are many subcategories and specific names for different Phobias, but they all fall under the same disorder. Phobic individuals will go to extreme lengths to avoid their unreasonable fears. They can experience physical symptoms such as racing pulses and strained breathing if exposed to their fear.

'Type One Bipolar Disorder' is one of the most common diseases. Bipolar disorder makes an individual switch between two main moods: mania (emotions like happiness and anger) and depression (emotions like sadness and guilt). It manifests in irrational actions, heightened emotions, and lack of sleep during mania; and tiredness, aches, and lethargy during depression. Patients often have very little self control and are at the mercy of their moods.

'Obsessive Compulsive Disorder' (OCD) is another widely known disorder. The patient often suffers with 'Cleaning Complex.' The patient also suffers with recurring thoughts, worries, and fears that can only be relieved by repeating tasks like touching surfaces and making noises. It is interesting to observe that Obsessive-Compulsive individuals normally realize their fears and knows these are unreasonable. Sadly, the anxiety keeps mounting upon him unless he relieves them by their repetitive tasks.

'Schizoaffective Disorder' is a bizarre combination of severe Bipolar Disorder and mild Schizophrenia. Patients will have manic and depressive mood swings, and, as a third swing, will lose touch with reality. Most often, Schizo-affective patients will experience low emotional responses in the third, psychotic phase. They can become delusional, and sometimes may hallucinate.

'Depersonalization Disorder' is rather complex and gives individuals a sense that they are not in their body. Individuals will feel like they aren't their physical self, or that their life is some sort of movie or dream. They struggle to form connections with people because they don't feel as if anything is real. They have the ability to logically know they are ill, but cannot shake the feeling of detachment.

But amongst the most basic, common but dangerous disorder is 'Antisocial Disorder.' It is also known as 'Sociopathy' and 'Psychopathy'. Individuals with this disorder either have no empathy, leading to no morals, or no emotion at all. The ones who have emotion, but no empathy, are extremely dangerous. They make excellent liars, are often charismatic, and feel no remorse for any harm they cause anyone. Their brains simply can't make the connections to evoke empathy. Because of this, they can do terrible things without a care. As you might imagine, most Antisocial patients become involved in crime. A majority of serial killers have been diagnosed with this disorder.

'Dissociative Identity Disorder' ( DID) is also a serious and often funny Multiple Personality Disorder. An individual with this disorder will split his/her personality into two or three different identities and cycle between them. A 50 year old man may think he's a 6 year old girl, and spend his time playing with dolls and wearing dresses.

This disorder has also had a lot of media coverage but is very misunderstood. Individuals with this disorder rarely take on more than three identities, and it's almost impossible to make them aware that they have it. They cannot live normal lives because they may switch identities at any point, sometimes staying an identity for years, sometimes for hours.

However, as the main purport of this article is Necrophilia is not covered in that spectrum, Let us know -What is Necrophilia?

Necrophilia can best be described as sexual arousal stimulated by a dead body. The stimulation can be either in the form of fantasies or actual physical sexual contact with the corpse. The DSM-IV-TR criteria for necrophilia are the presence, over a period of at least six months, of recurrent and intense urges and sexually arousing fantasies involving corpses which are either acted upon or have been markedly distressing.

There is a broad spectrum of necrophilic behaviours, ranging from fantasies alone to murder for the sake of procuring a dead body. "Pseudonecrophilia" describes isolated incidents where the sexual contact with the corpse may happen without pre-existing fantasies or desire to have sexual contact with the body.

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