A new teaching and interactive method has been developed by the IDEX volunteering group
Nivedan Sharma | 20 Nov 2014

Think beyond borders (TBB) is a group, which associated with the IDEX group in 2007 and send groups for various activities. This group works in different areas for better understanding of cultural values, and other development activities applied for the growth of the society. Earlier this group has done a number of projects related to various fields such as rural development and agricultural work.

TBB group in its recent trip has worked on education sector and observed a number of pitfalls related with the measures that are applied by teachers for educating children.  This group visited a number of slums and schools and observed the teaching pattern used by teachers in these schools and came across that the passive form of learning method is used for education. This is a one-sided communication method, which is used to educate children.  This is the form of the teaching method; in which teacher only participate in educating and students participate in the information, but do not engage in such kind of the information learning, due to which learning is not there in the desired manner.   Passive learning does not include the process of interaction and students do not contribute in the same process of learning. From his childhood, a student is engaged in the passive learning, but with the passage of time, learning process has also changed and it has given rise to active learning.

In this context, TBB group has observed and stated that the activity based learning process of learning should be included for the overall growth and full participation of student for better growth and learning.   This type of education plays and contributes a lot for the 360 degree growth of a student. The learning should be fun-based to ensure that learning has achieved by student effectively. Active learning and fun-based learning should be applied by teachers for the better learning and full participation of students in various activities. This type of active learning help in engaging students in gaining new insight by involving in the group discussions, which oblige them to read, write, speak, listen and think actively.   This form of learning will help in changing the behavior of students and encourage them to contribute in the enhanced learning process.
Thus, active learning and fun-based learning contributes for the overall the growth of student and enhanced process of learning. Schools should include the "active learning culture" for exploring the learning opportunities in a formal and informal manner for the intensification of student personality. In this context, in the upcoming years, training should be given focusing the process of active learning, which will work as a critical asset for success in the field of education. Benefits of such education process should be imparted to teachers, which will work as a fuel for motivation and encourage them to participate.

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