A kiss is sweet like an orange, but not in India!

Hill Harper had once said, "I believe that reality TV should be called 'Not Reality TV', it is fiction." At least we could be happy if this really had happened. But recently, after one star singer of Assam kissed a minor girl making, the family suffer a huge trauma , the reality show has become an ugly reality.

Whatever the father said to console the daughter for the faceloss  that the singer was a father figure to his daughter, still the dark side of kissing in public cannot be ignored. But this cannot  overshadow the sweet aspects of kissing even in India where kissing is still a taboo in the public mind.

 The twenty five year old Newbie Kriti Kharbanda  who is making her Bollywood debut with Vikram Bhatt's horror film Raaz Reboot says kissing on screen was a tough task for her. Her first kiss was with  Emraan Hashmi and she was extremely scared.There is a lot of inhibitions about kissing in India  and there occurs an uproar on kissing if it occurs in any part of India , Assam in North East or Chennai in the South. A few years ago there was an open kissing protest on the streets of Kolkata. After Kochi , the City of Joy witnessed  the 'Kiss of Love' day organised by students of Jadavpur and Presidency  Universities who gathered in front of the historic Indian Coffee House to show solidarity  with the movement that started in Kerala. It is a protest against the culture of hate and to promote tolerance  but still very few could overcome the taboo and join or support it in  Kolkata . Even progressive minded people could not support it fully.  

A kiss is a secret told to the mouth instead of the ear, kisses are the messengers of love and tenderness.  Since the inception of civilisation kisses prevailed. In ancient Greece , the kiss on the mouth was used to express a concept of equality between people of the same rank. In the Middle age , the kiss of peace was recommended  by the Catholic Church. The kiss was common among Knights. Later in England this gesture became popular with young people and in Shakespeare's plays  kiss was widely used for varied expressions of emotions in Romeo and Juliet for love and in King Lear for paternal affection. Pablo Neruda once wrote in a poem : " A kiss is sweet like an orange'. Kisses even to the air are beautiful and they remind us of the serenade composed by a knight and thrown to the air for the beloved from the horse back in the medieval England. In many cultures a kiss is a harmless custom and it is a better fate than wisdom. Leigh Hunt however craves for stolen kisses  as he thinks :"Stolen kisses are always sweetest".I remember my mother kissing me on my forehead everyday before going to school and if any day she missed it , my day went berserk..

Heinrich Heine once said :" Oh what lies there are in kisses". In the history of kissing , as Lana Citron  writes, ' men are perceived as the kisser and women the receivers'. If the role is reversed, women become vamps in man's eyes.The heyday of romantic kissing on the screen took place in the early sound era during the golden age of Hollywood. Gone with the Wind , From Here to Eternity ,To Have and Have Not  and Casablanca were noted for the most romantic kisses.In early Japanese films  kissing as sexual expression created a lot of controversy because in Japan as in India kissing is basically regarded as private expression although since Pearl Harbour kissing was introduced  by Japanese directors. 

Depending on culture and context  a kiss can express sentiments  of love ,passion , romance  respect, greeting  friendship peace or good luck. In some situations a kiss is a ritual  or symbiotic gesture indicating devotion  or sacrament. Ingrid Bergman justified romantic kisses by saying : " First kisses on Valentine's Day are priceless like Life Achievement. Very few lucky guys are there to become receivers of those kisses. It is a sweeter feeling than getting a good job abroad.Kissing was a taboo in Bollywood. In 1933 Devika Rani and Himanshu Rai dared to make out on celluloid for the royal romance Karma , engaged in a four minute long kiss. However, they were also real life husband and wife.  Shah Rukh Khan broke his no kissing rule in Jab Tak Hain Jaan and kissed Katrina Kaif..We cannot imagine Alia Bhatt not kissing in any movie she is acting.Anuska Sharma and Aamir Khan in PK kissed for a long time.In Detective Byomkesh Bokshy Sushant Singh Rajput and Swastika Mukherjee recorded the long kiss in recent times. But Kareena Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan recorded the longest kiss so far in 'Tashan'. The first romantic kiss on screen however was in American silent films in 1896 beginning with the film The Kiss'..Louis Black writes that " It was the United States that brought kissing out of the Dark Ages". Regis Toomey and Jane Wyman in 'You're in the Army Now' a 1941 film recorded the longest kissing in a Hollywood film.Emraan Hashmi and Bipasha Basu did long public kissing as serial kisser in india. In Assamese films Kopil Bora and Stuti Choudhury in the film 'Mur Preyoshi' and later the film 'Chuma  Poroxote' directed and produced by Junmoni Devi Khaund kissing was given great imporance. Many kissers know the difference between kissing and smooching .While a kiss is a close lip expression of emotion to any other person , a smooch is a lip to lip touching used to express sexual desire. In French kiss or a deep kiss  is where each other tongue involve along with lips. From all these viewpoints,a  kiss is universal  and it can be shared with anyone as a gesture of joyous feeling and never to be counted as a sin as we all kiss the Cross.