A lovely day at an Orphanage
sanchitakalra | 22 Feb 2011

Orphans also need love. Love which is not given to them by their families. They are being abandoned and left all alone.

FRIDAY NIGHT ended on a bad note. I was sick. But Saturday morning was a bright sunny day but it started with confusions. Whether we should do some social work or not. Around 10 am, we started making plans. We, as in ,all the friends.
Finally, we all decided a common place to meet. I took some of my old clothes for donation. We all went to a super-market to get gifts for the little kids of the Orphanage. We bought pencils,erasers,sharpeners,crayons etc and a very delicious cake and some party caps for those kids. While we were on the way, I kept on wondering how would it feel like .

It was my first time for such thing. I was visiting an Orphanage for the very first time. There were butterflies in my stomach. The excitement was at peak. As soon as we entered the Orphanage , we were asked to wait for sometime while the kids were eating their lunch. I was super excited.
We waited and finally, there was a guard who asked us to go upstairs to meet the children. When I entered the room , all the kids greeted me 'Good Afternoon'. Their were kids of the age group 1-10. A couple of them were physically handicapped. I was so touched. They were excited too.

They all were waiting for us. All of them seemed happy. We started talking to all the children. They showed us their drawings and paintings. Some of them wanted us to watch them playing and dancing. We started clicking pictures with them.
Later on, the gifts and clothes were distributed and finally, the cake was cut. All of them loved it ! Our mission was complete. We had a great time with all of them and ofcourse we wanted to make each one smile . And I'm glad we succeeded.

While I was involved in the activities , I was wondering why do people leave their kids all alone? Children are God's gift. They are the source of happiness. Happiness which cant be expressed. They are a bliss to the family. They are the one's who keep the homes lively. Every child is special. Love of the mother is purely unconditional.

Orphans are happy and content staying there. They are being provided with all the basic amenities. Of course, they wish to be adopted. Everybody wants the love of their family members, because everybody deserves happiness and joy. So, lets all pledge to make a difference in somebody's life by doing some social or charitable work. God bless these kids.