A Letter from an unborn baby.
Pooja Maniar | 25 Jan 2008

The cases of abortion among young unmarried couples are on the rise. The youngsters should realize that because of their irresponsibility, an innocent life is lost. Children are the gifts of God and these gifts should be appreciated and not returned.

A LETTER from an unborn child to its mom
Dear Mom,
I am doing great and I hope that you are doing well too. I can not tell you mom as to how happy I am thinking that I would be coming to life in a few months from now. I am really anxious and eager and can’t wait for the moment to arrive. I thank you mom for conceiving me out of love.
I know you visited the doctor yesterday. What happened mom? I hope you are doing fine. Am I causing trouble to you? I swear it was an accidental kick the other day. I didn’t know that I could stretch my legs that far. It is the month of January and it gets a bit cold. Early in the morning when you take a bath it sends shivers down my spine. Please don’t wake up so early in the morning mom. But you take such good care of me. I love the food that you eat. I really enjoy it when you envelop us in the warm blanket in the chilling nights.
I do not remember how I was conceived. I think I was very small then. I do remember that your parents yelled at you. Did I do anything wrong mom? Your friend also yelled at you for telling him about me. Why has he not spoken to you since then? I remember that you cried that entire day mom.
There are so many things I don’t understand mom. I need to talk to you, as I can’t wait. I saw you crying in front of the doctor yesterday. What is going to happen today? Tell me mom why are we in the hospital? Why did you sign this form? Why are you lying down on the bed mom? And why are you crying so much? Please tell me. Are they going to do anything to me mom. I promise I won’t kick you anymore. Please forgive me. I want to be born and I want to be with you. Please don’t kill me.
I am sorry mom, if you feel I should not have been born. I don’t know how I got here. Please mom, I want to see you. I want to be with you. Why are they putting these forceps inside you, wait, what are they doing this to me? Stop them mom. They are hurting me. Ah! Please stop them.
Will miss you and love you always mom,
Your unborn baby