A kidnapped girl for domestic work, died of torture at cop's house
Narendra Ch | 05 Feb 2015

A Police constable of Mallapur police station in Medak district of Telangana had allegedly kidnapped a five year old girl from Gulbarga to work as their domestic servant in their home and the girl died of torture and injury caused by constable's wife .


According to DSP Tirupatanna they slammed her head to the wall. They inflicted burns using a red-hot needle. They also starved her for months. Doctors confirmed that the girl died of severe head injury.

 The fragile lifeless body of the five-year old Shahista Sabah had burnt marks, needle pricks, scratches, beatings and severe starvation. The little one cried for help for almost eight months at the residence of a Police Constable in Mallapur of Medak district 40 kilometers from Hyderabad before succumbing to torture.

The police are now saying that the girl allegedly was abducted from an Urs festival in Gulbarga in the month of July 2014.  In a gruesome incident that brought tears in every eye, Medak district police tried in vain to rescue the five year old from the home of Head Constable Sayed Zakir Husain after some of their neighbors complained repeatedly of torture of a girl. By the time DSP Tirupatanna and team reached Mallapur, the girl was in coma but died undergoing treatment. 

 Following the intervention of Medak SP Ms Sumathi, DSP Tirupatanna rushed and tried to rescue the child but her efforts went in vain. According to neighbors, the five-year-old was made to do daily chores for Husain's wife Razia Sultana. The police couple ill-treated and harassed her. Though some neighbors complained, neither the Bolaram police nor the Child line director took any action.

 On seeing the baby's photo in newspapers her real parents' Rajendranagar-based couple Mohammad Mahabub and Reshma Begum reached Sangareddy today and told the police that the deceased girl was their third daughter Nauseen Begum who was missing from an Urs festival in KBS Dargah on 28 July last year. The police have sent the couple along with district police to Gulbarga for further investigation.

Even as the police booked Zakir Husain and produced him before the media on Wednesday, neighbors in Mallapur say that it was his wife Razia Sultana who was the real culprit and heartlessly tortured the girl. "We heard  the girl's painful cries and whenever we inquired Razia said she had a right to deal with her daughter," a next door neighbor said vouching for the violent behavior of Razia.