A girl's prayer
ujalasaeed | 27 Jun 2011

This is a common wish of every average girl for herself and the society.

I AM a normal average looking, middle class girl from hyderabad. I have as many aspirations as any normal girl of my age. But in a society where a girl is unwanted, her skills are a threat or intolerable by males whoever they may be either our own or others, it has been very difficult for me that I had to proove myself beyond any normal expectations. On one hand when boys of my age were being pampered, held high, I was a silent sufferer.
Even other ladies of the family did not had any intentions of saving my identity or looking after my needs or helping me achieve my dreams. Such was the plight that I had to do very much brave things, stand up for myself, hear harsh words, to be treated badly just for getting myself a bare minimum attention. I am not attention seeking person, just whatever I wanted was only a minimal kindness and affection (not love as I know that it will be too much), a small security for my future. God has been very kind towards me that despite all the illthings around me I could achieve my dreams(most of them).
I just want to say something to the parents not to treat your daughter as if she is aperson that has to gain your attention by proving her always. Let her grow in an envirnment where she can brathe har dreams freely, can hope without any doubts for her future, be confident of a security; then she shall have no doubts about her capability, she could love the world, shower her kindness and affection on it thus making this world a good place to live. A better girl child is the only key for a better and happy society.