A law tightening law required for legal profession
Mightyindian | 10 Aug 2011

Lawyers defending criminals seldom brings hackels dragging the case to month years. Time has come to bring a curb on this activities. Let an amendment be made so that losing lawyer should loose his practicing licence as soon as the verdict is passed and t

It is a common scene in court that some lawyers come in support of some criminals. They will bring unnecessary objections to beat it courts time is lost papers are wastefully prepared. In real truth the lawyer himself knows that his client is a criminal yet going against conscious he will defend him just for money. The result case drags on.
In ancient India the king will hear the case right from the face of the accused as well as complainant. No one was there to give ill advice like speak lie etc. Even witness dare not speak lies in front of the king due to fear of wrath.
Now a days we find even witness are fixed and he speaks the lies under ill advice of the lawyer. There is no provision to punish the witness for speaking lies. When asked outside the court they saw lawyers told them to speak that why they have told.
As we dig in more and more we find the amendment had been made because the lawyers used the loopholes to get their criminal client out from getting punished.
This is India and not west. Here we want to establish truth.
The course of Law in colleges should include a subject compulsorily which will make the conscious ready to fight for truth and only truth. Similarly a law need to be introduced to punish such lawyers and the witness and weed out this practice.