A new HP Mid Himalayan Watershed Development Project second phase amounting Rs 1500 crore has been submitted through Govt of HP to Ministry of Agriculture
V K Sharma | 25 Jan 2017

Thakur Singh Bharmouri Hon'ble Forest and Fisheries Minister Himachal Pradesh today from Chamba told that a new HP Mid Himalayan Watershed Development Project second phase has been submitted through Govt of HP to Ministry of Agriculture. He told that in second phase it has been planned to cover 900 Gram Panchayats with a cost of over 1500 Crores over a period of 7 years starting from 2017-18.

Forest Minster said that the project is proposed to be implemented by HP Natural Resource Management Society on the analogy of HP Mid HimalyaWatershed Development Project.

      ShBharmouri said that first phase of the project was started by the untiring efforts of ShVirBhadra Singh, Hon'ble Chief Minister of Himachal Pradesh,in ten districts of Himachal Pradesh in the year 2005, in which initially602 Gram Panchayats of 42 Blocks were covered. According to him subsequently by his government 102 Gram Panchayats of 3 blocks were added and now 710 Gram panchayats of 45 Blocks are getting benefit from the project.

      Hon'ble Minister said that there were good results during the first phase, in which village community got the maximum benefit. He told that about 32 livelihood activities are being implemented by 5090 groups with the help of the project and because of this Rs 33.83 crore were earned by the groups.

      Hon'ble Minister told that Forestry activities were also implemented through the project and 15,688 hectare of the land was covered under plantation besides 7897 ha lantana infested area has also been rehabilitated with grasses.

      Hon'ble Minister also told that Bio Carbon Sub Project under this project was also implemented which is first of its kind in Asia, in which Carbon Sequestration works were carried out in 140 Gram Panchayats covering 3216 ha of degraded land and total Carbon revenue to the tune of 193 lakh was earned on account of Carbon sequestration during 2015-16 by which 4359 members, out of which 33% are women, were benefitted.