A lady delivers a baby girl on her flight from Kolkatta to Delhi
ISHA SHARMA | 11 Apr 2011

India has always been on top when it comes to telling stories which makes us amazed and proud. And another incident happened where a lady delivered a baby girl while on her way to Delhi when she was in a Spice Jet flight.

 India has some fantastic cases which is bound to amaze all of us. And again something like this took place when a lady delivered a baby girl aboard during her journey via flight. It was a SPICE JET flight from Kolkatta to Delhi when Chitra Raghav,who was 8 months pregnant was flying to Delhi with her Husband Sachin who is an HR Consultant in Kolkatta. Her due date was 8th of May and the couple for returning back to their family and were planning to have a normal delivery at a good hospital but as we all know that sometimes some things are planned by god right up and no one can control. That’s what happened with the couple. The flight departed as per scheduled at 7.15 AM but after sitting quietly for around 30 minutes Chitra told her husband that she was not feeling well and she wasn’t feeling comfortable. But Sachin consoled her saying that her due date was more than a month away and it could be just anxiety but situation became worse when Chitra could no longer bear her pain and discomfort and that’s when Sachin approached the Cabin Crew for urgent help. So, without wasting any time the Cabin crew cleared the rear end of the cabin and made Chitra lie on a mattress. Two doctors aboard came to quick action and helped Chitra in delivering a baby girl at exact 9 AM. As there was no proper infrasture and surgical tools to carry off a organized delivery the process was handled in a great way by the doctors and they had to cut the umbilical cord with a blade and it was later tied with a rubber band. Chitra could walk normally after 5 minutes of the delivery and as the flight landed, Chitra was rushed to a private Hospital in Gurgaon to provide her proper care needed after delivery.  Both baby and Mother are fine and in good health. Sachin thanked the doctors and whole Cabin crew for such great efforts and help. And the Spice Jet authorities now wish top gift the couple and baby with a small token of love as they cooperated and trusted the doctors and cabin crew and did not panic. God bless the child indeed! She’s born to fly it seems.