A nurse, a star and the BIG Indian Sentiment
Reetesh | 23 Jan 2007

Amidst the hue and cry over Shilpa Shetty being made to suffer racial remarks, most people have forgotten that Jade Goody is no spokesperson for the Western World.

Actress Shilpa Shetty has been in the news lately and has hogged the limelight, much for reasons out of her ambit of acting and showbiz. Talks about Shetty getting a hefty compensation and the reality show Celebrity Big Brother being axed from Channel 4 is rife.
Huge furor was created and the ‘Indian’ sentiment pooled in Shilpa’s favour after she alleged that she was made to suffer racist remarks while the reality show was on air. The big fat Asian community empathized with the victimized actress and little educated Jade Goody, formerly a dental nurse, became a villain in the eyes of most. Goody’s actions cannot be justified under any circumstances, but there are two grave concerns which cannot be ignored either.
First, why is Jade Goody being reckoned as a spokesperson of Britain? She, who comes straight from the corridors of some dentist’s, is not expected to weigh her words like a diplomat before they come out. Even she would not have imagined that her individual remark which, she admits, was wrong, would be taken so seriously. What is the basis of considering her the ‘voice of the western world’?
Second, and most importantly, before creating a hue and cry over a TV show shot abroad, only because a celebrity is involved, India should rather consider similar problems within the country, where several thousands of people are discriminated against on various accounts.
The issues in the north-east, in general, and the recent killing of Hindi-speaking citizens in the state of Assam, in particular, are apt examples of racial discrepancies within our country, which needs to be paid attention to.